CGRundertow GRAND THEFT AUTO 4: THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

With the last Grand Theft Auto IV episode,
Rockstar takes you back to Liberty City and shows a different area of life happening within
the so called, “Worst Place in America.” Instead of the normal GTA with street crime
and focused on criminal life, The Ballad of Gay Tony shows the high glamour, high style
life of the Liberty City club scene, which is filled with celebrities, multicolored dance
floors, and underground rooms filled with beautiful people. It is a welcomed departure
from the grit of previous GTA games. You play as Luis Lopez, a former street thug
and now personal assistant of Anthony Prince, also known as Gay Tony. Tony is the owner
of several high profile clubs and with a lot of fame comes many more problems. Tony takes
out a loan from the mafia who wants their money back, rival clubs are looking to move
in, and there are internet gossip rags that need dealt with. Lucky for Tony he has Luis
to help with these troubles. By now you know what to expect. You will drive
around the living city and complete missions. Most of the missions consist of you going
somewhere and killing someone, or destroying something or stealing something. You will
use the cover system for firefights, and the GPS for driving. Everything controls perfectly,
making for a streamlined feeling. As for new things to the gameplay, the game
now has a heavy focus on helicopters. An early mission has you stealing an attack helicopter
from a yacht, and then using it to sink the yacht and cover your tracks. The missions
will start off being frustrating as you struggle to learn the helicopter controls, but once
you get them, they will become the most fun missions. And seeing as you work for a club, you can
do things involved with night clubs. You can play drinking games at the bar, do work as
a bouncer, and even impress some ladies on the dance floor. These are all mini-games
and are welcome distractions. But you can also now go base-jumping, hit some balls at
the driving range, street race, and even enter underground fighting tournaments. There is
plenty to do and see in Liberty City. With the interesting storyline and great new
mini-games and activities, The Ballad of Gay Tony is a great conclusion to the GTA IV era.
Taking you away from dirty street crime to the more glamourous life of crime. It may
be the best reason to return to “The worst place in America,” one last time.


  1. You're dull and boring,and lifeless,and you your humourless style takes me to sleep.And you're not saying anything that hasn't been said before.

  2. Does it add any new music? Because I was extremely disappointed in the soundtrack of GTA IV. Vice City was so amazing this way…

  3. I loved everything about TLAD and TBOGT except for the actual gameplay. I wish these games weren't so clunky to play. I want a smoother playing GTA game with combat like in Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row: The Third.

  4. As a late comer to the current gen consoles, GTA 4 is number 1 on my list to explore & complete…just got the Complete Edition, started the Main campaign, and I'm amazed. Thanks for the review…I can see I've got tons to do on this disc!

  5. this is not better than gta 4, i do like the added vehicles and weapons, but the story is sooo generic and dumb where the gta 4 story is a lot better.

  6. Is it just me or does this game look worse/ brighter then I remember it to be? Or is it just the PS3 version. I played the PC version.

  7. the best thing about Gay Tony is the multiplayer servers…anyone who's played GTA4 online knows it can SUCK "game no longer exists" "player lost connection" BLEH! TBoGT is a lot better with that

  8. this was the first time a hispanic was a protagonist and thats why i think its the best gta story from gta 4 lol. this series is great can't wait for gta 5 too bad the protagonist on that looks to be yet another middle age white male. i mean come one how bout another black guy?

  9. That was to be expected when they had less time to develop the game, and the fact that it is in reality a side story that intercepts with TLAD's ( another side story ) and Niko's story.

  10. To anyone who doesn't have this: ARE YOU RETARDED!? And everyone who has it will most likely agree with me. This is the best game in the GTA series. Until GTA V…

  11. i would like 2 see luis have a dlc in gta 5. he comes to los santos to visit a relative and gets involved in the usual crime stuff.

  12. Calm down. He just stated his opinion. An opinion that many people share. San Andreas had a ton more content. It's all subjective. Don't get angry over another's opinion.

  13. Wait so GTA IV is a different game and this is like a mod for gta iv because it has 2 modes you can play in the lost and damned and the ballad of gay tony .. and there is also the original gta iv Im not sure if i get it but i think thts how it works Right guys

  14. The Ballad of Gay Tony is DLC similar to an expansion pack but instead of expanding on the core game it just has a separate story line, characters, weapons, cars and missions. It's no a mod

  15. do not get this game i got it and you dont get wepons nor money you have to pratically kill people for money but not worth it and wepons are expensive 1 start along with 4 and lost and damed wtf was rockstar thinking gta sa was better then theese gameshard to drive and bad physics

  16. is this game worth buying my friend still plays it a lot even though gta 5 is out but gta 5 had a bad story with hardly any missions this game looks really good. should i buy it?

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