Hey guys, what’s up. Today I’m bringing you guys a video were we will hear some funny characters. I randomly played with a team who was under the effect of drugs. Crazy guys I tell ya! To be honest, I couldn’t understand what the hell they were saying. Everything was weird but at the sametime funny, therefore I upload the video. So I hope you guys enjoy. Let’s go!! Wtf are they saying? haha Listen, which one of you here is high? Number 3? Me!! Number 2 is high too? Bro, what could happen if we all get together? You under some serious shit bro! This team is not going to work. This is team drugged! Shitt, they shooting at me! Off course bro, how you end up in Pochinki? Crazy team right ?hahaha You guys alive? Alive? Who is alive? You all alive!!! Noo, I’m dead, I’m just a ghost. Getting high works! Ok, let’s go! Wtf!! haha Let’s go, let’s go! Number 2 left! We been looting for 10 minutes now! I don’t care! haha Let’s go! Let’s go! I need a level 2 vest! You guys super high! I don’t have a helmet or a vest! I don’t have nothing. Fuck it bro, we all high, you don’t understand we all high? You high, not the rest of us. I’m very high… Yes I’m We all very high… You just lost bro! You all high bro! Let’s go together! Like family. We doing good because there is no people here. Look at number 2 all high , laying down. Yea bro, I’m super high! I smoked like…8 pound of weed! Bro,all that drug doesn’t make you sick? Yea, sometimes. Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s go! Where we going? I don’t understand shit you saying bro! What a drug addict! Bro, why you get high? Why do you like it? I looove drugs! What do you smoke? weed? Yes, anything you give me bro! If you give me heroin, I will take it. If you give me a dick, I will take it. I like to have boyfriends, girlfriends. We all the respect, how much is the weed there? I don’t know, I buy 25 pounds of weed. You just super high bro! You have my respect bro, but…this is impressive. There is people behind us! There’s people everywhere. Behind us! Yea bro! Great job! Good job! That wasn’t a good game! Super high! To much drug bro! Hey guys, what’s up! Incredible game right? That was a random squad who happens to be super high. I honestly didn’t understand what they were saying. I even felt a little weird . However, I did had a good time. The beautiful thing about this game is finding rare people but with good spirits and great vibes. That is what I love most about this game, have fun and share laughs. Also, I want to thank those who left positive comments in my channel and facebook page. I’m honestly surprised, I never thought I will have so many people liking my videos. I know this is a new channel but I’m putting all my love and effort so you guys can continue enjoying. By the way, below is the link to all my social media for those who would like to follow me. As always, thank you all for the great support, I really appreciated. Don’t forget to give thumbs up if you love this video and subscribe for more. See you guys next time! Chauu!

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