Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh It’s so hot let’s get this show on the road! Ai!! Alright, let’s do this! I’m Nekomiya Hinata Nice to meet you! Let’s play some PUBG! This time, I think I’m gonna land at everyone’s favorite base Now! The Nekomiya challenge has just begun! I wonder how many are gonna land here Ooh ohh! Looks like about 20 guys It’s a speed race from now A weapon… A SCAR… This should be fine Ah! Alright, one more! The one who’s chasing time to take him down… 1 kill! First kill I’m coming in! There are a lot of people around this area though Oh! Oh! Oh! Wait.. Hmm??? This is bad I’ll retreat for now She’s naked! Being naked… what’s wrong with you! Oh no! Oh, they’re below me as well That’s indecent! Mmh! Wait for me! He hid himself… Yeaaaaaaaaah! It’s amazing how many people are here Oh? Where is this guy? Ah! You can’t just run away~ You can’t esca~pe Oh! Uhh I’m not going to lose! That was close~! My helmet flew away… You see… 2 or 3 rounds… My health is low… Will I be ok for this round? Ah! Ahh! There he is He threw a grenade I guess I have to go Ya..yy!!! I guess we should loot him! Ah! He~ had some good stuff! Thank you Thank you for your loot~! Mmh? Is that… Oh! Could that possibly be the frying pan! Get~! Since I got this frying pan I am going to fight So… my next stop is going to be a famous place! Alright everybody as you can see on the right side.. the BRIDGE! *hinata drifting noi ses* How was that (drift) ( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧ Parking~… I’m pretty good at it right? Oh a ghillie suit! Oh oh oh ohh ohh!!! It’s an AWM everyone!! It’s… My time to shine has come Hmm Nothing out of the ordinary! Okay well I cannot cross the bridge Alternatively I will go on a boat and go the opposite way *hinata noises* Diving I feel like I’ve become the master of the forest~ *giggle* So cuteeee! That Morizo… (Morizo is a bush looking Japanese mascot) is elegantly driving a boat Isn’t that very cute? This view Look carefully I want you to see this Don’t cut this scene… It’s really cute It’s like fluffy fluffy Since I am a mascot~ Yay, we have arrived! Swimming seems hard Now that I’m seeing this… the outfit looks… very hard to move in… all these leaves are shaking But somehow we are running in a straight line This is cute Alright Lets… make sure no one is around… Seems like there isn’t anyone Yes! Open! Ohh! Mmh There is an AWM there~? But I took all the ammo~! So when someone comes for the drop they would say “Oh! its an AWM!!” But then they cannot use it Unfortunate… Sorry.. its all because of me Ah! Someones there! From that spot! Flocking like sheep… Lots of them It’s Hunting time! Alright! Are all of them in the same group? Seems like it Why was there smoke going off in such a strange place? Alright I finished off a group! I’m walking grass! Alright Now! They’re making lots of noise They’re going at it He hasn’t noticed… Well then Take that! Take my love~! Alright! Ahh! Oh no oh no not good not good “My surprise attack was a success!” As soon as I thought that… It was actually really dangerous… I’ve already come this far~ I want my chicken dinner! I’m the best of the best! Alright! Oh! Nnmmnnn? If you’re prepared to shoot… Oh! Here comes a present My ears are ringing… ohh! My ears are ringing… If you’re prepared to shoot It means you’re prepared to get shot! Ohh? Oh! Allllright!!!! 8 of us left! Let’s do our best! Ah! There we go! Alright!!! Oh! Oh no oh no Hiya!!! Here’s a pineapple It’s just a pineapple that explodes Huh… He didn’t want it 🙁 Hiya! Alright! Thanks~ Oh? Ah! *hinata struggling noises* Oh no… Was it because I let my guard down? Oh! He’s tough Oh? Alright! Oh oh oh oh oh? From behind? There he is! That fight was quite dangerous Yes! It’s a duel! You can come at me from anywhere you like! Hmm? Hmm? Ah, there he is! What the heck! mmh… hit him I DID IT!!! Yayyy!!!!! The one who surmounted this fierce battle is… the master of the forest~! Thank you very much! As expected…Ofcourse it was me who won! Because I am everyones Idol! Thank you very much See you! Ok ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ Timed by: ThePurpleWraith
Subtitles by: Loliko & ThePurpleWraith & HataReizu Unofficial Nekomiya Hinata Fanclub
https://discord.gg/6xE8WP4 See you next time!


  1. アンケート取ったら絶対みんなかわいいって言うと思うんだよね~

  2. ねえひなたちゃん!もっとPUBGの動画だしてよぉぉぉ!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ว้าวมีซับไทยให้ด้วย น่ารักอ่ะ 🤭🤭🤭

  4. En el minuto 9:16 dice, en ese momento,Hinata sintió el verdadero terror jaajaja, el traductor al Español Latino se mamo jajajaja

  5. hinata: were goinq to a famous place!!
    also hinata: stops at bridge HERE WE ARE!
    me: is this supposed to be a pewdiepie joke?

  6. great hinata you are the best try hard and keep going and by the way you make me very nice when commenting on your videos

  7. 自分のお気に入りのところ!
    0:21 2:25 4:40

  8. ンア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ブリュブリュブリュぶりりゅりゅりゅりゅ

  9. 猫宮ひなたかコンパスで出てきてPUBGスタイルのキャラだからどんな実況者なんだろうって思って見に来た人→

  10. リアルで使われるギリスーツって虫に卵産まれて幼虫が湧くの知ってた?

  11. “Japan special forces loli regiment”



    Comes through window

    “Pardon the intrusion”

  12. もうpubgのひなたちゃんの動画何回も見たけど可愛いなぁ〜///

  13. この動画、去年投稿された日に見た覚えがある…もう1年経ったんだな…おすすめに一年ぶりにでてきたよ

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