Hey guys, what’s up Today I’m bringing you a video were I will be acting as a 10 year old child I’m going to prank two random squads using a program that distords the voice So they believe I’m just an innocent and sweet boy If you all love this video, please comment below so that i know if i should come up with a part two. You guys ready for some fun??? Let’s go!! Hello, hello guys, can you hear me? yes something is wrong… with my microphone hehe i can tell sounds like you have a nasal problem little boy sounds like what? you sound like a chipmunk is because…i”m a little boy plus there is something wrong…. with my microphone It’s ok How old are you guys? 11 20 ohhh… I’m still a little boy how old are you? 12 ohh, a baby yes Where are we landing? noo…not Pochinki There is a lot of people there i’m scare Let’s go here Here: Lupower, Dextroger and Mattsinlife They all say we should land here..is better Well…let’s go here then here It’s worse there Don’t be a camper little boy.. they are going to kill us Don’t cry, just play Become a man But I’m a little boy…what do you mean become a man? Yea you a boy, but looks like you not a man yet Why? You so scared Look.. i watch Youtubers Mattsinlife Dextroger Lupower And they all say we shouldn’t land here We should go to hidden places and hide there… the entire game If those Youtubers tell you to jump out of a train Would you do it? yes oh no…not that There is people here them kill them i’m coming with you guys…i’m scare I’m coming with number 3 I’m coming, I’m coming So you going to follow me throughout the game? hmmm.. is because i win the games hidden I just hide… and win ohhh, you gay!! why? That is what gay man do… hidde And what does gay mean? oh shitttt.. Don’t use bad words, my mom is going to punish me She is listening Ma’am, your son is watching porn what?? You said I’m watching what? Tito? What is tito? quietly I don’t understand you friend You joking Are you guys a high rank? or not? what is your rank? Diamond And you guys? huh? Just mute the little boy noo, noo Listen to me please Let’s have a nice talk I just muted him motherfuckers they muted me Unmute me Unmute me!! I will be quiet Can you hear me? The little boy wouldn’t be quiet I was getting scare with that voice Those motherfuckers muted me can you hear me? yes,yes my..microphone It’s broken I hope you can hear me I’m 10 years old and you guys? Give me your outfit why? My mom bought it for me just let me borrow it But i bought it with a credit card you want to steal it from me? This boy! Where are we landing? Severny To conquer the world they are going to kill us They are going to kill us there Let’s go here…look here there? yes Let’s hide nooo We are going to lose points You sound like a chipmunk It’s my microphone It’s broken nooo Let’s go to this house and hide hey, there is people, there is people here noo They are going to kill me where they at? noo… they have weapons they have weapons one down Dig into the ground and let’s hide there help, help I only have a P1911 only one left help helppp!! They are going to kill me That’s it, that’s it I killed them You killed all 4? yes….they were bots not real players what? hey, those were real players nooo… they were bots another one here is real people noo..bots bots There is a lot of bots I have an idea We hide all here and wait 20 minutes here? Come all to the cave You guys don’t want to hide? How does it feel this little boy save your life? I feel…. Like a little bitch We going.. to hide? Dig into the ground and yea sure You guys old…older Why are you all playing pubg mobile? Give me your outfit nooo my mom bought it for me why you want to steal it ? I’m not going to steal it from you.Just let me borrow it I’ll give it back But if i give it to you… Will i lose it? no, you will not You promise? yes ok, there there you go bots, bots heyy, let me kill one you have a lot of kills already kill him don’y play around kill him good job leave me a weapon here, here, here come, come here Let me borow your outfit what? Let me borrow your outfit number 3 asked for it where did you get that outfit? my mom bought it for me with her credit card she bought me…. 20.000 UC oh woww don’t you see he have a lot of stuff he have the glacier skin for the M416 yes Is because… I’m a good boy Give me your outfit nooo why? you want to still it from me huh? You want to still it from me? but.. you older than me. Why don’t you buy one? what? You older than me, why dont you buy UC’s? Becuase i have better outfits that you dont have I can have them too I can ask my mom to buy them You are coincited why? Because you humilliate those who do not have an outfit but you work And you can have everything you want right? Yes but you won’t have the Ace parachute parachute? I have one but is… conqueror check out this little boy He is good, he knows how to play I play…. 12… 15 hours everyday wtf!!! yes I’m… the best one down ohh shit.. little boy save me little boyy… save me be careful hey little boy save me, you the best, kill them all I dont think he is a little boy, he knows how to play very good Do we have a car? come here , come here nooo we have to go no way kill them they coming hey you little boy, throw a smoke granade I don’t have any I’m going to try to kill them I’m getting closer There’s 4 of them wait, wait I will kill all 4 hahahahah Hey guys, what’s up. Great acting skills right? I had a lot of fun acting like a little boy It took me a lot to record this videos I think out of 25-26 games, those two were the best And yes people, pranking people is a total headache You seen what happen in the first part of the video Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I’m becoming an official streamcraft streamer Recently, they contacted me and they are going to sponsor my channel So i want to thank the Streamcraft team for believing in me and my small channel In the description of this video, i will leave the link for those who would like to support and follow me More than likely i will be do a retransmission of my Streamcraft on Youtube. So all you guys get ready because there is a lot of personalized and advance room coming. I want to see how many of you are going to send me back to the lobby. Finally, thank you all for the great support and good vibes. I sincerelly enjoy having this channel and sharing good times with you all. I’m sending you big hugs and kisses Also, don’t forget to give me tumbs up and subscribe for more videos. See you next time guys! Chauu!!

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