it’s authentically spectacular as
move the games this platform very good viejuners! Welcome to me
Today I bring you the Chinese console for excellence the most powerful in the world
world this time if this looks like they are goku I’m bringing consoles that are powerful
and then another one appears that is more powerful and another one that is more powerful appear the
enemies of son goku never end up in Today’s case I bring you the GP of
windows is used by a partner of channel an old nerd called raul who
I appreciate it very much has made us get to the channel a console that is
brutal is a console that can move all platforms that you can’t move
the other chinese consoles that we have seen and can also move games
triple-a fish and as lois is a true barbarity what you can this
console let’s see what it looks like because really this time if you are going to
freak out the console that I bring you today try the gpd win 2 a console
portable that can move playstation 2 from chinese manufacturer gpD how you can see on their website they manufacture
consoles and mini laptops in fact windows gp you can
consider a kind of laptop pc to horse between console and laptops something
weird later on the video you will understand why do I say it in addition to this console
they have some more economical as per example the x of gp of plus console that
by the way I have around here and maybe the I took in the channel as you see at the level of
windows gp price is quite above the gpda
so in theory they should do much more cane in games and emulators
before continuing if you are addicted to Chinese consoles like the one I am
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service that we start by seeing the box the box as you see I observe
gpd company logo carries no takes a lot of things is quite minimalist
it looks premium that is quite well if we open the box we can see what
that carries a type c usb cable a power supply and manual
rigor let’s go for the important we have here the console that as you can
observing does not differ much from others consoles that in the market that are
similar if we compare it with the agpd x of plus
is another from the same manufacturer or with the pop kid yx 18 that by the way you are
consoles hasn’t brought them yet to channel so if you are interested and motivated
Give compulsively like this video and well if I see that there is motivation then
I will bring them and do an analysis conscientious of them are two
consoles that at the price level are for under this one but they can be quite
things can be interesting let’s open the consoles and let’s see one thing that
at first glance it will seem quite peculiar if we open them you can observe
that the powkiddy and the gpd xd plus has a very similar structure
in fact the little one and it’s supposed to be a clone of the gp x plus a clone
economical button structure crosshead etc. is quite similar if
we go to windows gp is different he is very curious and very geek because they have
analog post crosshead and buttons fully aligned this a priori can
look a little awkward then after when I go play for a while and I’ll
show you will see if it is really comfortable or not the truth that both crosshead buttons and
analogs look pretty good a little in the line of the gpda x de plus
but I think a little above a little better
the console the truth is that it shows heavy are about 460 grams according to the
manufacturer looking carefully at the controls we have two analogs one
cross a switch to change of analog operation of such
way we can use it as a mouse in the operating system it carries or
as an analog game controller normal we also have the abx buttons
xi and here we have the power button we also have how you can observe and
a qwerty keyboard is visible Somewhat super atypical pc keyboard, will playstation 2 / ps2 / ps2p work? in a
console so we can say that it is a hybrid between console and laptop
here you can see a button as a detail typical that xbox controls live and
finally we have these keys that we they will help raise and lower the volume and the
screen brightness the screen that we see is a 6 inch ips panel with
resolution 720p which for a screen of this size the truth that
it’s pretty good if we look at the part back we have the buttons lr by
tripled so here have not spared in spending on buttons we have
all possible buttons that we will need then we have here the
USB Type-C connector to charge it has a fast charging system that gets
to load in 45 minutes here we see a headphone jack a usb port 30
a microsd slot we also have a mini connector here
hdmi to connect a television external and also a slot
ventilation if we turn the console to the bottom we can see another grid of
ventilation with a fan for ventilate the internal of the machine
in addition to under that cover and an ssd disk m2 of children only with this detail
of attack this console is not a normal console of this machine is not
like the one I bring back to channel the housing seems to me a material
pretty good I don’t see any fault there are areas are made of plastic
behind metal it shows that it is pretty good at the quality level and the
Exact measurements of this console are 162 millimeters long by 99 wide and a
thickness of 25 millimeters is much more larger than what is normally
same here we do not see the characteristics of hardware that this little machine carries and
an intel core m 38 1100 processor and of ultra low power this processor carries
two cores and goes 4 megabytes of cache the speed you have between a gigahertz
and 3.4 the turbo mode this oscillates quite depending on the burden of the
machine and he automatically climbs the frequency when you need more power
obviously this is so to save energy the gpu it carries is a cpu
integrated intel or hd 615 carries 8 gigabytes ram memory ddr3 the hard drive that
carries is a 256 m2 ssd m2 also it has a microsd slot to put a
card if we want the 9,600 batteries look but now is what will give us a
duration six hours carries bluetooth 4.0 and wifi
dual band 2.4 and 5 gigahertz we start the surprise console wears
windows ya windows 10 of this what means means we can try
exactly the same as we can test on a normal pc a conventional pc and see
well how does it perform generally in windows this machine moves quite
well to have them basic as per example browse the internet or see
videos on youtube well it goes frankly well it goes very well it goes very loose and we
warns of any kind of problem of performance of course we can’t
pretend to edit videos or things similar things that require a lot of gp
there was a lot of cpu since the machine didn’t will give the size but good for tasks
basic unfolds one thing very well highlight is the wifi that has integrated
goes very well is very stable and gives a great move we are looking forward to it
for several hours installing me steam games the truth that goes
quite fast it goes very well according to the manufacturer can move these games that
you see here those frame rates the really amazing i’m going to see up
what point this machine walks what promises we will start testing cinebench
How do you see the score given by this test? performance leave a place quite
low to this machine as already commented is a low power processor so
it is not oriented to processes that require many resources
Still, I’m sure for some things we will be able to get a lot of juice
I’m very curious to see how yields in triple games as per
example the dragon ball kakaroto he had to lower everything to a minimum and the
truth is that amazing is capable of move it between 25 and 30 fps is still
as you can see there are moments that they have some frame drop but hey
at times it is a bit playable although in combat sometimes does not match up is the
machine as you see is totally different from what happens if we try
dragon ball fighters can be played very well maintains the sustained rate of 60
frames per second is quite appreciated softness the game is 100% enjoyable no
touch any setting parameter that is to say that it has been configured as the
dear game because apart from these games has also tried the cs go and
well the truth is not bad as what move more or less at about 30 fps is for
of course you can’t use that little machine to compete at the highest level but not
gives even 60 frames per second but hey I believe that for a citizen of Apie I
I think it’s enough I’ve also tried for night judge for you
same even if you don’t move it to the fullest level of detail described playable
I’m surprised that this mini console for laptop can reach
do all these things we change third let’s go for
emulators the nintendo 64 platform with the perfect project 64 9 emulator without
rumble as you see this moves well 007 will move virtually all of the
platform perfectly and well who says nintendo 64 says well have it with the
network link emulator look how it goes dreamcast is a perfect emulation
hyper soft and what to say for example of another platform that is also complex
to emulate according to what machines sega saturn well well more of the same
perfect simulation a frame rate spectacular
when all these games about the comfort and ergonomics of what is the
console at the controls and so on I have to say that analog sticks me
they look fantastic they are very good and respond perfectly to the
clear cross is that it makes me a little rare especially for distance in the
crosshead and buttons are close and that it makes it feel a little strange but
nothing serious example let’s see psp well here you have pspv
it’s authentically spectacular as move the games is the platform go
perfect even if they have a little tug very well when most of the
time frame rate of more than 50 fps is to think that these games
what do you see the ghost of war are the most complicated and mule is the platform
they perform spectacularly so we can say that psp in this console goes
perfect goes very well, how will playstation 2 / ps2 / ps2p go? the platform that I show you now it’s game cube is
emulate complex you already know some of the games get stuck
quite normally in all machines that I approve and the truth is
which yields a very acceptable level this metroid is very heavy to emulate is very
complex and see how it moves is a authentic past gets a lot of cane though
in this case yes some are observed low some jerks in some
specific moments in general of the I played playable and it goes very well
little friends old nerz i’m a youtuber so gádor that you know or that degree and
many of you have given us neither account I tell you this console the gp of
windows has the specifications you have to have detailed the model
current is to say that it is in the market right now this model that I know I’ve
used to do the tests is the windows gp but the 2018 model what
means it is very similar at the level of gpu is
exactly like the machine there in the market there but the cpu is
slower runs at 2.6 gigahertz average and 3/4 which means that the tests
if we made them with the current model they would go a little better
I’ve seen comparisons in other channels of youtube already a priori the difference no
it’s very big you get a few frames per second more on depending on what games but
Well, the tests I’m teaching you they are really valid although good as
was attacking I’ve seen myself in the moral obligation to explain how good
This is the 2018 model and not the one there is in the market well I leave trouble
and let’s see how ps2 playstation 2 or ps2p works in this machine will be able to
move let’s see it works great Playstation 2 emulation in this GP of
windows moves great of course will always move better on the machine
original as with all platforms that I usually try but is
windows escape we can say that the ps2 or playstation 2 or ps2p as you want
calling her moves quite well everything this is fine but if we try something
more beast let’s try nintendo wii and see how
move the platform as you can see it’s perfectly playable actually happens
a bit like with gamecube moves very well the games quite well although there are
point moments destined a little male some jerk
but it is perfectly playable both this Mario game like this wonderful
donkey kong the truth is that you can enjoy a lot in this case it gives me
the feeling that the dow that like what emulates much better it’s not mario no
do you believe the most decisive moment of all the
video how much does this super saiyan cost god of consoles this windows gp
it costs a whopping 630 euros in equal store function can even
climb to 700 and peak to see what we are paying in the mini update we have
a miniaturized laptop and this administration is paid for
this price we could have a computer standard mid-range laptop that
can give us more satisfaction than this machine yes with one more size
great, it is clear that for tastes colors, I leave the link the description
of the video just in case you are interested buy this little machine that is very
interesting well nothing old see you in the next video see you later lucas


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