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[Music] did you know JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure first received a video game adaptation of the manga in early 1990 three months before the series was even adapted to anime production of the Super Famicom game was overseen by Shinji Hashimoto who is now the Final Fantasy brand manager at Square Enix developed by Winky soft the game is an RPG based on the third story arc stardust crusaders with some minor deviations the game is presented similarly to point-and-click adventures while navigating the world and has unique mechanics such as a biorhythm system which alters character stats as they become stressed before a battle the player must also select a card which will change the character’s abilities and battles follow typical turn-based RPG rules this would be the only time that Jojo appeared as an RPG as after this Jojo games were mostly fighters the first Jojo fighting game was developed by Capcom for the arcade in 1998 and was also based on the Stardust Crusaders arc JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure heritage of the future is an enhanced re-release of the arcade game which was ported to the PlayStation and Dreamcast in 1998 heritage was the last game to use Capcom see ps3 arcade boards before the company began using Sega’s Naomie boards which had very similar hardware to the Dreamcast the see ps3 boards were an attempt by Capcom to run multiple games on one board instead of the standard one game to one board which would in theory save money the next Jojo game released was GOG O’s bizarre adventure which launched on the PlayStation 2 in Japan it was scheduled for worldwide release however despite making an appearance at e3 nothing was ever brought to the west the reason for the cancellation was unknown but it’s speculated that there were copyright issues halting localization this was also the last Jojo game by Capcom before the rights were picked up by Bandai now Bandai Namco the first game under this new rights holder was the Japan exclusive JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure phantom blood developed by Anka Inc this was followed by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure all-star battles several years later under a different developer cyberconnect2 all-star battle producer Hiroshi Matsuyama explained that all-star battle was conceived Hartley thanks to the previous Jojo game phantom blood when that game was finished Matt Yama’s team came up with the idea of a new game involving all the story arts of the series this means that all-star battle was conceived up to seven years before its release all-star battle also has several accolades the game received a perfect score from Japan’s famous Famitsu magazine making Jo Jo all-star battled the only licensed video game to receive a perfect score from Famitsu the game’s special edition also sold out in just 20 minutes after ordering went live on Amazon to promote the release of all-star battle cyberconnect2 Namco Bandai and lucky land communications organized the all-star battle league contest the competition started on July 3rd and went on to August 28th and featured computer-controlled characters competing against each other the event consisted of seven groups which contained four to five characters in each three characters had the chance to be skipped straight to the final this was through a sheer campaign in which fans could vote for their favorite characters via a Twitter link located on the website the results of the cheer campaign put do Jonathan Joestar and Joe Souki higashikata to the final round the event was shown over a series of live streams promoting the upcoming game after three final rounds Jotaro Kujo and do fought in the final with Dio winning a unique PlayStation 3 theme was released to commemorate his victory the contest was repeated for the next jo-jo game ice of heaven and was called the eyes of heaven tournament Capcom have often referenced Jojo in their titles with some games having multiple nods within them in a firm itsu interview with Street Fighter 2 producer nor Lee Takapuna mizu foon amis who stated that guile was modeled after the Jojo character jean-pierre polnareff particularly his hair nor Lee tacker also mentioned how Kyle’s name was derived from Jay Kyle who polnareff hunts down to avenge his little sister the book street fighter cross tekken artworks also mentions that when guile sprites were being drawn the artist stretched out Kyle’s hair at the top as a joke and the change stuck another Street Fighter 2 character references Jojo according to a polygon feature Street Fighter 2 designer Akira nishitani states that the idea for dhalsim’s extendable limbs actually came from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure specifically the idea seems to be based on the Zuma punch attack which dislocates and stretches the users arms capcom have continued their appreciation of jojo even with more modern franchises like Monster Hunter in 2012 Capcom announced that two pieces of equipment based on Jojo would be coming to Monster Hunter 3G in the form of DLC after the update dropped players could craft a mask based on harvest as well as a hammer based on crazy diamond a key developer at Capcom is behind many of the companies Jojo references Hideki Kamiya seems to be a fan of the series and has stucked many Easter eggs into his creations Kamiya used his influence to name the Stars member Joseph frost after the jojo character joseph joestar cameo would go on to direct Resident Evil 2 which has another Jojo reference at the police station in scenario a the player meets Marvin Branagh a tag on the locker behind Marvin reads Jojo after this trivia was mentioned in an earlier episode of did you know gaming extra Kamiya confirmed that this was in fact also a reference to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and could even be a reference to Capcom’s own JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game which came out the same year as Resident Evil 2 there’s another possible Jojo reference within a cameo game Devil May Cry has a type of enemy called a nobody it’s been pointed out by fans that the faces of the nobodies resemble these stone masks from Jojo one fan asked cameo over Twitter whose idea it was to reference Jojo and cami implied it was intentional cameo would continue to reference Jojo in his games after leaving Capcom in Bayonetta if the player acquires the infernal communicator at the gates of Hell they’ll be able to summon infernal demons known as the little devils the little devils are a subtle jojo reference alluding to guido misters Sex Pistols The Sex Pistols are six small creatures numbered one through seven skipping over number four specifically the five little devils are numbered one through six skipping over number two both sets of creatures also have their designated numbers engraved on their foreheads although many video games have Jojo related Easter eggs Jojo games have many references themselves in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for arcades Iggy’s ii special seems to reference Akuma’s son Goku satsu super combo from Street Fighter as well as having a similar animation the game contains an unused sprite with the kanji Inu on it which means dog this was meant to parody the kanji that appears during a coomer’s combo in the English version of all-star battle if Joseph Joestar goes up against Lisa Lisa and wins he’ll say why did it have to come to this you are tearing me apart Lisa Lisa this is a reference to the cult classic Terra bad movie the room where Tommy Wiseau’s character shouts you are tearing me apart Lisa did you also know that the Buu race and Dragon Ball games exists because Martian Buu found an erotic novel for more Dragonball facts check out the digital gaming video on Dragon Ball Z games and if you want us to cover more games based on anime why not recommend something in the comments below [Music] you

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