101 Facts About Tomb Raider (ft. Alltime Gaming)

greetings mother fact is my name’s Sam
hello and today I’m here to talk to you
all about the little action adventure
game franchise that could Tomb Raider
but I thought it’s not enough to do it
on my own anymore I brought a few
friends along for the ride that’s right
it’s all time gaming oh yes there’s
nothing quite like a good old fashioned
tomb race the mud under your fingernails
the wind in your hair the peril
hold up Harold I enjoy the peril the
most but how did Tomb Raider piss off a
French archeologist why was one of the
Lara Croft films banned in China why was
it Jim and why is it okay for Lara Croft
Havelock her Butler in the walk-in
freezer but when I do it to mine
Humphrey it’s abusive and a crime and
turned into a TV movie called the
cruelty of master Sam bloody Humphrey to
utter 3 these questions are going to be
answered so grab your jewel handgun
squeeze them into your short shorts and
sharpen your pointy boobs as we dive
deep into 101 fact about Tomb Raider
number 1 Tomb Raider also known as Lara
Croft code on Tomb Raider for a period
between 2001 and 2007 is a cross media
franchise originating from an
action-adventure video game series
created by the British video game
developer core design located in Darby
in the East Midlands got it good
number 2 the franchise focuses on a
fictional English archaeologist named
Lara Croft who gallivants around the
planet infiltrating ancient tombs and
ruins in search of lost treasures and
artifacts you know that’s what
archaeology is number three there have
been at least 20 official Tomb Raider
games in the history of the franchise
most have been released on computers and
consoles with a small number appearing
on mobile phones oh how quaint
number 4 the gameplay found in Tomb
Raider titles generally involves copious
amounts of running jumping swinging
shimmying and shooting in a veritable
feast of action adventure fantasy
exploration puzzle solving and big scary
enemy fighting stuff things I mean
they’re Rob’s basically so you know who
doesn’t love a good romp number 5
development on the original tomb raider
game began all the way back in 1993 the
year of the Oslo Accords the Unabomber
and Super Mario Brothers the movie a
dark dark time indeed we can all agree
number six with a small number of
notable exceptions the Tomb Raider
series has been generally met with
critical acclaim and has been credited
as a pioneer of the action-adventure
video game genre there’d been no Nathan
Drake without Laura Croft my friends
number seven Tomb Raider was created by
three programmers three artists and
that’s it yet one of history’s most
iconic games was the work of a grand
total of six people back in the early
90s even the most cutting-edge games
didn’t require a staff of hundreds of
people unlike many of today’s larger
titles which demonstrates how far gaming
has come in such a short space of time
number eights arguably the most
prominent member of that six man team
was Toby Gard who is mostly responsible
for creating the character of Lara Croft
funnily enough God originally envisioned
the character as a man but the higher
ups at call were understandably worried
that the character would read as an
uninventive Indiana Jones ripoff
prompting Croft revolutionary conversion
to womanhood number nine Croft being a
dude wasn’t the only iteration of the
character that didn’t come to pass for a
time Lara was envisioned as a
militaristic shoot first ask questions
later sociopath with a muscular frame
short hair and army themed outfits this
aesthetic was ultimately abandoned over
faced at the character look to Nazi like
invading Asian tombs are singing their
contents that doesn’t sound like Nazis
oh no wait no I’m thinking of the Amish
yep that’s a totally different thing
number 10 another version of proto Lara
war liked flowy fabrics and shockingly
cargo pants in imitation of nineties
euro rapper Neneh Cherry other sources
of hashtag inspo includes Tank Girl the
eponymous protagonist of an anarchic
British comic book set in futuristic
Australia number 11 as Lara’s look moved
towards its final stages the team
settled on the long braided hair tied
top and hiking boots that resembles to
Lara we all know and love
except that character wasn’t Lara Croft
but Laura Cruz a dark-haired South
American woman who was in all likelihood
extremely sassy number 12
unfortunately for Laura the Latina in
1996 core was acquired by idose who
wanted the game to have a distinctly
British quality so the character was
changed once again to the aristocratic
daughter of privilege that British
people totally relate to because we all
live in castles and
the old Butler’s are no the Queen
sarcastic by the way number 13 the team
changed the characters name by literally
just flipping through a phonebook for a
name that sounded similar to Laura Cruz
but you know British someone saw the
name Lara Croft and the rest is history
hey in number 14 in the original tomb
raider game Lara is made of only 540
polygons which was a direct result of
the infamous darby polygon shortage of
95 it’s a real thing look it up I’m not
making it up on the spot I promise
number 15 Crofts bust size was the
result of a horrific industrial accident
on my side
according to Toby Gard he was messing
around with the character’s model one
day and accidentally made her breasts
150 percent larger he was going to
correct it but apparently everyone
involved in the game agreed that they
preferred Croft with larger breasts hmm
how surprising yeah which is odd
considering the fact that her chest was
literally shaped like a Toblerone box
number 16
even though Croft is known for trademark
braid it was actually cut from the
original game due to lack of space the
long braided ponytail was still included
in much of the promotional material
which is a fragrant and brazen example
of false advertising
what about all the people who bought the
game on the understanding that Lara
Croft would have a braided ponytail
number 17 one of the most iconic
locations in the first Tomb Raider was
built in a single weekend by the
absolute ledge that is Toby guard Croft
Manor was based on the actual building
in which Cole was headquartered number
eighteen one of the biggest sources for
inspiration for tomb Raider’s gameplay
were the early prince of persia games
which featured similar examples of
climbing and jumping interspersed with
combats the team at core added puzzle
solving and elements of stealth to
realize the vision for tomb raider
number 19
additionally Tomb Raider was one of the
first games of its kind that did not use
a first-person perspective most games of
the 1990s favored the first-person view
point with the idea that it creates a
more immersive gaming experience looking
back at the graphics in these games that
seems a little ridiculous but there you
go the 90s were a crazy time number 20 T
although God was pretty unrestricted
when it came to creative control over
the game it was pretty obvious that the
powers that be wanted to ramp up Lara
sex appeal for maximum market
a tactic with which guard wasn’t always
very comfortable at one point they even
asked guard to integrate a nude code
into the game which to his credit he
refused to do number 21
when speaking about this tension in the
creation of Croft guard explained that
it was never his intention to create a
game with a page 3 model crudely
shoehorned in as an archaeologist his
vision for Lara was a cool collected and
control heroine you know like every male
number 22 if you have a quick butcher’s
inside Croft Manor you may notice that
the mother flippin Ark of the Covenant
is collecting dust in the corner of Lara
Croft’s boy a which is a pretty explicit
tribute to the influence of Indiana
it contains the two original stone
tablets of the Ten Commandments and Lara
Croft is all like yay let’s use of a day
core number 23 despite being known per
trademark you know dual pistols
throughout the original tomb raider
Croft only actually kills six people no
instead Lara Croft likes to fill Lions
gorillas and dinosaurs with led instead
nice lady number 24 after beginning work
on the game in 1993 the original tomb
raider game was finally released in 1996
for the Sega Saturn Playstation at
ms-dos years later the game was raised
for of all things the engage in 2003
remember those yeah me neither and then
on PlayStation Network in North America
in 2009 and Europe in 2010 initially
Sony didn’t want to murder on the
PlayStation as they were extremely picky
about what they would allow on their new
console and Tomb Raider simply didn’t
match up to their lofty standards the
first time core submitted it and as a
result the Sega Saturn was tomb Raider’s
lead platform for much of the game’s
development eventually Corps gave Tomb
Raider the metaphorical lick of paint it
needed to vault Sony’s metaphorical
hurdles who finally led it on their
system so number 26 upon release Tomb
Raider was met with overwhelming
critical acclaim the game was praised
for its then state of the art graphics
captivating environments and soundtrack
and cinematic approach to game play tomb
raider world several Game of the Year
awards and has since been called one of
the greatest video games ever made
not bad for six guys from Derby
number 27 happily the game was also
commercially successful selling over
seven million copies worldwide
translating into profits of over 14
million pounds for idose company that
had recorded a pre-tax loss of 2.6
million pounds only one year previously
number 28 pretty much immediately after
Tomb Raider was released Lara Croft
became a global sensation appearing in
print and broadcast media often as a sex
symbol which was fairly novel at the
time the amount of attention Croft
attracted was previously unheard of for
a video game character forcing
publications even outside the gaming
industry to take notice number 29
as a result a number of large
corporations sought to use Lara Croft in
targeted ad campaigns probably the most
well-known example had Croft appear in
the effort for lucozade in which she’s
chased by several bloodthirsty attack
dogs whom she nonchalantly trips into
falling to their deaths Lara Croft
really eats animals number 30 Irish rock
band u2 used the image of Lara Croft in
their worldwide popmart tour videos of
crops were used to accompany the band’s
1995 song hold me thrill me kiss me kill
me which I still contend as a
plagiarized version of my song pick it
lick it roll it flick it I may have
written that when I was three but still
number 31 Croft was even featured on a
French postage stamp that’s how big she
was guys she ended up on stamps in
France no less their stamp game is out
of control everybody knows that number
32 in a truly horrifying yet entirely
unsurprising attempt to cash in on Croft
Fame someone had the bright idea to
create not one but two Laura Croft pop
music albums the first album entitled
come alive featured the hilariously
over-sexualized song getting naked which
apparently performed well enough to
permit the creation of a second album
titled female icon
despite being recorded entirely in
English both albums were only released
in France number 33
once upon a time Laura was so well known
and so popular that she was even more
recognizable than the mother-effing Pope
evidenced by an online survey in the 90s
which placed her above the leader of the
Catholic Church number 34 remember how I
mentioned that God refused to build a
new code into the game well as
principled as his stand was it didn’t
stop someone from doing it
selves in the form of the infamous new
trader patch as you can imagine the
patch which was only available for the
PC version of the game course Lara to
appear absolutely naked I know
eventually sent cease and desist letters
to the creators of nude Raider much to
the disappointment of perverted nerds
everywere number 35 during the
development of the second Tomb Raider
game two key members of core left the
team most notably Toby guard who
continued to disagree with the constant
over sexualized marketing of Lara guard
wanted to present Croft as sophisticated
and unattainable instead to the
marketing department continued with its
torrent of Lara Croft sleaze prompting
Gard to quit number 36 the sequel to the
original game simply titled Tomb Raider
2 was released for PC and PlayStation
the following year in 1997 followed up
with a port to Mac OS in 1998 by 2003
the game it sold over 8 million copies
worldwide making it one of the best
selling games released up to that point
number 37 the anguished grunts of Lara’s
Butler Winston in Tomb Raider 2 were
provided by Nathan McCree the game’s
composer so they got music and voice
acting for the price of one
Vulcan number 30 games many players of
the game will have fond memories of the
consequence-free bullying that they were
able to inflict upon the long-suffering
Butler Winston who would follow Croft
around her humble abode one of the more
satisfying pranks to which players could
subject Winston was to lock him in the
walk-in freezer by leading him in there
and rushing out and closing the door
before he could escape classic prank
Lara classic very dangerous prank number
39 following the release of Tomb Raider
2 I just began receiving large amounts
of flowers gift and even offers a
marriage from Lara Croft admirers from
all over the world god that’s so weird
that’s coming from Captain Jennifer
Lawrence here that’s weird yes the
fictional video game character Lara
Croft prompted literally dozens of
marriage proposals as well as numerous
love letters which employees described
as cheesy Oh number 40 the third
installment of the Tomb Raider series
entitled imaginative new tomb raider 3
was built on an upgraded version of the
game engine used by its two predecessors
the modified engine provided superior
speed efficiency coloured lighting and
crucially triangular polygons which
allowed for greater detail and more
flex geometry the game was a return to
the mostly puzzle-solving gameplay of
the first Tomb Raider as opposed to you
know Tomb Raider 2 which focused more on
shooting and combat number 41 true
Raider 3 was a commercial success upon
its release in 1998 selling around 6
million copies worldwide
the game was Church slightly less kindly
in the first two installments with
critics generally agreeing that the
third game failed to bring anything new
to the series that being said two major
three still received generally favorable
reviews the meaning of life in a storage
room in Lara’s manner players can check
out a variety of artifacts that laura
has pilfered from tombs she’s visited in
previous Tomb Raider games such relics
include the Atlantean Sion and Jade cat
statue from Tomb Raider 1 and the dagger
of Jean from Tomb Raider 2 young Chinese
watch says I feel quite not only that
she also decorated the room with a
mounted t-rex head adding the murder of
exceedingly rare Mesozoic animals to her
rap sheet number 43 the fourth title in
the original series Tomb Raider the last
revelation was released in 1999 again
two fairly positive reviews however not
everybody was thrilled with the game’s
release the last revelation included the
character called jean-yves a French
archeologist and friend of Lara Croft
it turns out though there actually is a
French archeologist called Jean Yves and
planner who is known from covering the
remains of the Pharos lighthouse one of
the seven wonders in the ancient world
the real Johnny Bob ejected to his
likeness being included in the game
rajaiah disclaimer was entirely
accidental I just removed the characters
planned appearance in the next game Tomb
Raider chronicles number 44 the next
game in the series was tomb raider
chronicles as I just said released in
the year 2000 aside from its conspicuous
lack of a certain French archeologist
the game was also notable as the first
Tomb Raider game with witch Winston
Smith for the speaking role shockingly
none of his dialogue included the line
stop blocking me the freezer you lunatic
number 45 the sixth game in the series
to rate of the Angel of Darkness was
released in 2003 and it’s considered the
very first not particularly good game in
the series though the game’s story and
soundtrack was praised the gameplay was
heavily criticized
earning it to place on game trailers top
ten worst
people’s lists oh dear number 46 one
interesting addition to the game was the
rather weird reimagining of one of the
world’s most famous artworks when lara
croft visits the louvre in paris
beady-eyed players will notice that Mona
Lisa’s face has been replaced with the
picture of the game’s composer Peter
Connolly you’d recognize that if you
knew who Peter Connelly was but I’m
telling you now you’re welcome
this photo apparently follows a heavy
night owls number 47 the series was
rebooted in 2006 with the release of
tomb raider legend beginning the legend
timeline an amusing easter egg in legend
can be found in sips office in Croft
Manor inside there are several post-it
notes with humorous messages scrawled on
them examples include legal say no get
more soda and reboot webcams in bedroom
kinky number 48 funnily enough the
original xbox version of legend does not
include the introduction movie with the
opening titles
apparently the manager of the Xbox
development team literally just forgot
to include it on the final build disk by
the time they’d realized their mistake
time was so tied that I just forced them
to release the Xbox version without the
intro number 49 Lara Croft Tomb Raider
anniversary released in 2007 was an
anniversary remake of the original Tomb
Raider game which uses an improved
version of the legend game engine early
in the game during conversation with
Croft the main antagonist natla says an
oblique reference to the game being a
remake or remake as it’s pronounced
number 50 the eighth installment of the
Tomb Raider series entitled Tomb Raider
underworld was released in 2008 at one
point in the game Croft is forced to
escape a burning Croft Manor following
an explosion as the player guides Croft
through the living room a portrait of
her parents hanging above the fireplace
can be seen with the left half of her
mother’s face burnt off this is a subtle
foreshadowing of a moment later in the
game when Croft encounters her mother
two reanimated corpse with the left side
of her face decomposed number 51 Lara
Croft and The Guardian of Light released
in 2010 was the first Tomb Raider game
not to include the words Tomb Raider in
the title ashes to ashes dust to dust
number 52 interestingly lara croft
guardian of light was almost a solid
early on in the game’s development there
was a debate among its creators with
some arguing for a side scroller and
others favoring a top-down design
eventually each side of the discussion
created prototypes of their preferred
version to be viewed on screen which
autumn Utley led to victory for the
top-down proponents number 53 the Tomb
Raider series was rebooted again in 2013
with a game simply titled Tomb Raider
this was the first game in the series to
have a mature 17-plus rating in the
United States which absolutely makes a
game better people will tell you that
games can be fun without violence sex
and swearing but those people are lying
to you
number 54 Laura’s new realistic and more
human design in the game led to several
comparisons to Nathan Drake the
protagonist of the Uncharted series you
may have heard of it guys her clothing
is also very similar to drake’s
trademark look which begs the question
who were a better the classically
curvaceous lara croft or the hunky
rascal that is nathan drake tell us in a
fancy youtube poll up there number 55
that game was followed up with a 2015
sequel entitled rise of the Tomb Raider
if you played this game on February 14th
a message appears on the loading screen
that reads happy birthday Lara Croft
number 56 since the release of the
original game in 1996 Tomb Raider games
have sold over 58 million copies
worldwide making too may not one of the
best-selling video game franchises in
history number 57
throughout the years Lara Croft has been
voiced and betrayed by several actresses
the first being Shelly blonde – incident
meat is not blonde other actresses who
are presumably more honest about their
hair color include Judith Gibbons
Janelle Elliot Keeley Hawes and Camilla
Luddington number 58 the Tomb Raider
series has been so successful in fact
then it’s been the recipient of no less
than six Guinness World Records these
are most successful video game heroine
most recognizable female character in a
video game most detailed video game
character ok highest-grossing computer
games spin-off most successful
live-action transfer and most official
real-life stand-ins in a video game
number 59 as a result of tomb-raiders
success the office where core was
previously headquartered it’s now home
to a fancy blue plaque honoring Lara
Croft in her create whores number 60 not
only that but 2/3 6.2 million pound
derby Road constructed in 2010 has been
named Lara Croft way following a public
vote 27,000 people took part in the
survey and the Tomb Raider protagonist
won with a second 89 percent of the
votes public works project not named
after a footballer thank God
number 61 as many of you will already be
aware in 2001 the Tomb Raider series was
famously adapted into Lara Croft Tomb
Raider an action-adventure film starring
Angelina Jolie the film was almost
universally panned by pretty much
everyone and currently holds a fairly
shoddy rating of 20 percent on Rotten
Tomatoes Angelina Jolie was nominated in
the worst actress award at the 2002
Razzie Awards but sadly she lost her
Mariah Carey for her role in glitter I’m
sure it was an honor just to be
number 62 before it was confirmed that
Angelina Jolie would be pulling on Lara
short shorts pretty much every actress
in Hollywood had been rumored for the
role including but by no means limited
to Demi Moore Catherine zeta-jones
Charlize Theron uma Thurman Liv Tyler
cunts and Dunst Elizabeth Hurley Sandra
Bullock – teacher Drew Barrymore and
Cameron Diaz the name but a few
even Gwyneth Paltrow was among the very
middle Aras god forbid I mean goop
forbid number 63 a barony generally
agreed to do the first film mostly
because of all the exotic location she
would get the opportunity to visit she
fell in love with Cambodia in particular
and even adopted an orphan Cambodian
baby boy who she named Maddox Jolie
brought attention to the war-torn nation
she helped with a minefield cleanup
established several schools and even set
up a 60,000 hectare wildlife reserve for
which she was honoured with Cambodian
citizenship by King Norodom see emoni
nintendo64 initially Jolie was extremely
reluctant to wear the famous short
shorts that Laura’s sports in the games
she eventually relented both as a
commitment to the authenticity of the
source material and because she knew it
would make the Tomb Raider fans
on happy number 65 awkwardly director
Simon West turned down the chance to
make the now classic war movie Black
Hawk Down
in order to make Lara Croft Tomb Raider
that one probably steam horse number 66
to prepare for the role Jolie received
weapons training from an SAS instructor
the elite Special Forces of the United
Kingdom giving her the ability to star
in action films and protect the Queen
number 67 due to rumors of substance
abuse and her highly publicized
relationship with Billy Bob Thornton
which I remind you involved the pair of
them wearing vials of each other’s blood
around their necks Jolie took a number
of drug tests during filming to prove
she was mentally competent to appear in
the film she passed every test with
flying colors
number 68 interestingly Lara Croft’s
father in the film is playing for
Angelina Jolie’s real-life father John
Boyd’s which must have been fun had a
bit weird fun and a bit weird number 16
Craig character was originally called
Alex Mars but it had to be changed
because the name couldn’t be cleared by
the legal department instead director
Simon West decided to give him the name
Alex West after his own father in all as
a guarantee that they could get the
clearance if necessary number 17 in the
film Lara Croft is English and her
acquaintance Alex West is American
however in real life Jolie is American
and Daniel Craig who plays West is
English acting number 71 the gun that
Daniel Craig uses in the tomb of the
dancing light is a Walther PPK which
just happens to be the signature weapon
of James Bond he wounded the same gun
again as double-oh-seven in the 2006
James Bond out in Casino Royale number
72 filming the scenes in which Lara
drives her Land Rover through the jungle
required numerous reshoots as snakes
insect another wildlife kept falling
into the car through the open top roof
jolie herself was reportedly terrified
of the experience which yeah you would
be number 73 in the scene in which Lara
starts smashing the ticking clock with a
hammer her Butler uses a silver tray to
protect his face this is an affectionate
reference of the games in which Winston
the butler will defend himself using his
tray if he’s shot at
number 74 the training robot that Bryce
creates for Lara which he battles at the
started film is named Simon after the
director Simon West number 75 towards
the end of the film
Laura encounters a pack of dogs to which
she exclaims uh-huh probably not like
that but let’s go with it this was a nod
to the games in which Croft would say
the same thing whenever she picked up an
item number 76 as in the original game
Laura isn’t the trigger-happy maniac we
usually see fronting actually the film’s
Croft never injures anyone with a gun in
this movie except for one instance where
she pistol whips a robber but yet it
number 77 in the video game Lara Croft
cup size is 36 double D which I imagine
for an acrobatic archeologist is quite
the handful Angelina Jolie is naturally
a 36 C and was padded up to a 36d for
the movie as it was felt that’s
increasing her bust size to video game
proportions would be a tad unrealistic
number 78 amazingly Lara Croft Tomb
Raider was the first Hollywood film in
more than three decades to be filmed in
Cambodia the previous film was Lord Jim
which was shot all the way back in 1965
number 79 in the great Hollywood
tradition of looting sex for souvenirs
Jodie stated in an interview that she
kept Lara’s holsters and still has them
somewhere in her own home number 80 in
2003 Lara Croft Tomb Raider was followed
up with the sequel entitled Lara Croft
Tomb Raider the Cradle of Life
it was also panned by critics but made
over 150 million dollars at the box
office so you know you win some you lose
some number 81 interestingly model and
actual English person Kelly Brooke was
rumored to replace Angelina Jolie in the
sequel clearly Jolie wasn’t going to let
some jumped-up British model take her
role as she ultimately signed up for the
sequel number 82 a number of veteran
female directors were rumoured to
captain the Tomb Raider ship including
Kathryn Bigelow Mimmi leader and
Catherine Hardwicke the director
eventually went to raw Luthor who is
unfortunately unmanned number 83
sadly Daniel Craig was not interested in
returning for the sequel explaining in
an interview
that there are only so many ways you can
look surprised at stuff blowing up
number 84 Angelina Jolie was the only
member of the main cast of the movie to
be American
groundbreaking Wow hashtag Lara so white
number 85 towards the beginning of the
Cradle of Life
Laura is discussing the discovery of the
temple of Luna with some men on a boat
to whom she exclaims if even half the
temple is intact it will still be the
greatest find since the pyramids which
is a weird thing for an archeologist to
say since the pyramids were never lost
on account of them being very very big
what an idiot obvious in Egypt the Great
Pyramid of Giza was the tallest man-made
structure for 3,800 years so I’m not the
kind of thing that you lose number 86
despite a general consensus of suckage
the film’s over-the-top action-adventure
silliness does have its admirers YouTube
film critic Chris Tuchman claims that
both you Angelina Jolie fronted Tomb
Raider films are his guilty pleasure
movies basically just enjoy it for what
it is number 87 for some reason the
Chinese government seem to think that
Lara Croft Tomb Raider the Cradle of
Life a critically panned Hollywood movie
based on a video game had been made
specifically to disparage them they were
so insulted by the film that it was
literally banned in China claiming that
the film damaged time his reputation
giving the impression of a country in
chaos with no government and overrun by
secret societies one unidentified
Chinese official even said the
Westerners who made the film did so with
malicious intention ok China number 88
the 2018 film once again titled Tomb
Raider is a reboot of the Tomb Raider
film series this time starring Alicia
vikander in the title role the film
follows guess who Lara Croft on her
first expedition as she sets out to
solve the mystery of her father’s
disappearance so yeah
just a touch more emo than the Jovi
films number 89 like the 2001 Tomb
Raider this film inspired a lot of wild
speculation about who would play the
lead prior to the candace attention to
the role actresses like Daisy Ripley
Emilia Clarke Saoirse Ronan and Cara
Delevingne were all rumored Lara’s no
jail although hmm odd she would have
been perfect while she’s perfect and
everything anyway moving swiftly on
number 90 luckily Alicia vikander was
actually a fan of the games when she was
growing up so you know take that Emilia
clock number 91 to prepare for her role
in the film but kinda put in some
serious hours at the old gymnasium to
the point that she’s now able to lift
her own body weights
Wow I can do that in space number 92
Alicia vikander is not only the second
actress to portray lara croft in a movie
but also the second Academy
award-winning actress not only that but
both vikander and Joanie won their
respective Oscars in the same category
Best Supporting Actress Jolie won in
2000 for her role in the 1999 Drama Girl
Interrupted and vikander won in 2016 for
the Danish girl number 93
Tomb Raider ball so marked the second
time that Dominic West has played alicia
vikander’s father
following the 2014 first world war drama
film testament of youth number 94
naturally the franchise eventually
spread into other areas and followed a
number of crossovers with established
titles for instance Top Cow Productions
released the first edition of the Tomb
Raider comic book series which ran from
December 1999 to January 2005 with a
total of 50 issues made number 95 a new
tomb raider comic book series created by
Dark Horse Comics began in 2014 which
was set within the 2013 reboot
continuity aka the survivor timeline
Dark Horse’s created a number of other
Tomb Raider comics since then the latest
of which is Tomb Raider survivors
crusade number 96
an animated series based on Crofts
exploits titled revision to Tomb Raider
was produced and broadcast by gametap
the series aired across several weeks in
May in June of 2007 with a total of 10
six-minute episodes the series is
notable for utilizing a variety of
animation styles throughout its run
ranging from an anime to Looney Tunes to
a moving comic-book aesthetic in the
final episode number 97 not only that
but in every episode but one Croft was
voiced by genuine a-list actress Minnie
they got Minnie Driver that’s actually
impressive number 98 for official Tomb
Raider novels have also been produced
which follows story set in between the
timelines of the games the first three
bubbles between 2003 to
five was set within the original
timeline and another within the
narrative of the 2013 reboot a fifth
book which followed crafting a
standalone adventure separate from the
games was published in late 2016
number 99 in 2001 a line of Lara Croft
dolls were released modeled on Lara
Croft actress Angelina Jolie the
curvaceous figures were created for
young adults and collectors to enjoy
from a distance rather than play toys
for kids they were who was smart
basically oh my god I can’t believe it
it’s number 100 in 2006 Lara Croft was
honored with a star on San Francisco’s
walk of game joining other videogame
icons like Mario link Sonic the Hedgehog
and halos Master Chief
sadly the walkway was removed in 2012
and converted into a Target store number
101 possibly the most bizarre adaptation
of the Tomb Raider franchise is that of
oh god womb Raider a softcore adult
parity of the franchise released in 2013
the story follows
Carver aloft see what they did there who
aren’t a meeting renowned art collector
dr. scrotus embarked on a journey to
find three sacred wombs oh wow that is
bleak anyway thanks thoughts on gaming
for joining me for this wonderful video
and I hope you enjoyed one hunter balm
Fatima Tomb Raider check out all-time
gaming but before you do let me know in
the comments what do you want to see
next let me know please cuz otherwise
how do I know in the meantime here are
two videos on screen that you could very
well be enjoying right now who knows I
know you would do to collect them at
though so do it I’ll see you next time
Sam out
I mean pie
Lara Croft mother


  1. Sam, Love the videos lol.. gonna have to go back through and see but if not do one on the Diablo saga think those have topped out at the best selling game series of all time think Alltime Gaming could help. have a great day!

  2. Prepare to be disappointed by Tomb Raider movie.
    Plus the actress for her doesn't look even little bit similar.

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  5. Her plait kept swinging through her body, that's why they put it in a bun. You can see that in extremely early renders of it.

  6. # 82, assuming you're still on the subject of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, Roar Uthaug didn't direct it. He directed the 2018 Reboot. Cradle of Life was directed by Jan de Bont. But if for 82, you were in fact talking about the reboot, then nevermind.

  7. Another fun fact: in a scene from the game ‘Primal’ when the main character Jen is in a Graveyard in the third world, there is a headstone in the cemetery that says RIP Laura Cruze.

  8. Daisy ridley wasnt just rumored. She was full blown offered and would have taken it if not for being committed to star wars she said

  9. I'm surprised you didn't list the fact that you get to play another character, Curtis, in TR: The Angel of Darkness. That was pretty odd.

  10. so im kinda hoping this video mentions the crap Eidos did to Core and Crystal's insults to Core and Original Lara…..ahem

  11. Liz hurley was modeling for the role of Lara back in 1997, i saw her dressed as Lara in a magazine called playstation plus. (god i miss the 90's.) If the fans had made the tomb raider films, (like res evil) they would've been unmissable.

  12. 101Facts if you will include text in your videos, please give enough time for us to read. It is really annoying having to rewind and pause everytime we miss one of your texts.

  13. 9:24 who the heck can read the writing in the speech bubble before it goes off? a few times throughout this video I had to rewind and hit the pause button. Slightly irritating but otherwise a very good video.

  14. The pistol used by Daniel Craig in the Tomb Raider movie was a Walther, but it was not a PPK; it was a PPS.  Those are two different models.  So I guess this was only 100 "facts."

  15. Ok, I'm on a total video game themed 101 facts binge!!! I've Loved Tomb Raider for almost 20 since I was 12 years old. Perhaps I'm partial because I have pointy boobs too, ? lol! Anywho… another great video, thanks so much, Sam!

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