remember the good old days when arcades
could be found in city and arcade games where our digital entertainment of
choice now you can relive the nostalgic times hey tech doctor how can i play all
of the classic retro games on my iPhone or iPad but without doing any kind of
jailbreak and without downloading any of the roms manually myself well in this
video today I’m gonna be showing you exactly how you can do that how you can
also pair up a Bluetooth controller and relive all of those old classic retro
games on top of that this does not require any kind of job break and it
works on all of your devices including iPads iPhones and even iPod Touches so
it all of that being said so when you start the application this
is what you’ll see on the home screen you get to see some of the current
popular games across all of the old retro consoles then you have these
sections along the bottom here let’s click on category so the Catterick will
show you which emulators are available inside this application and next so
you’ll see how many games are available for that emulator now once again the
biggest thing about this emulator I would say the biggest plus point is the
fact that you don’t have to find any of the roms yourself this will download any
kind of ROM that you want as long as you only of course I’m saying on any of
these platforms so for example on MAME or on you know Super Nintendo or
GameCube any game that you want you can search for through this application and
down at the ROM directly yourself and next to each of the emulators we can see
that for example the game boy has a thousand and eighty two different rooms
available the Mega Drive has over a thousand the Game Boy Advance has over
two thousand and much much more so lots of options in here guys and pretty much
all of the classic games that you could want to play or in here that’s under the
category the Mike games shows you the stuff that you previously downloaded so
once you do download something did I appear in the my game section a
community this is actually a geo restricted so unless I believe you’re in
the Far East you won’t be able to see anything in here and lost your dummy
section where you can where you can set your favorites and look at some of the
general settings but the majority of you would just go to category and let’s say
for example I’m looking for some arcade games let’s click on arcade say we can
see some of the recommended games the latest games will show you what’s been
added recently then you have the popular section let’s go to popular here we can
just see guys literally just tons and tons of games for you to choose and
anything you want to download so let’s say for example you want to play
Dungeons and Dragons let’s click on get you get this prompt st. you want to
download any kind of newsletter let’s click on skip and then we get big
download buttons let’s click on that now and there we have it guys that now
begins the process of downloading the ROM directly into this application for
you and we can see the cards within a second that’s now done so I didn’t edit
this video into any kind of cutting dilatory did download within a few
seconds ok let’s click on play ok let’s close down the advert let’s click on
single so we can see this game is actually been designed to be played in
landscape mode so that says turn is over okay so we can
see we have a virtual joystick and we have the six buttons as please mention
guys to add any kind of credits into these virtual games you press the select
button okay let’s press a few times to get free
credits I have got some credits to click on start and let’s pick a card let’s go
for the fighter let’s press Start again and there we have it guys we’re now
emulating this old arcade game on our iPhone I’m a Casillas playing super
smoothly looks really good there’s no lag when you kind of start ringing or
pausing and that’s working great now in terms of settings guys if you’re not
going to the settings for any of these emulators the button you want to press
is the one that looks like well it’s this one here so let me just kill a guy
okay so is this one here so let’s click on
that now okay so probably the first thing you may want to do depending on
the game is switch the orientation from horizontal to vertical let’s do that now
let’s click on that so depending on how you want to play the game or depending
what the game is you may choose to actually change orientation but
generally I do find horizontal works better for most games so let me just
undo that now press the button again and go to switch screen ok that’s gone like
that so that’s the first thing you may want to do which is adjust the screen
orientation the next thing you may want to do is adjust the control so we can
see we have the two apart over here and we have the buttons here but if you
click on key adjustment we can actually move these so let’s say I want to move
the joystick up here because I don’t want large thumb so I like it more up
here unless I want to move some of the buttons around a bit just to have a bit
more space like this like this so we can see I’ve now readjusted the buttons you
can also click on size so depending on if you doing this on an iPad you may
want to get slightly bigger buttons and I can now press the plus button here and
we can see the buttons are getting much bigger so so you do have the ability to
customize a layer of this emulator so you can make the buttons bigger and
smaller you can also adjust the transparency so if I click on that now
so I can I make it you can see you can make them pretty much invisible if you
think they may be getting in the way you know exactly the buttons are you can
make them a bit more transparent should you choose to do that and if whatever
reason you find that you cannot mess things up and looks all messed up or you
can do this is press recovery on the top right I said you wanna restore the
default settings are going to confirm and that put everything back to how it
was then click on complete let’s go back in settings again so that was key just
meant and you also have the option to save the state so if I click on save
state this means the next time I start this emulator I can go back to this
button here I can choose to load State further to file I can then click on that
and then Karen exactly where I left off so having the ability to save games I
think is also a great feature this emulator and of course are something you
can never do in your Kade’s and the thing with the retro games guys
is obviously back then it wasn’t really about the graphics it’s more about the
gameplays you’ll notice all these classic games have just amazing
playability I will just make you want to play more and more let’s back out that
so that’s how easy it’s just to download any games and I was just in the arcade
section so as previously mentioned guys you have a ton of other emulators in
here they could use and all of them do support the same format where any game
inside the emulator you can download it directly to the emulator and start
playing it straight away so that’s another great feature now playing with
the virtual controller on the hole is good and for most of you it’s enough for
you to play all these classic games again but if you really want to take the
retro experience to another level you really need to invest in a controller
let me show you how to do that now so as mentioned this application will allow
you to pair a game controller but unfortunately it’s very limited on which
game controls are supported this one which I personally use is the games
g4s is one of the supported controllers and as we saw in my previous video all
of the emulators on happy chick on Android can see this and everything just
works perfectly fine and it’s the exact same deal on iPhones and iPads where
this controller would just work on all of the games automatically you don’t
need to configure any of the buttons you don’t even if the menu config just pair
up the controller and you’re good to go now to pair up the controller all we
need to do is press this button up here and we can see it says there only
support games to handle just to reconfirm that game sir is the only
brand of controllers that this emulator supports
now to pair it if you click on such gamepad it tells you that I need to hold
down the game sub button and the Y simultaneously so let’s do that now
let’s hold these two down let’s give that a few seconds now because see it
says in our game Sergi for GCM and we can see that now says it’s connected so
let’s click on OK ok let’s go back in the control pad now
as you can imagine guys playing games with a controller or gamepad it’s just a
whole new level than trying to use the built-in virtual controller so let’s try
some of these games now fer go to my games
let’s try DS games click on that let’s close the advert ok so as we can see by
D for you do you see the virtual controllers but as soon as I press any
button on here we can see they disappear let’s press the a button let’s go to
single-player say we can see this is the upper screen and the bottom I can see
the map let’s carry on with that I mean who doesn’t love Mario car it’s just
super easy to play it’s very easy to get into but it’s also very competitive
especially if you play some of the high C C’s like 100cc 150cc saying that money
for thumb you see if I can do some boosts but you can see guys on this old
iPhone I believe this is an iPhone 6 all these emulators will just run
perfectly fine as we can see it guys pretty much all of the emulators when
you do start them they do give you the virtual keyboard on screen so if you
don’t have a game controller you could always use on-screen controls and play
the game but as soon as you touch the controls we can see that the virtual
controls then disappear let’s see how these handles doing some Mega Drive
emulation this place absolutely fine there’s no stuttering there’s no lag
it’s super smooth and it’s just working great and lastly let’s try something a
bit more complex and a bit more demanding so let’s go for a street
fighter so as previously mentioned guys on these
emulators if you do need to add in credits you press the select button so
so graphically this is a bit more demanding than some of the previous
games I are demonstrated but again guys as we can see here this plays flawlessly
take that day to take my 21 hit fireball and another one
20 today a fireboard and there’s a time for you to say goodbye
oops but yeah once again guys we can see this emulator is able to handle these
games without any problems whatsoever I’m just playing on a gamepad really
just take it to another level guys and now works flawlessly
unlike Ryu okay let’s back out off that okay so to install this onto your iPhone
or iPad or iPod Touch the first thing I’m going to do is open up Safari and
navigate to my website once you get there click on the hamburger menu and
let’s now select downloads on the downloads page to scroll down and what
we’re looking for is a new section of just created which is iPhone and iPad
apps and utilities so and we can see we have the tweet box link there let’s
click on that now let’s scroll down to download and then press the green
download button ok this will tell you that you want to open up your
configuration profiles click on allow and then click on install this will then
ask you for your pin code for your device so I’m going to enter that in now
and click on install ok that we can see that now says done and let’s click on
done now when you go to the home screen and here we can see the new tweet box
application so let’s open that up now this is kind of like a modified to a
cracked or a hacked app store with lots of different applications lots of model
applications also tweaked applications lots of good stuff in here but what
we’re going to focus on today is just happy check click on apps and click on
tweet box ups let’s click on that now let’s scroll down to you can see guys
there’s just a ton of stuff in here I’ll leave that for you to play about with
what we’re looking for is this let’s click on that now
and then click on install says do you want install happy kid let’s click on
install and just while we’re waiting guys I have had a couple of people
messaging me and asking me how they can actually donate to the channel and as
always said guys donations are not necessary it’s a really nice gesture and
I do appreciate it but the best thing for me is if you can just share this
video share on to your Facebook share onto your Twitter share on to your
snapchat or Instagram sharing the video is the best way you can help our Channel
and I do appreciate her let’s press the HOME key and here we can just see that
still installing so let’s give it another few seconds and that’s all done
now the thing is when you do try and launch air you can get this message
which is basically saying that because this application is
not from the official App Store the person or the developer that made you
need to trust them onto your device and the way we do that is just press cancel
let’s go into your settings click on general scroll down to where it says
profiles and device management let’s click on that now here we can see is the
first profile that was installed which is the tweet box profile which allows
you to start the tweet box application but we’re looking for this second one
and when you click on it it just confirms that happy chick is the
application that’s associated with the certificate do you want to trust there
we click on trust and let’s click on trust again so we are now authorizing
this application to run on our device let’s press the HOME key again let’s try
the application again let’s click on agree now you look at this prompt saying
that you want to allow it to use your location I will say don’t allow because
there’s no reason for this application to know where you’re playing from so
click on don’t allow and you’ll be good to go
well that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching and many thanks for
staying till the end as always if you did find the video useful then do give
it a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then to subscribe it hit
the notification barrel as always I always appreciate your likes and shares
in your comments so do let me know you think leave me a comment below and I’ll
hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks


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