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– From JAPAN Studio’s Game Production Floor – Bringing you the latest from JAPAN Studio, this is J-Studio News! Today, we’re taking a look at the PlayStation® Awards 2018, an annual event held to recognize hit PlayStation® titles. The venue was decorated for the event, and the celebration is in full swing. It’s time for the award ceremony to begin! The PlayStation® VR Prize, awarded to the title that most contributed to the enrichment of the format, goes to… No Heroes Allowed! VR! Next, the Users’ Choice Award goes to… God of War!
Detroit: Become Human! and Marvel’s Spider-Man! These three titles were selected by user votes. The Gold Prize, awarded for achieving at least 500,000 cumulative physical shipments and digital copies, goes to… God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man! These two games took home the Gold Prize in addition to the User’s Choice Award, earning two awards for their accomplishments! The Platinum Prize, awarded for achieving at least 1 million cumulative physical shipments and digital copies, goes to… The Last of Us Remastered! Users’ Choice Award
Gold Prize
God of War Santa Monica Studio
Creative Director
Cory Barlog Thoughts on Receiving the Awards Message to the Users User’s Choice Award
Detroit: Become Human Detroit: Become Human
Senior Localization Specialist
Niina Taniguchi I’ve been working on Quantic Dream’s games for a long time, so I find it very meaningful that this award was chosen by the users. Our goal is to make players be moved just as if they had played the game in English. I want to continue working hard to accomplish this goal. User’s Choice Award
Gold Prize
Marvel’s Spider-Man Insomniac Games
Founder & CEO
Ted Price Thoughts on Receiving the Awards Message to the Users Platinum Prize
The Last of Us Remastered Naughty Dog
Art Director John Sweeney
Director of Communications Arne Meyer Thoughts on Receiving the Awards Message to the Users We did it! We won the PlayStation® VR Award! PlayStation® VR Award
No Heroes Allowed! VR No Heroes Allowed! Series
Producer – Masami Yamamoto You know, one year ago at this very event, I said, “Next year, we’re gonna win for sure!” From the PlayStation® Awards 2017 Report
“No Heroes Allowed! VR will definitely win next year! No Heroes Allowed! VR is going to take the stage.” And look at us now! We actually did it! noisycroak Co., Ltd.
Composer – Hideki Sakamoto I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work on such an esteemed title. noisycroak Co., Ltd.
Sound Designer – Ichiro Ebisu We worked hard to make sound effects that you won’t find anywhere but in VR. ACQUIRE Corp.
Art Director – Hitomi Furuta I’m so happy that people love this game. ACQUIRE Corp.
Lead Programmer – Takafumi Ogihara It really feels like all our hard work has finally paid off. No Heroes Allowed! VR
Producer – Teruyuki Toriyama We hope you will continue to enjoy No Heroes Allowed! and No Heroes Allowed! VR. ACQUIRE Corp.
Director – Haruyuki Ohashi I’m so happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you very much! We saw the release of a wide variety of wonderful games during this past year. If you still haven’t played some of these award winning titles, this is a good chance! See you next time on J-Studio News! Please subscribe to our channel!


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