Android Developer Story: Veewo builds a successful games business on Google Play

My name is Jason, CEO of Veewo We have been dedicated to making small but enjoyable games since we started the company in 2011 Some of our games were officially promoted by Google Play like Dark Slash:Hero and Just Get 10 and have been well received globally Our latest leading game is a casual action game Super Phantom Cat Thanks to Google Play game services we are able to reach as many Android users as possible The game got 870K visits and 120K downloads within a week This is an exceptional achievement which we wouldn’t have imagined before We decided to support Android TV at a very early stage Now 10% of our users play this game on TV As game makers who love TV games in our youth, we are very proud. I’m Yop, producer of Veewo Beta testing and fast Iterations have allowed us to achieve success on Google Play Since we implemented Beta Testing the user score increased steadily from 4.1 to 4.6 Thanks to the group-distribution model we are able to gather precise feedbacks before we make any bold updates It makes our game quality very stable Google Play helps us keep the promise of making best games Admob is our primary revenue driver Our profit keep on rising thanks to its high display rate Our income has increased by dozens of times in the past 4 years Google Play also allows us to reply to user comments in the games reviews This feature not only helped us reduce 31% user loss but also made some players became our friends Players want to talk with developers, now we are more sure of it Promotion Codes give us a new way of operation Google Play In-app Promotions allow us to reward users anytime, anywhere We can give rewards in forms of a well-designed virtual character, or a level with special content Google Play smooths the communication between us and players and helps us improve the game and its operation more easily Now 70% of our business and players comes from the Android platform and this growth has made us more confident about the future of our company We want to maintain our team philosophy into the future: Bringing wonderful gaming experiences to our players


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