shot him oh my god! scared me my souls fly away my first reaction is, is he a robot? the second reaction is i looked at his short gun i’m wonder that is that a robot? second reaction is he got a short gun definitely is not a robot scared me i’m not scared by him, i got surprised of his short gun luckily he didn’t take the short gun let’s go let’s go, bro let’s go let’s go i’m sorry to the bro that watched on on live broadcast that said he got panic while looking at the gyroscope i tried my best don’t let the screen move to much u know that? i have tried my best give me some times to train it hold it not die yet? yeah excellent ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) i got the signal gun where are the people? fidn a place to shot the signal gun the grenade that u throw is useful in the second that the grenade bomb.. in the second the grenade bomb. jump down what is the advantages.. he can’t listen to the footsteps normally people listen to the sound of footsteps is not looking at the map. listen to it jump down in the second that the grenade bomb u can’t listen to anything if the distance is nearby tinnitus sound.. u can’t hear in two seconds the two second, u can jump down his teammates assist him fast if 4 people of them..the houses is too small intensive area.. is hard to fight let me teach u go to a far position. observe it find a chance to shot one player down observe where is the position of the enemies in the current situation, i felt like only one of them. can go ahead there is a buggy pass by there is a footsteps he is ready to go. chase him when i change the seat not face in front… drive around where is the airdrop is airdrop not signal airdrop pick and play it there is a jeep car drive to the left.. shot him don’t go i have provoke 4 of them i felt like i almost die why there are many car here? i almost die amazing. excellent let me put a song where is the people? bro, i aw u on the whole mic let’s communicate with the player bro, get inside the car get in the car not to know good from bad this people… player noob? that player shot on me. i almost die okay. a bit weak


  1. لاعب محترف وعدد كيلات كبير من غير هاك ولا غيره بمجهوده عنا العرب اشي مخزي والله



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    المهم لا دوخون راسي هذا لو يلعب مع العرب ينجلد

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