10 Ways To Improve Your Average Speed On The Bike – Cycle Faster!

improving our average speed on ride is
something that we would all like to achieve and actually is something which
we all packaging either by working harder or
taking our equipment for improving our technique or actually only about put
together yeah whichever way you go about it
should be a tip you in this video so here are top 10 ways to improve your
average speed one of which actually includes making sure your entire ride is
downhill a bit like this one one of the best ways to improve your
average speed is to lose a bit of weight especially if you live in a particularly
hilly area so i’ll give you one very quick example if an 80 kilograms rider
managed to shed five kilograms of that way they will save 17 seconds on 1
kilometer climb at 8% when riding at it at 250 watts both times so over the course of a
three-hour ride you’ve got 15 kilometers of climbing at that gradient you’re going
to save yourself well over four minutes. Wow now on the
other hand if you’ve got plenty of money you can save plenty of weight from your
bike as well as the wallet making quite a lot of difference whilst aerodynamics won’t save you much
on the climbs it will save you a huge amount on flat and downhill sections and
quite often you won’t need to change anything at all on the bike yeah so researchers show that simply
bend your elbows about 90 degrees like this sort of your back is nice and flat
with your head slightly lower now the wind give you a 14% power-saving
vs the most standard position, up right like this so think about your position all the
time when you’re out riding on the bike if you’re not used to this position
let’s practice it a short period of time Likewise, you can also invest in a more
aerodynamic bike. Manufacturers are working on pretty much everything to make sure
it goes through the air a little bit faster from the bars through the forks
to the frame and to the seatpost even your helmet as well all added up that can make a huge
difference, and similarly you can change baggy clothing for something a bit more
figure-hugging little bit like what’s going on now and that will see you sail
through the air all the more efficiently Raising your ftp should be at the
forefront of your mind if you want to go faster and by definition it means the
maximum power you can sustain for around 1hour in duration and by increasing
the ftp it means you’re gonna pretty much be able to write faster everywhere you go yeah we’ve got a
number of videos here on GCN and which should help you in this regard and
you’ll be able to find links to those in the description below this one Our next suggestion is no doubt going to
be extremely controversial but there’s also no doubt that mounting some aero
bars on your standard robotic will enable you to ride faster and have a
higher average speed they are all map the difference between
winning and losing the Tour de France to greg lemond back in nineteen eighty nine they certainly were because they allow
you to comfortably lower your torso was bringing your shoulders and forearms in
line with your body and keeping them out of the wind leading to significant
improvements in speed for the same power with the least thought about components
when it comes to going fast is rolling resistance now there’s actually a lot of different
between certain tires and the way they roll at different speed. Yeah! Now believe it or not this is a
subject which we are yet to cover here on GCN we will be doing so at some point
in the future but with some quick research online and you’ll soon find
very interesting results which is a bear in mind next time you’re purchasing some
ties Another little thought about component
in terms of speed on a bike is momentum so let’s take another example if you’ve
got a 120 corners in total on your ride and your 1/2 slower around each one and you’re going to lose a minute which is a
significant amount but it’s not just that it’s also the fat if you go slow
around the corner you’re going to have less speed on the
exit therefore less momentum and that too will add up to significant amount of
time Air resistance plays a huge part in determining our speed, when out to the ride. Hence our earlier recommendations to get
more arrow we could also try getting out with the
wind. Yeah, so sheltering behind another rider will save you around about 30% in terms of power and that number goes even higher if you’re riding
along in a large group so doing at a small group and sharing the workload on
the front with the other people in that group see your average speed saw exactly
the same effort I’m just gonna stay here a bit longer
about it Taking wind into account is also really,
really worthwhile especially if you live there mix of
exposed roads and sheltered roads like these now that’s the case always ride in the
sheltered Road when there’s a blockhead wind and then when there’s a nice
tail-wind use the expose road. 😀 Or, suggestion number 11 get yourself an A bike. Nah joking,
who do that now and then suggestion No.12 learn track stand with 15
minutes clipping back into the pedals of the reduction that’s not very nice anyway if some of
these tips of work for you make sure to leave your comments down
below yeah and after you have done that click it just up there to see (Matt)
inside doing proper science and determine the effect of extra weight on
your climbing and down there for our tips on how to write into a headwind and
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  1. Great video and very informative. However, I would have liked to see some training habits that will improve my average speed. Thanks

  2. Some of these tips are deceptively simple. For instance, to lower your torso into a more aerodynamic position over long times, you first need to work in your flexibility, fit your bike correctly and improve your core's strength, or else you won't be able to sustain that position for a long time.

  3. Some of these tips are deceptively simple. For instance, to lower your torso into a more aerodynamic position over long times, you first need to work in your flexibility, fit your bike correctly and improve your core's strength, or else you won't be able to sustain that position for a long time.

  4. Around my area there's a lot of potholes and rough road, I regularly have to ease off and avoid them. First time on a new bike I hit a particular large pot hole and destroyed the Tyre (inertube exploded out the side) 😯.

  5. This is so much bullshit, straight out of geek central spend more money on "aero" bullshit,  idiots…………………

  6. Hi This is Levi Howard I am a cyclist as well I need to know everything on speed and proper Cornering to order be in first place for my cycling event here in MA I live in westboro Ma and my cell to contact me 774 275 0264

  7. Add to all of the above, a well structured training programme to gradually increase your speed endurance on the bike. I'm 60 next birthday, and I recently completed a hilly 65 Km loop at an average of 37.7 Kmh without bursting a blood vessel. More to come !!

  8. hey gcn, i would love to see a video about the best or funniest hack/bodges of all time. it would be really cool if you could

  9. Yesterday i went 36 kmh on my voodoo bantu mountain bike. I would of got a road bike but didnt have enough money at time of purchase

  10. Ride on sheltered roads, ha ha ha that's funny. Did I miss learning how to spin and bike fit. you decide. cheers

  11. Cao druze please tell me if the average speed can be achieved I have mtb capriolo 9.3 they have amortizers say 30km h?

  12. With regards to your joke of getting an e-bike to help with your speed, i must say that the skills attained from riding my e-bike at higher speed has helped my confidence in riding faster on my road bike.

  13. Pushing hard downhill gives extra momentum up the next hill, then i stand and crank the taller gears until i'm at the top or in the granny gears when its time to sit again. Pumping tyres to 100 psi also reduces the rolling resistance.

  14. I dont have enough money for any of these things my bike barely works and I need to go faster so I'm not late for school this video didn't help 🙁

  15. How Do I Increase speed faster Saving more Energy and Power without getting Tired oyour legs if there is uphill? but one thing is that it gets you tired and slows down your energy waste saving.

  16. Thanks guys! I have been slowly gaining more experience in riding, and I appreciate little tips like this that help unexperienced riders like me to keep pushing and breaking personal bests!

  17. hello, im new in cycling, is it realy hard to go uphill? my legs gettig tired and im running out of breath. is it the bike or te technique?

  18. no1 is my problem….. too much weight (85kg)even I have super bike make lose energy too quickly..hahahahahahahathank you for hard fact to me….start from tomorrow I will try lose my weight……..

  19. i think the best way to improve your average speed is losing weight , when i start cycling my weight was 107 kg , and my bike around 15 kg so my muscles carrying 122 kg , and i upgrade my bike to trek emonda 7 kg and i am planing to lose 25 kg weight so my muscles will carrying just 89 kg instead of 122 kg , so i will save power for longer distance or better average speed

  20. I love just back to other rider one that was real fact I fell it of 25 percent of low effort that i put when i ride alone

  21. Weight will transfer speed into momentum, having less weight on the bike will change the speed in which you are able to travel with one. I have biked with 30+ lbs more than my body weight and can tell you this. I’m thinking of putting lights on my bike too and some water holders. My bike might be able to go fast, but i also want it to be able to be better seen by cars during the night.

  22. This doesn't answer my question fully. Most of these tips are tips that speak for themselves. I'm looking for technical tips. How can I go faster with pedaling? Like intervals etc.

  23. tip 11: if all else fails, buy a rocket and fly ur bike into space and then it will reach ultimate speeds. or if u don't have money you can take it on a boeing 747 and throw ur bike off it. boom instant speed improvement

  24. my "friends" dont want to be my friends becouse im a slow rider thwy wont invite me to anything dont want to go anywhere with me or casually want to hangout with me

  25. I have a Mountain Bike and its hard to get avr speed because my seat arent tall and Im broke to even buy an equipment to improve my speed.. If I go road bike I would have fears because of the skinny wheels like If I accidentally drove over a small rock I would be scared thinking I would fall

  26. I’m always distracted whenever give tips while riding. The track distracts me too much I don’t listen.

  27. As a 62 year old road cyclists I try to save as much as I can by following a few of the tips given and consequently keep my average speed as high as possible. I've lost a little weight, I've got decent Hunt wheels along with decent tyres. The bike (Harry Hall Reynolds 531 steel frame) was built and set up for me to my specifications including my favourite group set (Shimano Ultegra). It goes quite fast and on a good day with minimal head or tail wind easily rolls along at 18 to 19 mph and when I have a portion of free air can wind it up to 40+… GCQ make very useful videos giving great tips and advice. The one about what not to wear is one of the funniest pieces of advise videos I've seen…Chapeau chaps…

  28. I'm leaving Lancaster PA on my bicycle and I'm going to Shartlesville PA, then Centralia, then deciding if I want to go to Bethlehem or if I want to go home. Will be posting updates @Andy Englestein. Btw, Ebikes really help you get back up after you've been hit by some asshole in a car turning left thinking they had right of way when they didn't

  29. I dont like the aero position on the hoods with the elbows at 90 degrees. Id much rather be in the drops and tuck everything in narrow. I go way faster that way.

  30. I see so many riding in a terrible position. I concentrated on riding position all the time when I was young. It paid off while racing in the 80s and could ride away from groups on climbs and saved energy on the flats. Chain gangs are the best training methods for all abilities and gain bunch riding abilities.

  31. Sprints 3 of them with stiff arm’s one minute each, when climbing a hill stand up and pump 4 times sit and pump 4 times all the way up the hill, try just doing up hill in 1st gear until you are able to spin it at 90 to 100rpm.
    When you are comfortable with this, clime a hill 60 sec standing 60 sitting, when you can do this next is 60 sec standing 60 sec sitting 120 sec standing 120 sec sitting then 180 sec standing 180 sitting 240 sec standing 240 sec sitting at the end breathe in as deep has you can and exhale Has hard has you can 30 sec.

    My average speed around auburn ca riding to Dutch Flat 22 mph . That 4000 ft climb over 30 miles on the back roads.

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