Average Andy Becomes a Blackjack Dealer at Hard Rock Hotel

I know you come from
all over the country. And I appreciate that–
all over the world, really. So thank you so much. And I don’t know if you
come from Florida or not. But Florida is a– you
know, Florida is the one that’s shaped like the man’s– finger. [LAUGHTER] I was recently
there for one thing, which is none of your business. But while I was there, I was
staying at the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It’s the first ever guitar
hotel with state of the art technology and a luxury spa. I brought Andy along
for some shenanigans. This time, he learned to
be a blackjack dealer. And you’re never
going to believe this. But I filmed it. Here’s what happened. Well, hello. I’m here at the beautiful Hard
Rock Hotel here in Florida. And it’s an amazing hotel. I brought Andy. Andy, I put him up at the Motor
Inn, the off ramp, right off the freeway. How was that? Did you get a good
night’s sleep? Yeah, slept like a baby. Anyway, he’s here now. You’re always like a baby. So– Explain what we’re doing. Well, it’s obvious. We’re going to teach him
how to deal blackjack. We thought that would
be fun for the people. There’s coins in the fountain. Would you like to grab
a coin, and you can head to the blackjack table? For real? Yep. Can you reach it? Didn’t think you’d really go in. You don’t have the balance! Now, I have to change
before we go to the thing. You have no balance at all! I literally– I touched you. Do we have another shirt? Do you– You have no balance! We can do the casino part. All right, we’ll get
you some new clothes. Here we go. You’re like a five-year-old. [LAUGHTER] Hi, no, Andy from
the haunted house. Hi. So– Yeah, we’re going
to head to a table. Here we go. Oh, my God! Ellen! Hi! Hi! Hi! We’re going to
take over here now. No way. Yeah. OK, all right, what do we got? You in the middle of a hand? I’m not– I’m dealer. No, I know. This is me. I know. All right. All right, here we go. OK, what do you want to do? You’re going to split those. It’s not your money. Split those! Split those! The millionaire is telling
you how to spend your money. OK, what do you want? Hit it. Really? Hit it. That’s it. What is that? Nine– That’s too much. Too much, OK. I’m going to have
you add real quick. Because I don’t
think you can add. All right, really fast. How much is that? How much is that, real quick? 27. How much is that? How much is that? 27, 32. How is that? 18. You don’t do that! Why can’t I just do one
thing without you harassing? How much is that? How much is that? That’s a lot. It’s too much. You know what I’m
going to do, I’m going to help with the
cocktail waitresses. I’ll be back and
take your order. OK. Right, great. Just so you guys know,
she’s a big pain in the ass. [LAUGHTER] All right, here we go. Way to refer to– the queen. Queen, so you get
paid for that, right? What does that mean? Blackjack! Match, so what do they get? It’s a four to one? Wow. You got four– oh, wow. Oh wait– I love that you
thought that was real. What would you like to drink? I’m going to take drink orders. Shot of tequila. Shot of tequila. Vodka and cranberry. Vodka cranberry. I’ll have the same. Same thing. Shirley Temple? Please. Yeah, I would
actually like that. All right. Go get the drinks. All right, OK, I’ll be back. How do you guys have
this kind of money? Because I got to
be honest with you, I’m not making
that kind of money. So– Beautiful! There you go! That’s what I’m talking about. OK. That’s the best [INAUDIBLE]. I have a little piece
of this company. It is the best. Oh! It’s the best. It’s never enough. Never enough. Nice? It’s really smooth. Wait, did you have a bet there? I did. Put it back. Where was it? It was that much. I never saw it. She had that there. She had that there. Pay her! This is real casino money. It’s going to come
out of our pockets. Pay her! You’re going to leave. And I’m going to get stuck with
the casino asking me for this. All right, now, now– No, we don’t do yet. No, we don’t do yet. [LAUGHTER] What do you mean,
“we don’t do yet?” He got his– You just said “we don’t do yet.” I’m mocking you. Who’s low on chips? Do you need more chips? Yes, I’m– All right– There you go. Do you get it? More chips, it’s potato chips. Welcome to Ellen. Oh! Look what you’re doing! You’re giving money away! You got to tip that dealer! Just the tip. Did you say “just the tip?” [LAUGHTER] Why do you have to do that? You guys, look what I found. This was on the wall. It said it was Mick Jagger’s. And I just took it down. And I was like, somebody
is going to want this. Does anybody want it? Is she allowed to do this? What? Do you know the
kind of bill we’re going to get at the
show for her little– Yeah, that’s nice. Oh, did we tip Ellen
for our cocktails? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, thank
you, thank you very much. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Because what she needs is money. Don’t tip me. tip her. Does anybody need more money? Because I could go to the ATM. Who wants me to go? $3,000 would be good. OK, What is your PIN number? 2-6-7-3. 2-6-7-3, 2-6-7-3, 2-6-7– 2-6-7-3, 2-6-7-3,
2-6-7-3, 2-6-7-3, 2-6-7-3. 18. 26-73, 26-73, 2-6-7-3,
2-6-7-3, 2-6-7-3. I’ve never been to one of these. What happens? Nice. There you go. There you go. And then I just go 2-6-7-3? My man! My man! Woo! Oh, beautiful. That’s not– you’re not supposed
to bring that to the table. I can do whatever I want. Now, listen, it’s
good luck if you make Andy eat two
lemons and one lime. It’s just good luck. Yes, let’s do it. Let’s do it. All right, let’s go, Andy. Al right, Andy. Oh! There you go! There’s one. Good job, baby. Oh, he’s doing it. He’s just going for it. For luck. You said two! Three. All right! All right, that’s
one for us, right? All right, 15, 15! Oh, sorry. Oh, no, 19. You know what, we
have new cards. Ready? There we go. There we go. Whoa! Oh! What is this? This is Ellen humiliating me. What’s wrong with you? It’s like, oh. Oh. You need tips. If you unbutton your shirt
more, you’ll get more tips. Oh, look, it’s already working. Look at that, already,
it’s already working. Woo! [LAUGHTER] Thank you. That’s from Matt. Don’t put it in there! It’s tips! It’s for you. Those are just the tips? [LAUGHTER] I can’t– I can’t help it. But it doesn’t
work with multiple. Those are just the tips. It’s just the tip. Big! Big! Big! Yes! There we go! There we go! Let’s do the honor system. Help yourselves to what
you think you want. Yeah, what do you
think you want? Like that? Help yourself to
whatever you want. All right. Let’s go. Let’s– Thank you. It was nice meeting everyone. Bye, everybody. Thank you. Oh! [LAUGHTER] We had such a good
ending of a shoot! [APPLAUSE] Oh, Andy, thank you so much. And thanks to the Hard
Rock Hotel and Casino. I had so much fun at the
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino that I thought that all of
you should go visit there. So you’re all getting a three
night stay at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. [APPLAUSE] We’ll be back.


  1. Hi Ellen this is Maria Jimenez again ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.I can finally write to you and tell you that my well is fixed and I have my neighbor to think she put up the money that was even more expensive cuz it turned into overtime. it asked if at any chance you want to honor someone please help me with honoring my neighbor her name is Bonnie sailor this is the second time she has come to my rescue we need more angels on earth God bless your soul in her soul๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. I actually deal table games for the Seminoles. This video was so cringy for me watching her literally break so many rules ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ. How on earth ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ lol too funny hahah

  3. Omg Ellen you are unique….I love you!!! Watching your videos when I take breaks from my studies is therapeutic.

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  6. Ellen paid a head of time to do this it's all with trust and fun time because in honesty this would never ever happen

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    Me in school: I can do anything but gets in trouble. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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