Bandage – PUBG Logic (how to heal a stomach wound) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Oh there she is! Okay guys just be careful. Oh squad at 180! Alright nice let’s get that drop! Yeah Okay now does anyone want anything specific…woah woah wait wait wait Adam? Adam?! Adam no! *crying* oh god Adam oh my god! Adam! No! Adam no oh mate oh god Adam mate…NOOOOOOOOO! Adamayangawaga Oh you shouldn’t have…AHHHHHH! Ohyoukakadukaha You shouldn’t have been there! Why is it always the good ones that go?! Lord don’t take my friend from me! I never got to kiss him! Don’t you take him! My sweet prince! Adam Adam listen listen: We’re all here. It’s okay we’re all here with you I’m okay I’m okay That’s the spirit Adam be brave I’m okay That’s right. In heaven everything is gonna be okay I’m actually okay That’s the spirit Here we go. Let’s just chuck a bandage on aye ahhh No no no Adam Adam no. You’ve been shot in the stomach mate Yeah I’ll just chuck another bandage on I’ll be all fine, I’ll be good Adam um you’ve been- why are you bandaging your arm? You’ve been shot in the stomach mate… And number three here we go just one more this will be good I feel like you’re missing the ah the bulk of the problem here Just one more bandage there we go. Look at this guy. I’ll just tuck this guy in here. Oh there we go There we go yeah Let’s do it guys let’s. How bout we go get that loot? Yep no okay Theeeeere we goooo Hey guys thanks very much for watching that video And we want to thank PUBG Corporation for sponsoring us to make it! Now if you didn’t know the first ever official PUBG tournament is happening real real soon And were gonna be going along to it So you should either watch or come along as well Check out all the detail in the description below And if you really like this video maybe subscribe to us Thanks

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