Backpack – PUBG Logic (picking up two backpacks is difficult) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Oh Rowan, theres a level 1 backpack for you here man Oh sweet, can you bring it to me? What? Ah – can you just bring it to me? What do you mean? Can you just … bring the backpack to me? Well… no We’re going this way anyway, can you just bring the backpack to me? I literally don’t understand what you’re saying to me What are you..!? I’m just asking you to pick up the level 1 backpack and bring it to me! Yeah, great, Ben can you do that completely physically impossible thing for me please? Can you just quickly just levitate into the air and shoot lasers out your eyes for me PLEASE BEN!? Why are you being such a dick about this?? Literally just pick up the level 1 backpack and bring it to me! Oh great okay! I’ll just pick it up and bring it to you shall I!? Yeah Ben! That’s exactly what I want you to do! Just pick it up! I’m gonna pick it up for ya! Here we go! Here we go – picking it up! Picking it up! Picking it up! For selfish ol’ Rowan! Which one do you want Rowan?! Which one do you want!? Why did you swap backpacks!? Because you said you wanted me to bring it to you!! …I’m just asking you to pick up the level 1 backpack … !!! THATS WHAT I JUST DID! And now I’m going to bring it to you! Okay fine! Fine! I wont bring it to you! OMG! You’re doing it again! You asked me to bring you a backpack! And I’m TRYING to bring you a backpack! JUST PICK UP THE LEVEL ONE BACKPACK… How do you not comprehend…!? Okay! We’ll swap again shall I!? What are you doing!? Why did you take it off again!? Look at that! Oh! Look at that! We’re back to the same f**king problem Rowan! Why did you take it off aga– AT WHAT PART OF THIS PROCESS AM I MEANT TO BRING THE BACKPACK TO YOU!? OMG! You’re a crazy person! Okay! Hey Rowan, guess what? I need a vest, can you grab me that level 2 please? Yeah. Yeah Ben. Yeah? Yeah I can. Okay. Do you want to know why? Why? Because thats what a good team member does Oh is it? I’ll pick it up. I’m just gonna pick it up. Yeah great You’re gonna bring that over to me are ya? It’s not that hard Ben You just pick it up! Okay. So you’re gonna bring that one to me are ya? Why are you making such a song and dance about something that, really, is not that difficult? Really? What’s happening Rowan? What’s going on over there? Huh. Huh. Yeah. You see the dilemma? Yeah Yeah. So you wanna come grab this backpack then Rowan? Yeah Yeah. Yeah great F**ken hell… Hi everyone, my names Ben You may not know this, but I’m not officially a part of VLDL But I just thought… know? …of my own volition and freewill that I’d suggest you guys subscribe! Please! Please do it. …was that okay? Yes. Thank you Ben. Okay.


  1. I have a backpack. And i have another bigger backpack. I can put the smaller backpack into the bigger backpack and use all of the storage space of the smaller backpack. Logic.

  2. Couldn't he just drop it next to him and then come back for his own? Yeah it doesn't make sense efficiency-wise, but it can be done.

  3. LOLLLLL Exactly what I did with my frined LOL
    Oh! I want to click like' button but it's physically impossib……(click click)

  4. did anyone else found a Rules of survival ad? and yet those player has dota 2 pro player name.

  5. Iz relly ez pickup the backpack ex:lv2 and if you have another backpack move a step back while repeatedly picking it up hence it will move on where you are steping

  6. This is hilarious, yet I'm more distracted with how cool that tree root system growing over the brick tunnel way is. Ha

  7. This is Literally my most favorite video as of yet 🤗🦄⭐️⭐️🧚🏻‍♂️🤩🌻🌈😘😂😝 love you guys!

  8. These videos are the conversation between two players: One that understands absolutely nothing about video game physics and the other who is so immersed in games, he doesn't know the real world exists.

  9. I've carried 4 backpacks before, have the first put on the front side, then put the second on on your back, and the back one will keep the front one from slipping off, then carry a backpack with 1 hand each. I have the Pack Mule lv4 Perk, while your all apparently struggling with the Pack Mule lv2 & lv3 Perks, it's not a hard upgrade lol.

  10. I know those aren't real guns, but my lizard brain is getting so god damned triggered by how much they're flagging each other with the barrels of their weapons. 😛 I'm 45 seconds in and I'm getting an eye-twitch.

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