CGRundertow GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

Grand Theft Auto 3 was a revolutionary game
that changed gaming forever. With a huge open city that offered countless ways for the player
to play, it really was a revolution. The developers then had the struggle of making a sequel to
such a groundbreaking game. How are you to follow up on that kind of success? Well, they
figured out what everyone loved about GTA3 and refined those things and added in more
opportunities to experience that freedom. People said,” Ok, you can create an impressive
open 3D world, now what can you do with it.” And when they released Vice City, we were
all impressed again. The only aspect this game did not move the
series forward in was the story. Instead it takes us back to a time when time seemed to
stop and a time that is the favorite party theme of all college girls. Of course I am
talking about the 80s. Rockstar took the 80s theme and rolled with it. Everything in the
game just bleeds pastels. You play as Tommy Vercetti, a recently released
mobster who is sent to Vice City. The game feels very similar to the movie Scarface.
In this game, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power.
Then when you get the power, then you get the women. Or you can just buy one on the
corner. But for the most part, you have to do the missions first. While GTA3 felt more
like a series of missions strung together with a loose revenge plot, Vice City made
more of an effort to tell a great story. Each mission feels like it helps make progress
towards an overall goal. Another thing that made the story more engrossing was the fact
that your character could now speak. Mission intros are now part of the story instead of
just someone telling you what to do. And with the great voice acting, you will actually
play the missions just to see what is going to happen next. Also improved is the targeting system. One
of the only problems with GTA3 was the targeting. Vice City has improves on it and makes the
shooting much better. The thing Vice City does better than many
other games is bring the player in. GTA3 gave you an open world to play around in, while
Vice City gives you a unique world that sucks you in and then you play around in it. Just
from driving an 80s muscle car down the beach while the radio is blasting Michael Jackson
and Iron Maiden. You don’t feel like you are playing a game set in Vice City, but rather
you are in Vice City. Another thing Rockstar did with this is understand
what the gamers wanted rather than what they wanted. They realised that most people ignored
the story in GTA3 and just wanted to run around and cause mayhem. So in Vice City, instead
of buckling down and making you have to play story missions like you would expect, they
gave you even more distractions. There is simply so much to do in Vice City. You can
buy properties and go their missions to have them make you money for you or you can just
run around and use the new shooting system on random pedestrians. From participating
in Demolitions Derbies, to shooting ranges, to flying helicopters. Vice City really is
a game that is yours to play however you want. Rockstar really out did themselves. With such
a difficult task of following up on GTA3, you could have expected this to be a disappointment.
But instead they made a game that didn’t just live up to the previous entry, they made
one that surpassed it in every way.


  1. Driving down the beach in a muscle car while Micheal Jackson and Iron Maiden are blasting on the radio… Nothing defines the 80s(and GTA: VIce City) more than that statement!

  2. CGR started employing other reviewers, but fans didn't like having other reviewers on the main channel, so they started this one.

    Oh, and ad revenue.

  3. As good as Vice City is, nothing tops GTA III for me. I think out of the PS2-era trilogy, my favorites, in this order, are GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City. VC is great and all, and is definitely oozing with that Scarface 80s style. But that takes away from the experience, for me. I don't like the idea of the whole 80s vibe, and San Andreas really nailed the west coast 90s vibe, which felt much better, to me.

  4. I'd bet a lot of money that there will be an HD Collection of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas before V comes out.

  5. Hell YEAH! Vice City is the best Grand Theft Auto and my 2nd favorite game of all time. The first being Shadow of The Colossus.

  6. I didn't like GTA 3 too much. It's probably because I'm more of a guy that likes to do the missions. I wasn't a big fan of GTA 3's actual story and mission design. But I just love GTA Vice City, as well as San Andreas, Lost and The Damned, Vice City Stories, and The Ballad of Gay Tony, and my personal favorite: GTA 4.

  7. Sure, you can download it for free. But wouldn't you rather pay on PSN at a discounted price for all the Liberty City games? You'd be supporting Rockstar with valuable funds to help them make the next GTA the best.

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  9. why do you need a rate? it is a good game and the guy says it…now you play it and take your own conclusions of how much you like it…

  10. its better than san andreas because the missions were better and it didnt freeze all the time

  11. To be honest I am against remakes but this is one of those games that need to be graphically enhanced. Even if it doesn't happen it won't matter but just saying

  12. GTA Vice City is the one of the best, it's better GTA SA to me, I look everything about it, it was done nearly perfect, I even think GTA Liberty City is better than SAN, GTA SA had too much to do, and was over done, GTA LCS and GTA VC was done just right to me, nothing too much and nothing too little…

  13. I won't even bother deciding whether this is better or San Andreas is better. in theory, Vice City Stories would be the best because it has the awesome atmosphere of Vice city with San Andreas' gameplay enhancements. But i didn't think the story belonged in a GTA game; it felt like something from a similar open-world game that has less mayhem and more emotion. My verdict, play both equally (VC and SA)  and you will have a perfect balance. besides, i don't play IV or V very much; for 7th and 8th gen my preferred games are Just Cause 2 and Saints Row (stick much better to the classic-GTA formula than the actual series, lol)

  14. GTA Vice City has a brilliant story. To say it's bad compared to GTA 3? Say what? And one of the only problems GTA 3 had was targeting? It had a shit ton of problems.

  15. I wish ROCKSTAR would do a re-imagined of this game & give it graphics like GTA 5 has. Keep the music tracks, cars, characters, clothes, pedestrians, character voice overs exactly the same because I love the 80's feel this game gives & just update the graphical fidelity of the game. Keep the cities exactly the same as well & just update the graphics to that of GTA 5 like I stated earlier where we can see the characters very well with their fingers being individual & such. If ROCKSTAR did re-imagine the game like that it wouldn't take that long right? I mean compared to other GTA games like San Andreas, GTA 4 & GTA 5 the map size in Vice City is just a speck of dust compared to those GTA games map sizes.

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