2014 Tri-State Honor Band

We’re here at the annual Tri-State Band Festival.
It’s a bunch of different High Schoolers from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, and
they all come together, and they all play
some music, and they all come together in a single day and
they practice together. At the end of the day they perform a concert. It’s
a pretty beautiful thing. They do master classes with our faculty. They have rehearsals throughout the day, and a final concert in the evening. We did a reflection on where you came from today who you spent the day with, and what are you going to take home with you. And It’s an extraordinary opportunity, because most of these are students from very small rural programs who don’t even have all the instruments in the band. So this is a treat for them to have members of up to 100 people that they play with. It’s interesting, because I play the French horn and not a lot of people play that, but a lot of people signed up to play French Horn for this. Today we just came from our sectional and there were 11 French horns in the room and it’s surprising, because not a lot of people would choose to play the French horn. It’s a good experience, really fun. I’m making friends in other sections that I probably wouldn’t see otherwise because of different schools and school rivalries and stuff. It’s exciting. Getting to meet people you’ve never met before and then returning next year you kind see the same faces and it kind of builds on your past experience I’d say. Well I think it’s wonderful that not only the students come but we have a full packed house. Not an empty seat. That tells us that the communities from this 3 hour region are coming to see the efforts and the accomplishment of their children and that is a very strong voice for each of these communities to come out.

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