1. just bought this on sale 2 days back, only played an hour so far but really enjoying it 😀 The main character has friends and a partner, so it's an escapist experience for me! * PRETENDS TO SHOOT SELF IN HEAD BECAUSE CAN'T PURCHASE ACTUAL FIREARMS IN MY COUNTRY *

  2. Տմҍ ƒօɾ Տմҍ! յմՏԵ Տմҍ Եօ ʍҽ (ՏԵɑվ Տմҍҍҽժ) ɑղժ í'ӀӀ ժօ Եհҽ Տɑʍҽ!!!!

  3. The ant freaked me out in the trailer, just as much as it did in the game. I'd forgotten about that bit. Great game though. 🐜

  4. Does playstation even support weeb games these days? Its strange going back to the ps3 days and comparing that to the censorship thats been going on this gen

  5. Should've released it on Vita in the west seeing as you have the translation and it released in Japan on Vita.
    Handhelds are still in demand Sony, nintendo makes it work because they don't abandoned them / have a tantrum because it doesn't do amazing within a nano second of launch with no advertising (well done Sony).

  6. I've been looking at Catherine's trailers since it came out, and I'm still not sure what is it about… Haven't looked into it yet. But I like the steelbook is it worth it?

  7. Is this a game, or what? I'm new to the PS4, and also very confused by this advert. To be fair, it looks pretty confusing anyway!

  8. I'm playing through this game rn, and after playing persona 5 and absolutely LOVING those characters, I can't say the same for this game, honestly the only characters I'm invested in at all are the girls and Vincent. The gameplay is also kind of iffy, I find it either pretty enjoyable or really frustrating

  9. One of my all time fav games. 10/10 in my book. For $30 it’s def worth it. This version had a 3rd Catherine, more scenes, and a new mode.

  10. I played this on my 360. Really liked. Now the Full Body collector's edition is currently 50 eur and I'm really willing to buy it and this trailer is just helping it…

  11. I played it on PS3 in 2015, was a masterpiece. Such a masterpiece that I've bought Full Body on lunch. Still was masterpiece.

  12. hey Sony please let us connect our remote play to our Android 6.0 mobile, please my users have the beach station 4 and we want to use it with our mobile 100 percent

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