Brother Of Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles Arrested And Charged With Triple Homicide | TODAY


  1. Why are they trying to tarnish her name. Say some random guy killed someone they don't say his brother works at McDonald's.

  2. Leave her name alone. This will just tarnish her image and reputation whereas she has nothing to do with that. People shoot others all the time.

  3. Why is it called a triple homicide instead of a mass shooting? Five people were shot, not all even died. From a legal point of view it is a mass shooting isn't it?


  5. Bahahaha! I thought she looked like a gorilla. If it looks, and smells like a turd….it must be a turd.

  6. Isn't their mother a drug addict? This would not be out of the ordinary if he was neglected as a child. Did the grandparents adopt him as well as Simone? Or only their little Golden Child that lied about Nassar. I believe some of the girls but I don't believe her. The sequence of events oh, and how she went about denying, and then confirming allegations after Aly Raisman… But before she wanted nothing to do with claiming she was a so-called victim. Something sketchy about her.

  7. And of course this lady won't be allowed to have a successful career because somehow some way what her brother did is worth mentioning in regards to her.

  8. sounds like the Jennifer Hudson story all over again. you can't fault her for any of this, but strangely enough, they will cover this more than her accomplishment or the Pedophile that was raping her.

  9. The media really should mention how they were in foster care then raised by different relatives. Honestly, MSM is like a tattle-tale child who tells half-truths or omits.

  10. She is a great gymnast, and that's all that should be said. She is not responsible for her brother and should not be linked with his crime

  11. Want to avoid this type of shooting, choose your associates. Want to avoid being mass shot by Joe Blow white guy on any given day, in Anytown, USA, school, mall, church, work, concert, etc. You can't. Now…..another shooting by a white male in Odessa, TX killing 5 wounding 21 in traffic.

  12. Why that gotta bring the successful woman name into it as if he did something isn't it just another man who killed someone why you gotta mention her brother name

  13. So why are they not referring to this accurately as a mass shooting? It was definitely included in the mass shooting statistics that they use to scare people but fail to openly acknowledge them.

  14. the hypocrisy of the media in our beloved country. This goes to show that if you happen to be a famous person of color you are guilty by association.

  15. Just like them false cams.under my rock and false wachfull eye stealing your kids and killing u for trade offs u all dead underthis outh

  16. Isn't shooting 5 people & killing 3, considered a "mass shooting"? Why wasn't this reported when the crime occurred, back in January?

  17. Her brother's name should be first. She is in no way tarnished by this incident. But you have tarnished her.

  18. How about active military, saves peaceful part-goers from violent mob of home invaders. Oh that's right he's not white and this isn't Fox News.
    Good job biased media leave out all the details.

  19. 🤔 Last I checked if you're at home throw a peaceful New year's Eve party w/ friends and some thugs you don't know crash the party and start real trouble? If you're enlisted & licensed to carry a firearm and defend yourself, it's called 'standing your ground while repelling a home invasion'.

  20. Ya'll ain't 💩. Than have the darkest anchor man they can find to report this bull. Simone didn't grow up with this man. They are related by blood only and even if she did, she is not his accomplice. WTH.

  21. everyone here saying this like the news met it that she is responsible when this isn't the case. This just shows how two people, raised in similar conditions, can end up being two completely separate person. In this case (her brother) an animal that is a burden to society and on the other hand a brave, educated and respected women.

  22. Based on all these comments you Human's never fail to amaze me… should be focusing on the fact that 3 people were murdered, that could have been you or your family member. It should not matter who relates to whom period, people lost their lives. Stop being so soulless.

  23. This is what i hate about the Media you have to put all her family business out there. Now that you did your job RESPECT her privacy and do not ask her about it no more. Let simone deal with it the way she needs too. Stay strong simone.

  24. Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles breaks silence and talked about her brother’s murder allegations in a short statement on Twitter, saying “heart aches for everyone involved, especially for the victims and their families.”

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