5 фактов о Xiaomi Gaming Headphones Headset II Жаркая игра

Gamer hates verse
After all, the player is not one of those
He has a sight in his pupil
Listen to rhyme – mayhem
I’ll tell him in the hearts
I did not drown mumu
Grandmothers did not kill
Only about the ears told
Hello. Ten seconds of rhyming for unpacking have passed and now when you’re already on the channel is useful. Remove your fingers from the re-look and look at 4 minutes as I tell you about what I wanted to buy a whole year. But I was really sorry for the money. The price fell and as a result, I even bought the first gaming ears from xiaomi for $ 58 with delivery.
And poyuzav them ready to tell you about them. Given that my gaming practice, like most of my viewers, has been around for decades, I am sure that my experience will be interesting for you.
This time I will divide the review into three small parts.
The first is unpacking and an overview of what is going on with them. The second review of physical qualities and capabilities. The third will be a complete overview of the settings and programs. Fortunately there are also quite a lot of interesting gizmos. And at the end I will inform you about 5 basic facts about them.
And as they say, “Stop talking, take hold of yourself, stand up and go.”
Box as you see the top – but after sending it adequately unpack it as beautifully failed. Included are actually ears, two cables for connecting to output devices. And the operation manual. Pt Everything is on the level.
Cables are 140 cm long, headphones are light 245 grams. One cable for aux input with a minnie jack on both sides. The second on one side with the exit taip si, the second end of yusbi. Active Noise Reduction is turned on only when working with the cable type, as well as the backlight and some other gadgets.
On aux cable – a microphone is dangled separately without any controls. On the tiepsky remote control with the ability to adjust the volume and turn off and turn on the microphone
Came to the second part. Here we hook up ears – in headphones 40 mm Graffiti speakers, crazy quality active noise cancellation, metal core for adjusting the size, two entrances to the sound of aux and taipe c. Ultra soft bows with a movable base for greater ergnomics.
They look as futuristic as possible and minimalist in Xiaomish. Ehhh is a Chinese apple. On embouchures marks under the left and right ear. And the soft surface at the arc. Everything is well thought out and no doche get to the bottom.
The third is the program. As I said, it works only when you connect the ears through the USB input. You can download it on the official website of xiaomi. Completely in Chinese, but easy to understand. From the one you need there is a setting of the audio system emulation mode 7.1 which I only turn on in games.
Check firmware. And setting the flashing of the speakers, you can set any light and adjust their flicker frequency. For advanced users – personal equalizer with presets for all occasions.
I will go through the epilogue 5 points that you need to understand if you decide to buy them
1) It becomes hot in them, literally after an hour of use. and this is not only me, the Internet is replete with reviews of voicing this problem at the headphones.
2) Their microphone is great. I even tried using them to voice videos. and I assure you – at the entry level for a blogger – he is top.
3) Detailing the sound in them SPACE, bass, volume, and the most important thing for me is realism. There are no overtrained sounds, if this is a shot, then it sounds like a shot, if the sound of the sleeves fall – then this is the sound of the sleeves.
4) They will sit comfortably on any head if you are over 12 years old, everything is thought out for the maximum of your convenience.
5) The fake of these ears – which is also on the market – is very easy to identify, There are Q codes on the headphones cables, just like on the headphones themselves, on which it is extremely easy to check their authenticity.
I summarize with an epilogue with the advice – if there is 60 dollars and you are an amateur xiaomi player – follow the link in the description and buy yourself new ears.
I remind you that on the channel constantly there is an E-band 3 playing on subscribers and an onor band 4 wounds edishen, 15 and 30 of each month for the search like and meaningful comment to any video.
The winner is revealed randomly. The following video is a video comparing ayrdots, blitsof and kyu si wi Ti 1 headphones, at the channel at least twice a week new videos. Use com recommends xiaomi headphones for gamers. Subscribe and good luck to you dear friends.

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