Bedroom Business – Game Grumps Animated – by Sherbies

Arin: Amy… I love you. Amy: Hello again! Ar: Oh My God YOU’RE SO FUCKIN CUTE!!! [echos] [sound of embarrassment + dropping heart] Frank: Holy shit! [facepalm] [GGA intro] Ashley: Hey again, Ar: Uhhh…
Ashley: how’s it going? Danny: SO GOOD, BLOWJOB PLS? A: Uhh… Blowjob! D: [stuttering] Quickly, I need you to do it before Frank gets here… [both chuckle] Ar: Okay! Ar: Fuck yeah, let’s do it! D: Hooraaaay!
Ar: Wooo! A: Oh, oh– penis! D: OH PENIS!>The Sexening Ar: I FORGOT HOW THIS WORKS! D: Aah! Ar: NO, NOT AMY! D: NO, AMY! Ar: THIS IS THE WORST!!! D: OHHH! Ar: NO NOT AMY!!I1!!i
[MGS alert.mp3] Ar: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D: [Laughter] Ar: WWHYYYYYYYYY?!?! D: [cackling] D: God…
A: GOD DAMN YOU AMY!!! Ar: FFFFF Ar: FFFFFUCK D: [More lulz] [muffled noises of calamity]
Ar: Get the FUCK OUTTA HERE MADISON! [muffled noises of calamity + yowling cat.mp3]
Ar: GET OUTTA HERE MADISON!! [muffled noises of calamity]
Ar: GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! [door SLAMMING open, Dan dying of laughter] Ar: Blowjob! D: [more dying] Ar: NOW!!!
Ash: Hey again. [Dan and Arin laughing raucously]
Ash: Hmm… [universal “fuck it why not?” gesture] Ar: FUCK YEAH! D: Jesus Christ…! Ar: [dismissively] Yeah, it feels great. D: Frank, HURRY! Ar: Frank Frank FRANK. [both muffled]
Ar: FRAAANK! Ar: Oh– I hear someone!
D: Oh, oh, I hear footsteps! [door creaking] D: I hear footsteps!
Ar: Don’t be Amy–
[teleport vwoosh] D: YEAH, Frank!
Ar: OH, IT’S FRANK! D: Frank! Hurry up!
Ar: Yes! A: So, uhh…
D: Damn! F + Ar: How’s it goin’ dood? [Dan officially fucking dies] Ar: Do you still think I’m gay, Frank? D: Oh my God, you’re GETTING a blowjob right now! [breathless giggling] D: Thank y– [aggressive bubbling]
D: HUUUUHH D: Thank you! [giggling] Ar: Oh I just– I just– D: [dismissively] Yeah, I feel great! Ar: [also dismissive] Yeahyeahyeah that’s awesome… D: Thank you, it’s been a real pleasure. Ar: Sorr– Sorry I spooted on you when Frank was in here. A: Uhh– Oh, my penis, right! A + D: [laughing their asses off] (╭o 👁👄👁)╭o o╮(👁👄👁 o╮) (╭o 👁👄👁)╭o o╮(👁👄👁 o╮) (╭o 👁👄👁)╭o o╮(👁👄👁 o╮) How’s it goin’ DOOOOOOOO O O O O O O O̴̧Ò ̢̛͘͡͡Ó̶̷̢O҉̕͟͢͟ ҉͜Ǫ̴̶͠Ó͡͡͠ ̵͠O̴̴͝҉ ̶̨O̡͞ ͏̧͘O̴̵̡͠Ơ̡͏O͏̶̢̧ ̛̕̕͠͞Ó̶Ò҉̧͢͠ ̧̡̕҉O̴̕O͞͏ ̷̨Ơ̴̕͟͞ ̛҉̶̨͠O̧͘͢O̕O̵͞ ̶͞O̡͟͝͞ ̷̢̡͜Ǫ̵O̷̵̧̕͢O͏̴͝͏


  1. Am I the only one who thinks that Arin's loading screen with the Urkel glasses looks like a contemplative Johnny Depp…?

  2. This was fantastic! XD You can tell this game was written by dudes by the woman being like "Well, I guess I DO owe you …"

  3. Me and my friend have agreed that the first house party were going to my friend will kick in the door and scream "BLOWJOB. NOW!"

  4. Little know fact: Frank is actually a man who reached enlightenment through his act of stopping his neighborhood from drinking during parties, giving him is abilities.

  5. Yes but why does it look like Avatar The Last Airbender and why does she specifically look like Asami from Legend of Korra???

    *Me when they introduce a new character in My Little Pony*
    Don't judge me UwU
    You know you wanna binge watch My Little Pony Equestria Girls all day as well >w<

  7. I love how Arin and Dan look like little shits and everyone else looks like they came out of ATLAB or Legend of Korra

  8. i got a trojan condom ad on this video and i’ve never felt more uncomfortable

    watching an ad for condoms, and then watching a ploy for condoms

  9. holy shit I forgot how awesome everyone was animated in this! All looking like anime characters but still can tell obviously who is who from the game.

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