CGRundertow DRIVER 2 for PlayStation Video Game Review

Back in days of the old Playstation 1, the
Driver series was one of the premier open world game series out there. Because before
we had GTA3, Red Dead Redemption and Saints Row, we had Driver 2 and it was plenty. The story sees Detective John Tanner on another
case. A tattooed Brazilian man is found dead after a local shooting and Tanner has to find
and protect the only eye witness before the mob can solve the problem their way. The story
feels just like a 70s car chase movie mixed with a good old fashion cop drama. It’s
fun and interesting as the story moves through four real life cities, Chicago, Havana, Las
Vegas, and Rio de Janeiro. Each city is brought to life with great detail. These were some
great graphics for the time, giving a perspective people were not really use to. It definitely
set the groundwork for open world games of the future. The gameplay is what has since been called
an open world game but at the time, people had not seen anything like it. Grand Theft
Auto was doing something like this, but that was played from a top down perspective, and
not third person like driver. The cities are yours to explore. You can even get out of
your car and carjack another. But while GTA was all about chaos, destruction and disorder,
Driver 2 was much more focused on the driving. There are two main game modes, Undercover
and Take A Ride. Undercover is the meat of the game, seeing
you go through the story missions, with each dealing somewhat with driving. There is a
lot of, “follow that car,” or “get here within the time limit” missions. And each
are pretty challenging and will certainly test your skills behind the wheel. But while
the game gives the illusion of an open world that’s yours to explore, it is more so a
backdrop for the missions. You will always be in a mission with a majority having a time
limit, giving you a large city to drive in but not really letting you just explore and
mess around. If you want to do that you can play the Take A Ride section where there is
no time limit and you can just drive around at your leisure. Driver 2 expanded on everything that made
the first game fun. It kept the car racing, cop theme but expanded the gameplay with more
abilities in much larger cities. It gives a look at what was going to happen with open
world games, and was a fun ride while doing it.


  1. I loved getting cops on my tail in Chicago and then going over the drawbridge, and looking behind me. Half the time the cops'd smash into each other. Ohh Memories! xD

  2. There were open-world games sandbox-experience games even more deep than Grand Theft Auto 3 much years before Driver or Driver 2

    I'm talking about Hunter (Activision, 1991) for Amiga 500. Insane open world with ocean and islands. Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats, Planes … even fucking parachutes and satellites. All houses had interior (not only a few). You could even talk with all the people (and all had some to say, not San Andreas style conversations). Linear story, secondary missions …

  3. oh wow they gave driver renegade on 3ds a bad review when it's pretty much just like this,And they are praising this game I am unsubbing undertow is the WORST reviewing team ever.

  4. I hate reviewers who only describe the game, the reason I watch a review is because I wan't oppinion, learn stuff in betwen the lines, how those various elements corelate with each other. If you don't understand what I mean, look up Antisocialfatman. I want a review, leave the descriptions to trailers, devs and IGN.

  5. the guys who made this and driver 1 came from Newcastle which is only a few miles from where i live xD they even included the latter city as a secret location to drive around in

  6. I LOVED these games. I spent countless hours playing the first one and explored so much of the cities. Survival mode was also epic. I miss those days. Everyone else was about GTA, I loved Driver more.

  7. i remember i had a demo on a cd that came with the german official playstation magazine and i played that demo more than some of my games i think xD

  8. The graphics were somewhat of a downgrade from the first. The tradeoff was the open world. And every intersection being a right angle

  9. The scale and freedom of this game was highly immersive for my 13 year old self. It was exactly the type of gaming experience I was craving since SM64 introduced us all to 3D gaming.

  10. Way back when this came out I used to spend hours most days of the week on the "take a ride" mode of this game. I became a really good driver in this game to the point where the cops could not even touch me for the most part. I got close to beating this game but I never finished it due to the cheapness of the ai in one of the last missions of the game, I still played the "take a ride" mode a while after I gave up on the "undercover" mode though. It is a pretty fun game.

  11. And thats what he did a review not a rating which IMO is better because there are lots of good games rated that in the review section they will say its fun to play but give it bad ratings for graphics/sound or for bugs and give it a lower rating score, which just shouldn't be used in a should you get this game or not alot of good fun games get scored 6-8 out of ten for technical problems and alot of people end up skipping on it thinking it must not be fun because its not a 9 or 10 rated game

  12. i remembered this game i had tons of fun playing it, this game is like grand theft auto and need for speed most wanted combined.

  13. the coolest thing you could do when you got out of your car was to search for a chair, sit down and just look around O_O xD

  14. i thought the first 3 games had a more interesting way of telling the story than gta, plus the driving was way more fun than gta

  15. Are you playing this on a PS1 or PS2? I recently bought the game and am playing it on my PS2. My PS2 doesn't run it so well.
    When there are a lot of cars around me then the game seems to run in slow motion. Playing the game in first person view seems to reduce the problem a lot Is Driver 2 normally like this or is it just my system?
    Even with the lag, I can tell the game is great. I can't wait until that PS1 memory card comes in so I can actually save!

  16. There are no lighting effects on the cars like there were in Driver 1. Notice how muddy everything looks. Notice the reduced reverse turn radius (it's impossible to do a reverse 180), and more simplified driving physics. Not to mention the terrible pop-in and slow down. They tried to fit too much in the game which resulted in a big step down in quality from Driver 1. I personally like to pretend this game was never made.

  17. It's a shame that this game never got the appreciation it deserved due to a bunch of graphics freaks and the release of GTA 3 a year afterwards. At least this game got some accurate reviews, like the review of Gamespot.

  18. So basically, you have shitty reading comprehension. Bad graphics is only one of the flaws I mentioned. Delusional fucktard.

  19. I remember playin this game for hours and hours and hours, having headaches and keep playin. Just exploring the cities, when I couldnt do nothin besides stealin cars and cop chasings. It was awesome and kindda sad when I look back, haha

  20. Driver 1, 2 and Driv3r were the best in the series, Driver San Fran. was a great game, It just didn't feel like a Driver game to me.

  21. Is it just me or do the Driver games run like crap on anything except an actual PS1?  I have three PS2s and a PS3, all claim to be backwards comparable, but Driver and Driver 2 have serious slow down on all of them.  Not sure if I should invest in a PS1 or just get the games for PC.

  22. When I used to play Driver 2 years back, I never thought that in just a few years time that the playable graphics would be as good (Or better) than the cutscenes of Driver 2 it was just really far from imagination. 

  23. I remember back in 2000 when guys from Official Playstation Magazine gived this piece of shit game 10/10 and said that there was no pop up in game. Gotta loved those paid reviews back then!

  24. "these were some great graphics at the time"

    no they weren't, they got universally shit on and rightfully so, nostalgia goggles in full effect bro

  25. It was a very good game and super challenging still to this date , I got as far as a chase in Rio de Janeiro ( my actual birthday place lol) and couldn't go any further , I used to own the compact psone that came with the screen attached to it and in top of that I bought a battery from a third party brand to make it portable , good old times

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