Android Developer Story: Daeri Soft reaches people around the world with Google Play games services

Hello everyone, this is Dael Yu, CEO and Game Creator at Daeri Soft. We have been developing light games like casual games or puzzle games since 2008. Currently, our main title is Freestyle Baseball 2. My experience as a graphic designer for games gave me the motivation to enter the games industry. You know, everybody dreams about creating their own game. So I jumped into games industry with my retirement allowance. Free style Baseball 1 is a PvP game, matching players from all around world in real time. I found out that the Real-time Multiplayer function from Google Play game service supports both server functions and player-matching with global users. I had a very good experience while using those services. It turns out that player retention and real time multiplayer were closely related. Our game was released in September and displayed in the Global Featured section. The game was exposed to about 140 countries. We got 130K downloads per day and 1M downloads per month. The download figures were as follows. 15% in America, 10% in Korea, 10% in Japan and 8% in Taiwan. In terms of retention figures, we had about 45% per day in the case of Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In the case of America, the figure is about 35~40% per a day. In addition, we received a lot of help when we conducted pretesting. First, we tried an icon, the figures of download increased by about 10~15%. As I mentioned before, the result came out 10% increase whenever we proceeded to step 2 and step 3. It showed great increase of about 200~300% when we conduct last step. As a result, we have a very positive situation, because the total download figure hit 130K per day for global markets. We have a plan to utilize the real-time API function of Google Play so that gamers all over the world can easily enjoy the Freestyle Sport World built by Daeri Soft. We will do our very best to become a global sports game developer.


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