Hey guys, what’s up. Today I’m bringing you guys a video were I will be acting as a…. Well, the title says it all right? So I hope you guys enjoy. Let’s go!!! Guys… Can you all hear me? Yes, we can hear you Micaela. I have….my microphone is broken. My voice sounds weird. I don’t know I never heard you before. Maybe you changing your voice..that’s why. That would be stupid! hehe Let’s see… two of you guys are from Argentina, one from Chile and the other one? The handsome one is from Chile. Well I’m playing… Do you guys….have a girlfriend? Why?….do you need a boyfriend ? Why you ask that? Just asking. Do you want a boyfriend? I have a lot of girlfriends! A lot? Woww.. Why did you asked us that? To.. start… a conversation. and you? Yes… I have… A lot of boyfriends. Yes… you have to be free. Where you from? Argentina Buenos Aires What part? Mar de Plata How old are you? Let’s see… How old you all think I’m? All night long babee. You sound like you 19. What? All night long? Who said that? Said what.. Someone..said…they will give it to me…all night long. Nooo, no one said that. We have a squad on the right hand side. Micaela, please dont be so far from us. I’m coming, I’m coming. Is a lot of people here. Who will take care of me? Is a squad there, right? Sleep!!! There is one here. Shit!! He is around the back of the houses. Any bandages around here? I will give you one, come here. I’m coming!! There’s a lot of people here. Son of a bisket, he is right here, he is camping. He is inside! Help!!!! He is in heaven now!! Good one Micaela!!! You a machine! There is one in the house back there, by the window. I see him. You guys reviving number 1? I see him. Got emmm, he is dead. My boyfriend… just…. woke up. I think… He woke up with…a little excitment there. Wait…. Leave me alone! I’m playing! Stop touching me! I play… and you… Do…whatever you want to me. Deal? Just let me play. Let’s see. Yea, there. Guys! Live porn! Beautiful! Does it bother you guys? Nop. Beautiful! Where… Where we going? Tell him he is a champion. Stop, stop. You distracting me. Where we going? I’m going to the restroom bro! Stop, you make me laugh. Should we be heading to the safe zone? Yes,let’s go! What happens is that if I don’t give my boyfriend what he wants, he wont leave me alone. Come on, finish! Finish quickly, I’m playing. I have never been in a situation like this… What? What situation? Come on, finish. I want to play. You good? Can I play now? Ok, go to the restroom and clean yourself. Ok guys.. We can continue playing. How old are you Micaela? 24…why? 24? When was the last time you had sex? What do you mean how long ago? Like a minute ago bro, you didn’t hear that? The handsome chilean guy answered your question. Let’s go! Come on , move it guys. Well, I can play in peace now. I thought it was just a joke. I mean is normal to have sex with your boyfriend. You guys also have sex with your girlfriends right? But not while we playing. I have done it sometimes. Sometimes?….See? Occasionally Just a quick one. Well you see? I had several quick ones with my boyfriend. And my other boyfriends too. I’m still… wet. You said you 24? Young…right? Yea, to be honest you are young. How old are you? How old you think I’m? 25? A little older. And how tall are you? What? Your height. My height? Hmmm… around 5’8.And you? 5’5. Hmm..very small. A hot one too! There’s people in the house. Behind you! Behind you number 2. Oh god!! Good one! We dying. Nahh, we are going to die. They are there right? Where is number 1 and 4? They disappeared. No, I’m dead. Guys.. Can I tell you guys…. something? What happen? This is a prank for Videomatch. What’s up guys? Everything ok? Huh? What happened? What did you guys heard? Nothing bro. What?? This is Micaela speaking. You guys like my original voice? Yes babe! You left me all hard and shit. You guys liked the voice program I used? Yes bro! They were giving it to you hardcore huh? I was just acting. Nah, just kidding, I was using a cucumber and a carrot to make those noises. That is why I was acting so good. Well guys, it was a great game. We almost won. What a bitch number 2 said..hahaha Let me hear it, use the voice program again. You left me all hard and shit..hehe Hi! What’s up guys! Everything ok? Is me bro…look….I will turn on the women voice again. There! It was me the whole time bro! See? So you a Youtuber? Yes, later you guys can look me up as: “ElLocoSanti”. I will upload the video I recorded of this game to my channel. Thank you guys for the great vibes. You guys can find me under this name. You guys were really cool. Thank you all.Chau! Hey guys, what’s up. I did great on my acting right? I hope you guys didn’t fall in love with Micaela! hehe I had lots of fun pranking this guys , I couldn’t stop laughing from the inside. I want to thank you all for the support you guys giving me , there’s almost more than 50k subscribers, is incredible. I think is in between 60 and 70k subscribers. It makes me really happy you guys enjoy my videos. I know I’m not the best content creador and I’m not trying to be, but I put a lot of love and effort so that you guys can enjoy it. Again, thank you all so much. One more thing, I will leave my Streamcraft link in the description of this video for those who would like to follow me there. I will start live streaming this coming week. I hope to see you all there so that we can have some fun in the advance rooms. I will also leave a part 2 of this prank so you guys can continue enjoying. Part 2 is even better, I promise. Finally, thank you all again for the great vibe and support. I really enjoy having this channel and share great moments with you all. As always I’m sending you big kisses and hughs.Don’t forget to give thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and subscribe for more. See you guys next time! Chauu!

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