Black Desert Online in 2020. Which Class to Play?

Hey guys we just came into a new decade
and yet black desert online is still one of the best and one of the most popular
MMORPGs out there. So for those of you who are trying to come back, or want to
try out this game this year, then this video can help you choose which class to
potentially get. As usual there have been several buff and nerf on 2019, new
class releases and the most prominent update which is the succession. Which is
basically an alternate path you can get at level 56
aside from awakening. Note however that the current succession paths are pretty
much OP for most of the classes and might get some nerf later on this year.
So better keep that in mind as it’s still an ongoing release and further
balance might be made by pearl abyss for better or for worse. But you can switch
any time between succession and awakening anyway with a free skill reset
that you can get with the awakening quest. Without further ado let’s start
with our first class which is the warrior. He is one of the very first
class to ever grace Black Desert. Using sword and shield as main weapon and a
great sword in awakening. The warrior has been a very balanced class in most of his time. A jack of all trades master of none and when I say master of none I do not
mean in a mediocre way but more of a middle to better class in each criteria.
Tho not really being a top tier of each For awakening its PVE clear speed is okay
in low AP spots like gahaz and Fogans and does slightly better in higher AP
spots particularly in hystria. It shines though in 1vs1 PvP which is very very
important for long riding session in order to defend your spot which happens
a lot in a contested areas. While in large-scale PvP, the removal of the
lingering SA hurts warrior a lot making it a lot less tanky and forcing it to
find other ways to engage the enemies. And to make this possible you will need to
learn most Animation cancels and combo to gain the
mobility needed. Going with the warriors alternate path which is the succession.
Basically losing a great sword skills but still needing the attack points from
the awakening weapon. Its PVE capability has massively increased both
in low end spots and high-end spots. They have less skills, but those skills does
massive amount of damage that gives warriors a very easy time in grinding.
At the same time he still maintained his PvP advantage amongst other classes with
his grab and block, and this is true for both one versus one and large a PVP making succession warrior an all around top of the line class. So as you can see just
for the first class succession update we got, we mostly believe that there will
be an adjustment later as it simply makes the awakening obsolete.
It’s either buffing the awakening again or nerfing the succession. But anyway
that’s a talk for another time and this is what it is.
The next one we have is the Valkyrie. It is the female counterpart of the warrior
and the Paladin class equivalent in the world of black desert. A class composed
of female warriors loyal to the cause of Elion which is the god of light and fire.
They weild sword and shield as main weapon and huge lance in awakening. After the great nerf in stamina, the Valkyrie has been one of the worst grinder in low end
PvE, with its very limited – range forcing you to walk most of the time. Once
you get past of it though, then the Valkyrie shines in hi AP spots particular
in Scyria, hystria, and stars end. Having the huge burst damage and lots of buff
and debuff skills. In small-scale PvP the Valkyrie is a pretty good class.
The forward guard helps a lot in the initiation, and the grab is a reliable CC
unless against an iframe class. In large-scale PvP, don’t get fooled with
large shield as a Valkryie is not truly wanted as a tank class, but rather
more in the supporting role. It has its own Protected Area and AOE heal skill
which is very important in initiation. The vacuum is also very useful though very
hard to hit, while it’s black spirit rage gives multiple guaranteed kills,
that is if you don’t die while casting it. Outside those and the Valkyrie is pretty
much useless. As its forward Guard has really no use against AoE skills thrown by
other classes She’s better more on the back line and
the sidelines while avoiding the main force of the enemy guild. But again the
support skills makes her a very wanted class for node wars and siege wars. Now
going with the new succession update and you will have the Valkyrie became a
faster farmer in low in PvE compared to it’s awakening form. She’s not the
best and her movement speed is still limited, but at least she can run now after you
consume her dashes which is not truly true when using the Lancia. In high-end
PvE however it’s awakening form still edges out. She’s still a great farmer
though but not as good as those with giant lance. But she requires lesser
inputs as you have lesser skills needed to use. In one versus one the succession
Valkyrie has not lost its touch, but has not improved either. While in large-scale
PvP she does lose her vacuum support skill and awakening ult. But she still
have the PA and heal which is always in demand Striker – as the name implies is a brawler
type of character in pre awakening which gains the ability to summon clones to
fight alongside him during awakening. In low AP spots he is a pretty good class
with good dashes to run from pack-to-pack. High-end spots however and
Striker is just in the middle of the pack. It has some burst damage but can’t
really sustain it for much long. In small scale PvP the striker is
definitely one of the best. The dashes makes them able to move in and out of
combat, and pretty much attack in different direction in a very short time.
It also has both grabs and iframes which is pretty much all you need in order to
dominate your opponents. In large-scale war the striker is one of the few front
liners. It is tanky and can easily close the gap towards their enemies. While it’s
black spirit rage gives a tons of damage while being invincible himself.
It is very newbie friendly class and can easily find your place in nodewars
even with lower gears compared to other classes. Now in its female
counterpart- The Mystic. Again another brawler class with lower burst damage
but way more tanky and have much more CC skills. While the striker has a fire
element design, the Mystic on the other hand has water and can, and will,
literally throw water dragon towards her enemies. She is currently one of the best
PVE classes in the game, be it in low AP areas or high AP areas. She has dashes
that can easily outpace other classes, except Musa and Maehwa ofcourse, and even though she has no burst damage dealing skills, but the consistent dps melt
enemies on spots like Aakman and Hystria. In small-scale pvp the Mystic
is one of the top dueler. Her low damage is offset by its continous knockdowns, making it very annoying to go against with. Her skill kit is to literally CC the enemies till kingdom come. While having a grab to go against super armor characters. In large-scale PVP the Mystic plays more on the support side
with itsVacuum + slow. She won’t really last long in the front lines so it’s
better to pick up enemies from the sidelines and playing what she’s known
best which is to knock down enemies and just be annoying – play the mental game
that is. Now to our first magic class which is to wizard use a staff and
dagger in pre awakening and another sphere in awakening which gives him an
aesthetic similar to invoker in dota 2 though like witches the wizard can
control all the elements in pre awakening but will later lean on fire
and water to do his bidding the wizard is an amazing class in law and
ve making it the best class during the early days of video
it moves fast with its teleport while the awakening ketupat a huge AoE in
front and or around him climbing mobs very fast suddenly it’s not the same on
high-end spots a second of Calista stay in much of this damage there ap scaling
is also not that good which makes it worse for high-end dough batter at
earlier levels 1vs1 Whitchurch are simply known to be weaker than other
classes yes they do have a web scale but it’s too slow to be reliable per gate
with semi closed range attacks and it’s pretty much difficult to avoid being hit
yourself in large kill bar however then it is also a very sought-after class
just like Valkyrie and the which due to its protective area and a we heal skill
the provoking instance is also range making it a little bit safer to back
your enemies with Rubin fireball not putting him on the ground in the which
is another magic class user in video which basically has the same skills that
we desert in pre awakening she is a young prodigy of magic having an
affinity with lightning and earth which is her main element during awakening
using add sphera weapon. Like wizard, witches are great grinder in low AP
spots but kinda falls off in higher CP areas.
The witch is also a little bit worse in one versus one pvp compared to the
wizard as she got it a block that easily breaks instead a grab that the wizard
have. In large scale pvp however then the witch edges out its male counterpart a
bit with its range, SA trades, and better CC skills.
It’s a minute difference though and both magic users are very much sought after
by siege guilds again due to its supporting skills.
There is no succession yet for both our mage classes so let’s proceed to other
classes for now. The archer is one of the newer classes in BDO and is the only
true range class in awakening He is under elven descent, using crossbow
for faster attacks and a great bow for sniping.
Unlike other classes, the archer basically can weild both weapons at the
onset, but most of the great bow skills and damage are lock up until you finish
its awakening quest. It is a great farmer in low end PVE, killing enemies from
miles away. And still is one of the top farmer of high end grinding spots but
may have some trouble if he can kill mobs fast enough as he is very squishy. In
1vs1 PvP the archer is pretty mediocre to average at the moment. He might have
huge range advantage but the attacks are pretty linear and easy to read. There
is also only so much you can do fighting backwards and it all comes down to kill
your enemies before they can reach you Sadly with 1vs1,
most of the classes have more ways to move near the archer than he can kill
his opponents. With iframes, forward guard, and super armors coming in
play. In large scale PvP then the archer once again shines. The range advantage
gives them the ability to hide behind their allies and basically pummel the
enemies with barrage of attacks while being safe themselves much of rare
skills also s crowd control effects and is simply devastating to unleash in a
huge group of enemies archers are literally the glass cannon with a job
the deal as much damage as possible to as many enemies as possible moving on to its female counterpart
which is the Ranger she is one of the very first class revealed for black
desert and the first elven race were able to play she wills bow and dagger as
main weapon and dual daggers called kami Sylvan sword in awakening in awakening
the Ranger is a great class in low AP spots they do have some minor issues but
they are still one of the faster classes out there and can move in between good
of mobs very fast in high-end PvE the Ranger is still a decent class it’s far
from being the best but can manage shouldn’t Sony coming now in PvP one
versus one and the Ranger is a great class it has the ability to CC from afar
using her bow then dash in and do each damage like an assassin using her
awakening kit it also has a grab skill which is always a bonus for one versus
one in large-scale PvP the Ranger is not really sought after she usually uses her
bow in other words in order to be safe but her damage truly comes more with her
awakening it which is very dangerous to use in a group of people as she is very
squishy she matter performs in a role like an assassin to catch those people
from the sidelines while missing the ball to try a little damage and crowd
control to the main group of enemies with the succession update her Lowell
has changed making her from a well-rounded class to a glass cannon
similar to the archer we have less protection and lost their grab in
exchange for damage and more damage as a result they become a faster grinder in
PvE for both low end and high end spots in return since she lost her grabbed her
1vs1 pvp capability has decreased similar level to that of an archer with
a game plan to kill from afar or be dead once close up a node where again similar
to its male counterpart it became a glass cannon and a sage of the dish of
huge number of damage to the main group of opponents they don’t have quite the
range of an archer but they have a better AOE
giving the ranger potentially higher kill
and again another great succession cast and what many has called to be what a
ranger should be all about up next we have the Dark Knight the third and final
event class so far we have in video the darknet has once been the most open
class during release but has since then encountered nerf after nerf resulting to
her falling from grace she used a Craig Messer as main weapon which is basically
a single edged longsword while having a variant in awakening which the gloves
capable to someone unlimited different swords and daggers she is a very mobile
class and capable of dealing both strange and melee damage in low and PvE
the Dark Knight excels with dashes that lets her move and clear group of mobs at
the same time the only thing keeping her from the top is that she consumes a lot
of blue potions to keep up with her MP consumption in high AP spots she is
still good but not quite excellent but still above average but just needs
more AP in order to be effective compared to other classes it’s in PvP
that Dark Knight has been hit a lot after countless of nerf she might have
good mobility and iframes but her CC are slow and mostly unprotected and having
no grub to top at all she is currently in lower tier in 1vs1 and the slightly
better compared to the charts on large Hill on the other hand the D key does
have a spot like other range capable units she can deal some support damage
from the sidelines towards the main enemy group but that’s about it
she can help trying to catch running targets but she can really do well in
one versus one so she will need help in picking up fights with stray enemies now going with the darknet succession
it’s not yet out on global ab but we have dusted it in the Korean version so
far in PvE I can say that they are a little slower grinder in low-end spots
due to loosing mobility skills from awakening but faster in high-level areas
with higher damage skills it also has more outplay potential in one versus one
with dual range CC and more abilities with animation cancels however she did
lose her inch attacks making her potentially less viable in large-scale
Wars it does need more tests though to find out more about her strengths and
weakness especially in PvP but that is so far our first impression now onto our
next class which is the tamer she is once the only class to be able to
have a someone before we charge to get their awakening elementals and the
youngest moving class before she arrived she is a melee assassin with short
swords main weapon and a celestial bo staff in awakening the timer’s are known
to have their Sam inhaler which is a huge spirit wolf to help her in battle
this Pat wolf has more utility skills compared to the elementals of which
hurts with the ability to stand enemies and even act as among if needed she is a
good class in law and PvE with enough mobility to entrust in
between packs of enemies but will struggle a bit in high-end areas as she
needs a lot more work in order to clear a group of enemies while being squishy
herself in one versus one PvP however tamer hands-down is one of the top tier
classes with iframes to dodge attacks and the quickest grab England ensure CC
the plat is also very annoying with random CC being applied to your enemy
making the team very very difficult class to fight one versus one on the
other hand for large-scale PvP and the timer falls short around average she is
an assassin which as usual prefers to be on the sidelines picking up random
fights but she do have one of the best reach hills which can basically give
some multiple guarantee kills from time to time talking about the tamer
succession you will lose your most stuff but will keep your grub on your pet like
other succession so far it does better results in low and PvE with its own and
a skills and also does better even in high-end PB giving so much damage in one
versus one that they were still there on the thumb maybe slightly lower
convergence awakening kit as it feels a little slower and lost some iframe
skills but the damage is still there and the pet is always very annoying to
handle still a quick do in urdu and a very fun class to play a few on to pvp
nothing improving on shade though as she is still very squishy and his letter
pull to the sidelines speaking of random fights
it’s sad that she lost her 100% awakening which will most likely affect
earth in weight but her overall moon simply does not change up next we have
the shy the newest class released so far and under the shy race which is a unique
class and black desert she is what many people call us the lowly race easily
replacing the timorous in the title this is also an experimental class from pearl
abyss giving shy the unique through support role being able to start a
professional in alchemy and gathering having a boost in life skill XP
increased wit and higher base HP making her basically the most ideal life skill
out the downside however is its reduced PvP damage making shy horrible in
defending spots she can’t really defend spots at all unless you appear your
enemies so much that they can kill you still not being killed is different from
defending your spot anyway in law and PvE the shy is pretty average its
boomerang does huge range damage but the AO is not
good she also has a blind spot in front of her as the boomerang attacks in a
circular path most of the time not to mention that she is pretty clunky and
dashing in between packs of enemies in high and PVE Dasha is surprisingly a
great class she deals great damage and her supporting skills help sustain her
grinding high-end spots also requires less dashing around removing the clunky
– problem that she has now as mentioned earlier shy is definitely the worst
class in 1vs1 and worse is simply an understatement
however in large-scale PvP the shy is very in demand like the birds in the
other games the shy multiplies the battle capabilities of each player you
can heal you can buff them with health regeneration and give them more attack
speed using your drum your flute or even your main weapon you will deal much
damage but being naturally tanky lets you able to stay in a battle sit longer
and support your allies for a longer time you won’t really get kills but
she’s a fantastic class and a true support class in video the next class we have is the line on
oriental style class using croissant pendulum and ennoble sword as main
weapon and in crimson gleb’s in awakening she has taken an inspiration
from blade and soul game and got a war game with ability to glide and throw
blades on your enemies and is currently one of the best dealers out there in law
and PvE the LAN is an excellent class which has the mobility to come in and
delete enemies in a single skill they move into the next pack and use another
skill she can also easily sidestep behind her enemies and dildo Smith back
attacks all day long in high-end spots the land is still a great class to have
with her low cooldown high damage skill that heals her at the same time making
it less reliant to portions in PvP the LAN is a great class in 1vs1 with a
simple grub damage combo as her trademark her medium-range grub is
definitely one of the best in game and one of the hardest to dodge while she
can just fly out if it ever fails if she has her black spirit creature available
in your grub then pretty much it’s a gun to kill already enlarge him PvP like
other assassin type classes the LAN is not really suitable to engage in the
front and excels more on picking up fights in the sidelines her ability to
glide however gives her fairly unique initial in overs from bypassing enemy
frontlines and picking up key targets when the back to jumping about
barricades and demolishing key building units and disrupting for it repairs up next we have the sorceress the user
of the dark arts this sorceress originated from the town of tariffs in
media using an amulet and a talisman to utilize dark energy and fuel her attacks
at awakening she becomes death incarnate herself using a sight to cut down her
enemies she was well known due to high flames making her very difficult to
catch but then elfin stamina has limited her iframe capabilities there is no
succession updated for the class so we will only talk about its awakening kit
in law and PvE the sorceress is pretty average as her mobility is more focused
for a battle in a limited area rather than being able to move in between large
distances in high-end PvE he was once a top farm in history but the violation
nerf hurts her damage output a lot resulting two other classes being able
to close the gap with the sorceress but even with that nerf she is still one of
the top classes and high-end areas as her high sustained DPS is above average
compared to other classes in 1vs1 PvP The sorceress is definitely one of the
top classes even if she does not have a grab. Her iframes are more than enough to
find an opening to knock down the enemies then do massive damage
afterwards. In large-scale PvP however the nerf on its stamina is pretty much
limited the Sorcs ability to survive in the frontlines. She still does do great
damage from time to time if she finds a good spot but cant really survive that
long to deal those damage. Her ultimate black hole though is still one of the best in game making the sorceress always valuable
in group gameplay and ranking her higher Going back now to the melee classes, the
next one in our list is the Musa. Another class with oriental style martial arts
wielding a blade and horn bow as main weapon and a crescent blade in awakening. They are BDOs version of spin to win game play. Consistently spinning and
attacking enemies in a 360 degrees area around him. This plus the dashes gives
Musa the perfect score on low end PvE grinding being the fastest to move
from back to back no matter the distance and melting everything around him when
he arrives he’s a little bit slower in high-end
areas as he needs a little bit more attack points compared to other classes
but still one of the top classes out there he is literally on fire and baby
wherever you go in PvP the Musa is also very good class with super armor – to
keep you safe while trying to find an opening he does
not have a grub though making it a little bit difficult engaging other si
classes but again who suggests sleeps around while waiting for that perfect
opportunity to launch his own CC and can easily side step with his Nashes his
offhand weapon also complements his – giving him range CC the bow is not just
like how a ranger and Archie use theirs but it definitely has its own utility in
large-scale PvP the Musa is known to go towards enemy rock lines and unleash the
fires of hell his protected mobility makes him one of the few classes that
can easily bypass the frontlines to mow down key targets on the back lines he is
also not that squishy as other assassin type characters resulting to him being
able to survive a little bit longer under enemy’s heavy fire this extraction
pass Musa is one of the rare update which lowers its PvE capability as he
lost his Crescent blade which in turn lost is very popular spin2win gameplay
he is still a great class though both in low end and high end areas as his
mobility is not lost but it Sun comparable on how he can form this is
flaming spear for 1vs1 PvP I think it’s still as good or as bad as
its awakening as nothing has really changed much he has higher damage but
still need to find that opening while sleeping around while in large-scale PvP
wars then he is also worse compared to its awakening as the main reason why
Musa is so good in those large fights are duties huge area range and duck down
skills alongside it which you lost with succession
yes they do deal more damage but they are not just as effective as we are with
awakening for our next class is the Maya which is the female equivalent of the
Musa using the same blade and horn bow as main weapon and curse fear in
awakening while the Musa is a flaming spinner
the male is your icy queen that will stab her enemies a thousand times she
also got to protect the dashes giving her a lot of mobility in and out of
combat but in low and TVE this mobility could not fully compensate much on her
pretty limited conical attack pattern which is only directed at front of her
in high and PVE on the other hand the mela does a better job with the facts
that can shred through the high defenses of the enemy mobs also in this high end
spot it will have more chances of grouping up the enemies in front of her
compared to low and spots where most will die in one hit before she can do
position to hit more in 1vs1 pvp may one needs a lot of mastery in the class
toolkit to be effective yes she can melt through the shields for the other
classes but Musa can directly bypass those from the back with all the decent
happening Maeva also has a difficulty against iframe classes when was a
slightly better time with them but may was larger damage though and if you can
land your CC then may well can simply do devastating damage this translates also
a large Hill PvP where Mara also has a harder time compared to Musa they have
the ability to go directly to the enemy back lines but her limited AoE lets her
attack a pretty limited number of people she’s still a very fun class to play doh
but will really need some knowledge in a game in order to play effectively now
guys going with this occasion past she has given up the spear and loosed back
to wield the blade and bow her low NPV a grinding speed is much faster now it
better a or a range and lateral movements which she was not capable in
doing in awakening for me not much as change in high-end spots as mimic and
still enjoys huge damage to those high DP mobs a very great class indeed in
not as great as the awakened Musa but still a top-tier
nothing has changed so far with her PvP capability both in one versus one
scenario and in large field she still zips in and out trying to land
the sweet CC but needs to be very careful with her dashes as the stamina
and nervous affected her also all right now on the ultimate assassins classes
the first one we have is the ninja as the name implies ninja is a master of
stout able to blend into the shadows and lunch sudden attacks to assassinate his
enemies he will the short sword as main weapon while preferring shuriken over
kunai in a final in awakening he will have the Shura katana which is simply
nine different swords at his disposal in PvE the ninja is not the grid both in
law and spots and high-end spots he does have the mobility to move fast
but the AoE is very mediocre to hit the enemies efficiently he does also has the
burst damage but not enough to sustain it in high-end spots with this weakness
in PvE the ninja compensates severally in 1vs1 PvP he’s the ultimate assassin
and it shows in one versus one scenario where a ninja just overpower all other
classes he has the black jump that can directly teleport the ninja behind an
enemy and can use a grab directly after it he also has the damage to burst on
any classes and capable of start making ninja a top tier even after the Murphy
receive in 2019 in large-scale PvP like other assassin type characters he is
more than picking up 1 versus 1 or even 1 versus X fights on the sidelines and
can occasionally go behind an amoeba to kill a targets but its usefulness to
infiltrate is limited as he does not have the
worth of consistent dashes to safely engage the back lines he is a fast
runner but not fast enough to avoid the front lines still the ninja does well
and dos pick off and is a great scout we distilled ability this exertion update
for a ninja make him stop pretending as a samurai assassin and goes back to
becoming a ninja as a result he does a lot better in both law and spots and
high-end spots due to his better AoE skills in 1vs1
he is still king of the hill with crazy iframes but he does needs a lot more
input now in order to be efficient as he loses his crazy damage leading skills
while nothing has changed much a large game PvP I see is still more of a
skirmish sharanda scoured the kunoichi which he literally means a female ninja
is the female equivalent of ninja in video she has the same short sword as
her male counterpart but refers to his the kunai more than the shuriken in
awakening the kana which acquires the chakram which looks like a big hula hoop
of death giving the conduit see the ability to have its own version of
spin2win dishing out huge damage while healing her at the same time this
ability gives her better Logan to the advantage over the ninja dude it’s a way
but still a far cry from the capability of the top classes in high and PvE
she still does better with better resource management from her spin to
being healed but again considered to be just an average grinder again what the
conduit she lacks in TV they nail it in one versus one PvP she has the eye
friends and group of the ninja but a small ways to CC her enemies against his
male counterpart though she comes a little bit slower but still she is there
on top against all other classes in large-scale PvP knocking to which she is
in a better spot than a ninja with her crowd control skills being somewhat
useful she still can’t initiate but can definitely help the manger with her
midwife any news that can be stopped enemy charges this also lets her to be
on the backline and protected from the other classes that may come in with her
great 1vs1 ability now taking a quick look on the kunoichi succession version
like most other classes she got easier time in PvE due to big areas that will
switch this is sweet for both low end and high
end making her her ass grinder and again listen to BB capability does not really
affect her 1vs1 pvp advantage where she still comes on top but her large kill
capability is now on par with the ninja ash allows her mid range CC attacks and
that very useful spinning here our last class on our list is the berserker a
class under the giant race the Berserker will see man-sized duel acts which need
a place with hand cannon with the help of the dwarves during awakening a very
tanky class the Berserker charges towards the thick of the battlefield
with no regards to his enemies in PvE the Berserker is pretty average class in
both flow and denying spots we have the damage and the mobility but they are
just in the middle are just around above average grinder they are very popular
those speed hackers but seriously don’t follow those guys anyway in one versus
one liberal circle is a great class we have the grub which makes wrestling
mania child play and if we have the gear then your enemy will most likely be
knocked out from a series of those smackdowns
same is true for large in PvP he is naturally a tanky and have high held in
abling him to go in and deal some damage while tanking damage at the same time a
berserker with an ultimate in a tight spot such as a castle entrance also
means death sentence to all who tries to infiltrate he is a very fun class to
play with and easy to use but very difficult to master beforehand we actually have an upcoming
class just released in the Korean version and currently is in the global
lab this one is called the Guardian which many are calling as the Berserker
female equivalent though not really coming from the giant race as a giant
don’t have a female on its lore but the Guardian has the largest female build
using one-handed axes main weapon and is shielded offend in awakening she uses
some kind of a polaron very long stop but at the moment nothing is still
confirm for it she is a slow class at least since provisioning but has a lot
of super armor select skills her Dash is also simply mad and can be a gold
medalist if there is a hundred meter dash sporting event in the game she is
so far an average farmer in both low end and high end spots with huge damage
enemies but she has no animation which kind of limits her shield speed same can
be said in 1vs1 PvP but to children he once awakened he comes out for large
hill though she is already a very tanky class and can definitely goes at the
frontline her – is simply amazing which can bring her immediately in the middle
of the enemy pack and use her super armor skills people really need to watch
her out once that happens and grab her immediately
before she can use her skills otherwise she can greatly disrupt the opposite
angles advances as her airway skills also a CC on them and that’s all that we have for our
class lists in black desert online we might be updating this video later this
year once the succession update has been
stabilized and the awakening form of version is released but for now I hope I
have someone to help you in your class selection see you guys in the next video

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