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So with the Iconia B1 from Acer’s hardware I was actually really impressed so here is our Acer Iconia B1 Review For a £99 tablet, bearing in mind normally we don’t get the best-looking screens, we don’t get very bright back lights, we don’t get well milled ports, or you know, things that are actually flush, button placements that are a bit weird
etcetera and what we actually have in this Acer for £99 is a very well thought out bit of kit. Obviously there’s compromises, there always hasto be as you drop the price point. Plastic screen for instance. The screen is slightly recessed and because of the plastic screen on here, it is quite reflective so you will find
that direct sunlight is bit of a problem but the backlight is reasonable enough to
compensate although it’s again is not the brightest out there but it does the job. Your buttons are on the side here. You’ve got your power button, volume rockers and a noise canceller. On the bottom here you’ve got the SD card slot and a USB jack and that’s your speaker there. Now the speaker itself I found it to be a little bit on the tinny side. It kind of vibrates a little bit when you’re playing games at reasonably high volume which, fair enough, it is quite a small speaker grille. This finishing round the outside, this blue
colour, actually is ok and it doesn’t look too
silly and it doesn’t stand out too much although review this thing on the corner here, this Iconia badge I could do without that frankly, I think it’s just a sticky label you could peel that off if you wanted to. The .3megapixel camera on the front, it’s not brilliant but again are you really buying this to take photographs with? No you’re not, it’a a media device at the end of the day. One thing I did find which is very
common to these lower-priced tablets is not sure if you can hear that but just some give and flex in the plastic. And whilst it’s not too bad, it’s a little bit irritating when you’re playing a game and it kind of feels like the unit’s flexing a little bit. but again, it’s completely made of plastic and it’s £99. I can forgive an awful lot when as you’re going to see, coming up, this thing absolutely smokes the competition. Hi everyone, so here we are with the Acer Iconia B1 an 8gig wifi enabled Android tablet review. Now this particular tablet is rather special. It’s £99 at retail so you can walk into a shop today and buy this today for £99 and do you know what’s even better about it? It doesn’t suck! I think Acer might have achieved something I’ve been going on about for about a year now. The point where we actually reach
a £99 tablet that you wouldn’t mind giving to your grandmother as in she’s not just going to look at it and go ‘why are you giving me this piece of junk?’ The Iconia B1 is packing a media tech 1.2 GHz dual core processor and let me tell you it’s no slouch. I’ve been playing a few games on it and this £99 tablet Acer Iconia B1 can game. 8gig of onboard memory for storing everything on there and crucially it does have an SD card slot at the bottom so you can expand it. Brilliant. There’s 512 of onboard memory for
actually building up your apps and allowing them to run, and that’s not a lot but as you’re going to see it’s just about enough to play some of
the latest games that have come on to the market. Certainly I’ve just been playing Temple Run 2 and there’s no problem. You’ve got a 7inch WSVGA TFT that’s running at 1024 x 600 so you’re not looking at a high pixel density on this one, the pixels per inch, but again it doesn’t look bad in
comparison to the £99 tablets we were looking at just before Christmas this screen is workable. You’re going to be able to use it quite
nicely. It is plastic, plastic screen and unfortunately it picks up fingery smudges very very
easily and also it’s quite reflective. You’ll be able to see here as it’s being tilted back and forwards, absolutely dead on, it’s very clear and crisp but the moment you get any sunlight there it does start to reflect quite badly. Certainly you’re going to have issues using this outdoors I would say. At the moment this is on the highest brightness setting. You’ve got a point three megapixel
front facing camera. It’s pretty poor as you can imagine for
a front facing camera but it’s going to be just about good enough for you doing your Skype or Google Hangout. It does have GPS built-in which I
thought was a really nice touch, wifi 80211 BG and N, Bluetooth 4 although I haven’t had a chance to have a look yet and just see how much of the 4 standard is being fully supported. Micro SD card slot of the Acer Iconia B1 that I’ve mentioned and a rechargable battery. Now the battery itself in this is on the small side, but I think it’s just about doable. I was able to drain the battery down from about 60% in an hour and a half doing some gaming which you could probably say eek, but you know
I was playing Grand Theft Auto at the time so not exactly the easiest going game out there when it comes to pulling on your battery. So, what are we running. Well it’s running Jelly Bean which is absolutely fantastic so there’s no Ice Cream Sandwich on this. This is running the latest version of Jelly Bean. It’s 4.1.2 so it’s not the 4.2 release but I would expect given that when I turn this on it already had an update waiting for me
from Acer it does look like they are going to be keeping this nice and up to date. So it has all of the standard Jelly Beanie
stuff going on that comes in 4.1.2. You’ve got your home screen, you’ve got
your Google search up at the top, you’ve got access to your app tray here. Which I haven’t actually been in to yet. As you can see this isn’t a slouch of an interface. It’s running really really nippily on here and yes there’s some slight slowdowns
in the redraw but other than that I found that it’s passable. There are tablets out there costing twice as much that have much worse interface lag than this does. If we just bring up the Play Store for instance you can see no particular slouching on that. It’s not
hanging around and lagging out as it’s moving between these screens it’s perfectly happy. There’s some small slowdown there while it was
loading the graphics and trying to scroll at the same time but I really can’t fault it. Let’s benchmark. So what you’re seeing here basically is
a fly through of the citadel level and it’s being used to calculate how many frames per second are redrawn onto the screen of this 3D scene and because this is an unreal engine it’s not exactly the lightest weight game engine you’re going to find on on any mobile
platform and as you can see this is gameable. Do you know what I mean? If you’re hitting around 24 to 30 frames a second, yes it might feel a little bit laggy in places but it’s still playable. Bearing in mind also
we are running this on the highest settings. If I drop this down on to performance setting it quite happily hits about 45 frames a second, more than comfortable for the majority of
games. For a £99 tablet, Acer you’re getting a round of applause, you’ve done it. First company to produce a convincing
gaming laptop at £99. As I say, this is a a very high filled scene it does struggle quite a bit at this point but as I say, this is on the highest settings available for this particular benchmark so we should expect it to scream just a
little bit. There’s our results… 25.6 at 1024 x 552 enhanced quality. This is not tablet that you can kind of say, er.. I can’t game on this. You can game comfortably on this and with a wide variety of games so let’s prove that right now. Hi everyone. OK, here is the Acer Iconia B1, a £99 tablet and it’s about to play Need for Speed Most Wanted. Anybody feel like taking a bet about how well it’s
going to do? £99 tablet. I’m feeling very confident. Let’s go. And as you can see absolutely no problem, a £99 tablet does a very very good job at playing Need for Speed Most Wanted. Absolutely stunning. The frame rate is absolutely spot on. Interestingly I would say yes really
optimize this game for dual core processors because this is actually working in my
opinion on par with what I’m seeing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a quad core system that doesn’t really feel like it’s been well optimised for this game engine. Hello everyone, OK, here we are with Dead Trigger on the Iconia B1 by Acer. Again, this is a £99 tablet and it works very very well. You’re obviously not going to have the
same level of graphic fidelity as you would get from the game running on say Tegra the Tegra 3 system, so no water effects, no smoke or anything like that. Basic lighting but the game is infinitely playable and the frame rate is fine, absolutely spot on in fact. So again another win for the Acer Iconia B1 £99 tablet. It’s now increasingly looking like you could kind of say, mmm, the Nexus 7 has a good rival here. Make you kind of think ooh, do I need to drop that extra £60 and get the Nexus 7 or will this £99 tablet fill the void? Certainly I think for young people kids etcetera, where you don’t want to hand them a more expensive tablet this is absolutely the winner. Hi everyone. OK, here’s Temple Run 2 on the Acer Iconia B1. This is a £99 tablet playing Temple Run. As you can see it’s gloriously fast. You really can’t fault this. This is absolutely spot on, exactly what you want from a tablet and a gaming tablet at that and more
importantly at a price point that frankly you could buy one of these
for your kids and not worry about it too much if they
accidentally smash it to bits, it only cost £99. And the kids aren’t going to throw it back
at you saying ‘I can’t play games on it’. There’s some £99 tablets I’ve seen out there that can barely do Angry Birds so to have something that is pushing 3D like this fantastic. There you go. I mean this is one of the latest and greatest games to come out onto the Android store the Play Store, and it works flawlessly on a £99 tablet. There you go. Let’s have a quick look at the settings on the Acer Iconia B1. It’s all standard Jelly Bean. So everything that you might be already aware of from Android is already here. So your wifi and Bluetooth and data usage settings are up at the top here, sound, display, storage, your battery and your apps. In your apps that is where you can uninstall apps if you’re not familiar with the Android operating system, sound and display Sound, basically how loud everything’s going to be. Also what notifications you’ll have, setup, display as you’ll see your brightness, your wallpaper, how quickly you go to sleep and what font size you’re going to be using on your screen. So with battery life, it shows you how much battery life you’ve
got left and basically how much charge is currently on the battery and how long you’ve been using it for, where those items are draining. Might as well refresh that in real time if you like. Location is all about the GPS, or using the wifi assisted GPS which can also be used to detect where you are. You can turn those settings off in there. If you’re interested in keeping your battery life
looking good turn these items off if you’re not using them. Security is your screen lock as well as administrator access, passwords, trusted credentials, install from SD card, all of the features that basically keep your Android device secure. Acer Iconia B1 You can turn those on or off. Language and input for those people that need to switch language round or change your keyboard, it’s all in there. Backup and reset where you can basically
back up your core Google settings and also reset the device completely as well, back to factory. Google accounts, So your Google account you’ll always
set up when you actually turn your device on for
the first time and you’ve got an add account so you can add another Google account or once you’ve installed some apps,Facebook Twitter and so on. Tools are for those of us that like to get down and dirty in our Android operating system and we can do things like R debugging and so on. So that’s the general settings Other than that you do have the general Google Android features going on in here, so Google maps is present, Gmail is present and Google Plus is there. I think I might actually have triggered the install for that myself. Chrome installed. You’ve also got Google music, Play Store, Talk, YouTube, subscribe. Do subscribe if you’re watching this, while I’m mentioning YouTube. You’ve got your contact system in there,
access to Google books, Google magazines and Google movies. Basically, if it’s in Jelly Bean as standard it’s available on the Acer Iconia when you turn the device on for the first time. You’ve also got access to the standard Google browser don’t bother with it, get Chrome, it’s brilliant. And the current system which is like an
up-to-date news magazine from Google rounding-up all of the best news
stories going on around the place. Just a fantastic, fantastic tablet Acer Iconia B1 Review


  1. you have sold this for me, i am buying one in august, especially as they can be had for £60 odd on ebay.

  2. sir i wanna ask to u, i have a tablet but it's not acer. my tablet have work together with gameloft famous game vendor. but i always got laging when im playing the game such batman TDR, zombie wood, nova3, minion, iron man3, the amazing spiderman, modern combat. so my question did u find laging when u play the games from gameloft's game.

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  6. thats the point of it its for ppl with a small budget or like a starter tablet and for that its pretty good cuz like ur not gonna get much better for £99 and if u look arund u can get it for £80

  7. i no my friend got one and i mean for the price its brilliant and if ur only a casual user why spend the extra money for like the top end tablets

  8. im gonna get one of these as a first tablet havent had one b4 and later ill prob get a more expensive one but for now thatll be fine

  9. uhhh hes saying it because its prety rare you get any good tablets, or phones for that matter, for less than 150EUR (im in ireland so this tablet is like 130 i believe) im getting it tomorrow, thanks to this beast review 😀

  10. From my experience, this is a really good tab, I have had it for over 6 months and the only problem has been the storage, as 8GB isn't heaps. But, i still think it's worth buying.

  11. Epic Citadel, it is not a game it is a free benchmark app. I think that the map is from a game called Infinity Blade. BTW you should have said "were" instead of "was" 😉

  12. Nice channel i subscibted. I will buy a tablet. Which one of these is better?

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 or Acer Iconia B1

    I don't know anything about tablets but i love gaming, surfing and reading.

  13. Is this tablet good for just general browsing, facebook, news and watching youtube? Does it get any lag when doing these activities or multitasking between these apps? I'm thinking of getting this.

  14. Getting this is tomorrow.
    Screw those expensive Iphone5's and Nexus 7 his is how tablets should be.

    Acer you have won.

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  18. I am planning to get a tablet myself in about this price range. at this time I am mainly looking to use this as a extension for my desktop (roccat powergrid, asus Wifi-go,…). For now I have been testing these apps on my samsung galaxy ace phone but they do not perform well, I also have been testing them on a yarvik luna 7" tablet for bout 70euros and the powergrid app is running fine but the wifi-go still has some hiccups.
    I think this is a winner for that and a few games like jetpack joyride.

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  24. Problem fix:

    fuzzy Speaker: Get a case it stops it for rattling.

    screen smudges: get a screen protect.

    battery draining: get a Backup Battery Charger (

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