Borderlands Krieg The Psycho McFarlane Action Figure Unboxing Gaming Toy Review

don’t cry when I pull your lungs out
through your chest
hey guys it’s me euros supersorrell
thank you very much for tuning in today
it’s Borderlands day and we’re reviewing
Craig the psycho it’s time to review
this McFarland’s figure are you with me
it’s time to go to the borderlands hey
guys me Oh super thank you very much
shooting look what I got it’s curved the
psycho busting wood my favorite
characters in all of bought love just
because of the things he showers like my
packs of box look a shiny meat stick
he’s character he’s just ridiculously
over the top and I love him so I’m glad
I’ve got this action figure in
celebration portland’s 3 is out and I am
so excited to go grab mine a game and 9
o’clock is the time I’ve don’t grab it
so very excited my might vlog I’m not
sure yet but for now we’ve got
Borderlands 2 version of Craig Ian Craig
the psycho from McFarland’s toys and so
before I go and break this guy over and
let’s take a look the actual figure
itself Anna cos it’s packagings let’s go
to the discount I can’t wait to taste
your lungs
its correctness circle when it’s time to
review this awesome board lungs finger
today and he is a big really love this
finger loving his weapon loving the
style of the figure just look so cool
this is official gearbox and 2k
merchandise from Borderlands and it does
come with three golden key codes inside
oh you can see what I’m watching on the
television yeah three golden keys inside
codes inside the packaging unlock loot
for the game boy loves video game series
I never look at the back as well you can
see another production of the action
figure that we’ve got today and a little
tiny model version of him here with
everything included including a little
McFarlane stand is a McFarlane Toys guys
so yeah
go ahead and get back to the main comes
a week and unbox this psycho who you
call it psycho psycho right guys let’s
break him out of the packaging uh are
you excited for bought lunch guys are
you gonna be playing ball two lumps this
evening let me know in the comments what
you like to see me vlog this evening
while I’m out I’d love to know that in
the comments below if you’d like seem to
vlog when I pick up my game because i
pre-ordered it from the game store in
the UK I come to kill from 9 o’clock so
I will be growing mine at 9 p.m. that
means I can get home get them Co install
get the game installed and hopefully be
able to get playing the game before
midnight maybe if it works you vomit
like I’m gonna be sick ok where are
these clothes there move it instead of
it where I’m gonna find these pills
these ëthey only fees will work on me
huh I’ve got the handsome Edition what
if these will work on that
yeah probably world is Borderlands 2
that’s pretty cool it gives me some
shift codes I’m just pretty cold and
it’s redeem the balls main menu Bob oh
yeah with handsome collection on ps4 and
Xbox one Kevin so I can’t use it I will
double check and I could use it before
our definitely wise I wouldn’t give it
to one of you guys but I could
definitely use it on my bottle on the
collection so get on that you have at
least a boatload of these actual figures
I’ve never guess I’ve never picked up
any little like Jafar Baba Slee with
bottle on this three coming out I
couldn’t resist getting careering like
cities and my favorite character from
Borderlands just because of the amount
the dialogue and stuff that he says is
just amazing and I remember when the
figure when the
when the game was when the first
introduced him as a character and they
put players and stuff on the trailer for
the trailer was hilarious I had the fact
that he’s got like the inner voice which
is still like a same regular human voice
inside his head and he’s trying he’s is
he’s one of the IG called the
loop-the-loop people mayhem name Raiders
and he’s like it says on the tray like
tell her she’s as beautiful as the
sunrise itself
and he’s steady shouts I’m gonna be turn
you into a sack of me but yeah that’d do
so guys without further ado here is the
action figure himself voice really has
to do by the way uh so here using
salvaged Berg and his head moves from
left to right doesn’t really like looks
up a little bit but I think I’m just
mini peeling in plastic more than a thin
that exam just lifts open a stop engines
rotate there’s also the hinges there at
the elbow which also rotates and the
hands are on ball joints you can the
crunching forwards and cringing
backwards a little bit not too much it’s
more of a swivel and then the legs do
lift out but it is McFarland style so
they don’t really do much but lift down
as well as forwards wait a single hinge
need that also has a little bit of a
rotation gift and the feet and do crunch
forwards and backwards and left and
right a little bit but this guy’s made
more to be a statue and it has its
McFarland’s it does come with the
McFarland’s bottle and stand so we can
use that to steady him if you want sure
now there we go it doesn’t really fit on
it but you can kind of stand his leg to
one side a little bit just use it to
hold him up more than anything but I
think you should bit of articulation a
bit of manipulation I think you should
be able to stand pretty well on his own
he’s actual weapon actually rotate as
well which is nice there’s actual weapon
and it is a nice makeshift axe I like
blondes it’s very mad max sort of
inspired you can tell the creators
really liked that comic book so look but
with that Mad Max of craziness with it
yeah there is
yeah but absorbs so guys what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna go to the desk um well
you guys get the plush person look at
this figure take a look close up I see
myself what you think is currently
available by the way in the UK game
store if you preorder the game now you
do get this free mask from game
exclusively this still got any left
you’ve got any of these left there game
that exclusive to game when you
pre-order the game so well Anthony looks
like it’s gonna be a lot of fun I can’t
wait to jump back in be a vault hunter
again okay let’s go to the desk come and
take a look at this closer finger closer
alright guys here is Berger there is a
nice shiny weapon his meat cleaver looks
amazing like I love the fact that he
spins as well as just adds to it of
course all the holding up because that’s
how I kind of imagine you understand
with it’s all in the air he looks really
cool loving the design they’ve managed
to capture that shelfs cel-shading
design even on the figures I love the
fact that as well he’s doing a very nice
job exit the shell there’s the cell
shading but still keeping it so it looks
really muscular and stuff they’ve really
outlined the definition there on the ABS
and on the arms and stuff I like the
wraps as well they look like they should
feel like actual wraps they’re very
detailed and always got the sort of Mad
Max style jumpsuit sort of orange psycho
trousers and then there it’s like you
can tell his arms like me shift it’s
like finding bits and adding them on as
he goes from the back as well you can
see that these gaunt was well he sort of
makeshift along with his belt and things
it’s very cool he got comb in his back
pocket as well I just go
he’s got no hair he’s gotta go
a little bit yeah very cool character
indeed solve there we go
yeah such a cool character guys what do
you think is this a thing you’d pick up
obviously with Bob lemons coming out is
this kind of a statue I figure you’d
like to have in your collection let me
know in the comments down below let’s go
back to the main camp guys and finish
off as it is so guys what are your
thoughts on this Borderlands figure let
me know in the comments down below is
Craig’s in the yogurt pickle for your
collection I’d love to know are you
interested in Borderlands are you
picking up boy lines three and nine
o’clock from your local game store and
our midnight launch let me know in the
comments below like I said I’m very
excited to get hold of mine I can’t wait
to jump in the game I will be gaming it
on Xbox one and I’ll probably do some
live streaming over on Twitch which is
twitch TV forward slash supersorrell
gaming please check it out I’ll be live
streaming bloodlines on that for a few
days and so please do check it out and
yeah would you like to see me do a bit
of vlogging this evening when I pick up
the game and any other merchandise that
may come out with it let me know in the
comments down below
but until then guys I’ll see you in the
next video make sure you hit like and
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