cara membuat JERSEY gaming di android |TUTORIAL PIXELLAB | PICSART

welcome to the design channel for friends who just watched the tutorial on this channel namely discussing how to design by using an application on Android tutorial now how to make an eagle esport jersey where in the previous tutorial I made the esport logo after 3 months have passed already watched as many as 20,000x ok, just go to the tutorial the first application to use the picsart and the second is pixellab we entered in the first step to the picsart application in the first picsart input plain jersey to the + sign below I provide plain shirts in the description or on my instagram, van chimex to the menu below, select the image minimize the appearance to the layer select this icon select photo if it’s checklist click the layer icon adjust the picture if the position is as desired to the layer again select color adjustment here my friends just choose, whatever so that the images are only in t-shirts can choose explain add, or what I choose layer here there are parts of the picture that haven’t been lost, my friends how to delete, select the delete icon then just scratch the part of the image that is not needed arrived here already able to follow if there are still those who don’t understand, just comment I’ll answer one by one later to save to gallery select point 3 above select save picture we go to step 2 to the pixellab application before I start in the pixellab application don’t forget to subscribe and activate the bell because on this channel you can get friends complete design tutorial on android ok, I continue first in the pixellab application, the friends enter the picture or the shirt that was made in the picsart how to go to the menu below select square 4 select from gallery delete new text to the trash icon then enter the eagle logo design how to the + sign above select from gallery for friends, you want to design an eagle I provide it in the description or on Instagram or friends who want to learn to make their own designs just click the card above or later after this video is finished I am in the description after that to stroke enabled I choose red stroke width: 6 if it’s checklist if my friends like the tutorial that I gave click like then enter the shirt without the background or png format later, there are 2 shirt downloads the first is the jpeg format the second is png format then to relative size width: 100, checklist if my friends want to change color there are 2 ways the first to color enabled just choose the color you want or the second method to the color filter just change hue, saturation brightness & contrast if you have specified the desired color checklist we start to pattern formation to the mask tool in this mask tool I have explained in full if there are still those who can’t just watch this tutorial I explain again in this mask in the pili mode mask that is out in bazier mode there are 2 i.e. own bazier & arrow if we click bazier friends can move or move the white dot if this arrow to move the position of the shirt pattern here are 4 white dots to add points to actions select this icon to reduce the white dot select this icon how can you already be friends? I started the pattern if the image is too small just choose the zoom icon to zoom in if the pattern is finished select checklist for this pattern so that the position doesn’t change friends select the layer, the layer that has the shirt then select the lock icon after that we add lines select square menu 6 choose the bazier in bazier mode there are 3 the center functions to move the point left to move the line to remove lines to actions select this icon what we need here is just one line then scroll down stroke width: 10 stroke color: I use red then we adjust the placement of this line with bazier mode in the middle if it’s checklist then friends make a line using t-shirts again how to the + sign select from gallery enlarge to relative size change to 100 checklist I change the color to color I change the color black then to mask on this mask the same to change the shape of the shirt I just accelerated I have tips for my friends if you want to be able to design directly practice it because my friends can understand better menu menu in pixellab application or other applications while waiting for the process to finish click on it if it’s already this object we copy then to color I change the color to red then to the mask again just change a little like this for the arm part we make a list then friends copy again the red object then to 3d rotate change the y axis to 180 checklist to the mask tool we move these 2 points so that there is only a list of arms if it’s checklist to strengthen this jersey I gave the text how to the + sign select text to A to edit text to font to my font for friends who don’t know yet how to add fonts to pixellab applications click the link above change the text color to color the size of the text can manually or to size if it’s been to a stroke use black stroke width: 5 checklist I add text again but I just accelerated I added text gaming ok, friends making esport jersey is complete if you want to add text or other designs make your own friends to save to gallery select the save icon select save as image save to gallery Thank you for watching until it’s finished the end of the word is me van chimex


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