Best Multiplayer Games For Android – Best Multiplayer Game 2019

Hi.. I am Muhammad Nafees, you are watching 5G EDUCATORS YouTube Channel in this video i will tell you about much interesting and addictive game i am also playing this since 2015 with my friends there is no need of any internet you can play with your friends without internet you can connect 12 to 16 players and can play this game you can divide them into players or can play single players without teams 16 will be separate can be divided into teams, we always play in teams and much enjoy this game on every event such as Eid or any others when we get together and play this game i will show you the complete interface before that i wanna turn off flight mode mini militia or doodle army 2 is the name of game just type that in playstore and get this game it is 90 MBs game new version is really boring and shit that requires internet i will recommend you old version i will put that link in description download that from my G drive i am going to play this game now this is game interface that is on the screen now edit your player or avatar change name and clothes and much more by default players look like ugly change dressing and all others things here i changed it clothes change clothes of your choice and just save that how to play with friends, lets see click on practice , here deathmatch LAN Wifi or bluetooth click on lan wifi and now open your wifi and ask one friend to open his hotspot huawei tag 13 is offering hotspot here now we will play together join waqas’s game after connecting with hotspot i am going to join it if you have opened hotspot then you will be a host and other will join your game like we joined here because i opened my Wifi not hotspot of my mobile i am joining this right now i will click on ready now we are ready now i turned of game’s music for safety from copyright issues we will play a little and will show you the control this is the building or structure of your game click on 1x to increase zoom this will allow to move , left circles right circles will allow you to fire no go away to pick up some good tool fly away now blue bar shows flying power red bar on other player show you that he is enemy can get power from plus signs here is sniper i will pick it up i shouted him down right circle allows you to fire bomb sign allows to fire bomb want to pick a gun then go to gun and click circle gun on top now can use this gun much interesting game i shouted him again you can also enjoy this with friends in groups and teams you can get a lot fun that’s all in this video, subscribe and like thanks for watching


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