Caesars Palace Las Vegas Room and Casino Walk Through | Augustus Tower | Bellagio Fountain View

Here we are at Caesars Palace. We are in the
Augustus Tower on the 40th Floor. Here is the bathroom. Nice big shower. A
really big tub, two sinks, a nice vanity. I kind of like that there is room on the
floor to like put your extra bags and stuff. There is a lot of room in here. My favorite
part is that the toilet is in its own room. That’s how every hotel bathroom should be. Very nice bathroom. And here is a very tall large mirror. Here is the closet which has ironing board, iron, luggage rack and your safe. Again , for all your winnings. There is a nice desk, chair and TV. This is the mini bar. And over here. Behind here are drawers, you can put some of your stuff away if you like. And then this room has two queen beds. This room is huge. And over here we have a chair, sofa and ottoman. And over here is a table and two chairs. There is a lot of room in this room And let’s see our view. Because this room has a view. We have the Bellagio Fountain View. Very neat. The street is below right there. Which is a little loud at the moment. But, just look at what you can see. So cool up here. I will have to get a shot when the fountains go off. And a night shot. Oh look over there we can see the mountains. We got everything in this room. Such a cool view. Wow! This is going to be really neat at night. So overall, I would say this is a really nice room. It’s very large. It’s a great location in the casino. Caesars is a huge property, so it is easy to get lost down there. I have stayed here once before in the Palace Tower and that room was really nice. It was by the pool.

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