so this is retro gaming 60fps on my xiaomi me box s in this video today let me show you how
you can use your Android TV device like your xiaomi me box or Nvidia shield or
any other device running Android to play some amazing retro games now what makes
this process particularly special is is you don’t need to download any of the
roms yourself so let me just press the HOME key I did do a video like this a
few months back which was focused on the 4k firesnake
so in this video today although it’s going to be a similar process I’m going
to show you exactly the steps need to follow for your Android TV devices on
top of that there were some other issues reported on the fucking fire stick for
some of you things like when you select a game it goes to retroarch but it’s
actually load anything or sometimes people are seeing a black screen when
the games are trying to launch so in this video today let me show you
how you can fix all of those problems and the exact steps you need to follow
to make your Android device into a full retro gaming machine so it all of that
being said let’s get started so I’m doing my demonstration on the
latest Xiaomi me box as we can follow these steps on any other Android device
including the Nvidia shield or your standard Android TV box is now for this
process to work we need to download and install three things first you need to
install retroarch secondly to install Kodi 18.1 and last
you need to install an add-on inside Kodi which is called the Internet
Archive games launcher now with this single add-on you basically have access
to thousands and thousands of retro games that you can access directly with
this add-on and then inject them inside retro art so no need to download roms
yourselves no need to find emulators ourselves just pick whether you to play
from a massive list and stop playing it straight away within retroarch
now to get those three things I’m using the Puffin TV browser and I’ve just
navigated to my website which is tech dr. UK com let’s now click on the
Downloads button when you get to the downloads page let’s scroll down
so under Kodi you have the Kodi 18.1 32-bit and 64-bit so depending on which
device you have just choose appropriate one we also have the Internet Archive
Games launcher we can click on that and lastly we have under game’s retro we
have retro arts so download those three things onto your device and let’s move
on to the next step okay so I’ve just deleted and
reinstalled both Kodi and retro art so this is basically to be a clean
installation of both applications which is exactly what you’re going to see so
the first application we’re going to start is retroarch now before I do this
I’ve already prepared my xbox one controller so we can see here that I can
now navigate around using this but really any Bluetooth controller will
work with this so let me now start retroarch so this is meet starting for
the very first time we can see he’s asking me for permissions let’s click on
OK and click on allow so the very first time you start a ruled extracts and
Falls and do some configuration so this may take a minute or so depending on the
speed of your device but here we can see it’s done that now probably the first
thing you want to do is just verify that your game pad or whichever controlling
you’re using is working properly now one of the benefits of using an Xbox or
Playstation controller is you can see it’s automatically configured for you so
there’s really not much you need to do in terms of configuring for days the
other thing I would mention is in my last video not
if you are asking how do you actually exit again once the game has started
now the way we do that is if you go into input let’s click on that let’s scroll
down and we can see here we have the menu toggle gamepad combo so this is
saying you can basically press a combination of buttons to access the
menu so let’s click on that now and the combination I like to use is start and
select so let’s select that this means when I’m playing any game in any of the
retro consoles if I want to exit I can just press Start and select together
which is this and this on the Xbox controller and that will then allow me
to exit the game the next we’re going to do in terms of performance if we go down
and going to user interface and going to appearance as we can see we have this
nice kind of dynamic background moving which although it does look nice it can
be quite taxing for your device now I am using the Xiaomi me box which is not
powerful at all now maybe on an Nvidia show this won’t make a difference but I
find if you turn this off plugging down to menu shader pipeline
let’s click on that now and let’s turn that off so we can see we now get a
static background but it will definitely help in the performance especially just
navigating around the UI you’ll get much better performance with the background
turned off okay so we’ve checked our controllers working ok we’ve configured
the exit by turn and we’ve also turned off the background the last thing not to
do which is probably the most important things it’s actually get some cause now
cause are basically you could translate as you know the consoles of the
different emulators now the way we do that is we go into online updater go to
core updater and these are basically all of the cores are supported on here so
depending on what console you want to play just download download all of them
if you want to if you have any issues with storage you can pretty much
download everything on here but this demonstration let me get let me get the
main ones so one two three okay so we’ve got a bunch of emulators that we’ve
downloaded but again it’s totally up to you so you can download all of them if
you want to or if you only focused on a certain emulator or if you only want to
play games from a certain console you can just download those ones instead so
once you’ve done that that’s all of the configuration done for retroarch let’s
exit off this now before we quit let me just mention another point so in my last
video some people complaining that when they were trying to launch a game it
will go into retroarch but would she launched the game for them and the
issue for that is if retroarch is already running then that command
actually launched the game is not gonna work so me to make sure that once we
finish the game we exit or quit our retro let me do that now let’s now get
into Kodi let’s see what we can do in terms of getting roms so let’s start
that up now by default we can see I’m starting coding for the very first time
let me just use my normal controller click on allow now of course if you only
have Kodi 18.1 installed all you need to do is just download the add-on now
previously mentioned and I can show you how you can then add that into your Kodi
but on a fresh install if you just go over to settings which is the COG wheel
at the top let’s go into add-ons let’s go into install from zip file ok so we
get this message there by default installing add-ons from unknown sources
not unable to click on settings and let’s click on this so that’s in our
labeled source click on yes let’s back out this again click on install from zip
file let’s go to external storage because the I don’t appreciate download
it will appear in the download for which we can see here so this is the actual
repository repository Zach Morris let’s click on this case we now get the
repo added we can now go to install from repository go to his add-on and let me
just say that guy has done an amazing job so okra to him for creating a
fantastic add-on let’s go into game add-ons game providers and here is the
Internet Archive game launcher so this will basically go off and get any room
that we want to play so let’s click on that and click on install and click on
ok so this this is just telling you that these are the dependencies are needed so
let’s click on OK and Cody 18 will now automatically install them for us ok so
that add-on is now installed ok but before I open it I’m just going to
configure my Xbox controller because with that configured I can now navigate
around Kodi using this instead of using this so to do that let’s back out of
this back again back again and let’s go / – let’s go over to system let’s go to
input and we can say we want to configure attached controllers let’s
click on that we can see it’s detected the Xbox one controller and let’s now
basically configure the button so it is basically asking
to press these buttons in order so when you click here it says now press a so
let me get my controller and press a press B X Y start select okay so that’s all configured now so we
know it’s configure closed now when I press the B button we can see I can now
navigate Kodi using my xbox one controller so let’s now lastly configure
the add-on so let’s go down into add-ons lets press and hold the a button and we
want to go into settings because we need to configure this before you use it
let’s go into settings okay so on the general page the only option we really
want to change is if you scroll down is the cache size so buddy for the cache is
zero which means any game you want to play it’s going to download that let you
play it and when you go into another game it’s gonna delete that so it’s not
you going to store anything on your device so this is actually perfectly if
you just want to play classic games on old you know snares or Gameboy or some
of the smaller emulators which where the games are very small but if you’re going
to be playing bigger games like for you know CD based games like PlayStation or
Dreamcast which I maybe 5 400 Meg if you don’t change the cache size that means
you have to download them every time so I like to click on this and maybe give
myself a cache off one gig I mean what’s the concept I’m playing are generally
old ones anyway so for things like snares or mega drive the games were only
a few Megan sighs again if you’re going to be playing bigger games then you may
want to increase this okay so we increase the cache size let’s press left
let’s go on to external launches and let’s change my system type so we can
see by default just says select let’s click on that and here we’re going to
say Android because we deenis on an android device okay so for the retroarch
system foreign and config let’s leave that as blank for now let’s go left
again and let’s go on to the setup wizard now in the setup wizard it asks
you first see what emulator are you going to use are you going to use the
built-in retro player with cody which is one of the newer features but we’re
going to click on that and say we’re going to use an external player okay so
we’ve got external player selected let’s now execute the setup wizard let’s click
on that okay so do you have retroarch installed yes I do
where is it so let’s go to my external storage which is actually the internal
storage let’s go down and there should be a folder for retroarch
and there is there let’s click on that let’s now find the system folder
ok let’s click on OK do you have retroarch config files click
on yes again and makes it as fun that for you automatically so we can click on
ok you have an archive account see here you can just say no unless you have one
because I heard some of the games may be on certain archive accounts which I
should require a login but I’ve never actually come across any myself so for
now let’s click on no and that’s it guys what’s happening now is it’s now
updating the config for all of the games in the roms library so when you do click
on any game it’s going to download that and then send that over to retroarch to
actually plays so this gives you the wrong retro is that actual playing ok
says wizard once successfully let’s click on that alright so let’s see if
this actually works let’s go into that let’s start with 16-bit and here we are
guys we have a massive list here so let’s pick one of these let’s give this
one hey let’s click on that ok so we get to see some really nice artwork we get
to see the original box out there some info about the game let’s now click on
launch so again of no download with this in advance I’ve just chosen a game from
a big list I’m gonna press a and within 5 4 3 2 1
are we retro gaming yes we are so we can see that game was instantly downloaded
or stream to my device I can now press the start button ok let’s go for can and
there is tech top the UK doing some fireballs and that looks exactly like
playing this on the Super Nintendo and we starts working absolutely fine so the
way quit is you press the starts like butter together we now get the retroarch
menu we scroll down click on closed content go to the left and click on quit
retroarch so that’s basically how you quit cleanly and then now then take you
back into Kodi so let’s now could you just try another one just to make sure
it’s working ok just to show you that you can launch a game play it quit the
game come back choose a completely different game and I should still work
100% of the time which we can see right about now see working every time guys so
that was a key thing I didn’t mention in my previous video that you have to make
sure that you actually quit retroarch after playing each game because for this
to actually send the command to launch the game retroarch can’t be launched and
we can see that’s working absolutely fine and can actually win a point of
course I can’t so finished so let’s not quit the game
again so let’s press both them together and click on close content press back a
few times and click on quit right right so that’s basically once again the
proper way you can launch games played them quit a game comeback and then
choose another game so that’s that part working ok no the last bit of
troubleshooting some of you previously mentioned that you click on a game or go
to retro or either flicker there for a second and come back to Cody or it just
wouldn’t launch now the quick fix for that is that means you don’t have the
call already downloaded and as we previously saw I didn’t download any
cause for Sega Genesis so if I just try and start a game I’m
just trying to replicate what would happen so you guys can see that if you
do try and start a game where you don’t have the core already what do you see so
let’s just try this one here so you click it then go to launch this thing
gets downloaded but what what happens next it flickers and there we can see a
flickers for a bear you don’t get a black screen and your back to the game
list again so lots of you are having this issue the previous video and the
fix for this is are the one of two things firstly which is the easy one it
means you don’t have the core for this and we can see in my example I didn’t
download any cause for Genesis or Mega Drive which is why I’m getting this
issue now certain consoles like PlayStation and some of the other ones
they actually require BIOS fall so even if you down at the core for PlayStation
and you try and play a game from here for PlayStation you get a black screen
and it will just stay like that and again the reason for that is is you
don’t have the BIOS for that particular console now I can’t actually shared the
BIOS files for this but if you do have look in the comments I’m hoping
somebody’s going to share a link that we can use all you need to do then is is
download the contents of that link copied to a USB stick in fact let me
just show you that bit so here in ES explorer I can go to my device which is
the USB stick I can go to open so this is the contents of that downloads all I
need to do now is just select all of the files by pressing and holding
select the options select all so we can see all of those files from that
download are now selected I then click on copy so now I’ve got a copy of all
those files and I need to go to my retroarch folder so if i go to home
find the retroarch folder go into system and then paste the contents into the
system folder of retroarch so that’ll basically cover you for Sony Playstation
and some of the other popular console so if you are looking for those boys
Falls do look out for that comment I’m hoping somebody’s going down many thanks
for watching thanks for stay until the end if you did find this video useful
then do give it a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then do
subscribe to the notification barrel as always I also appreciate your likes you
here’s your comment so des leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully catch
up with you guys real soon thanks


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