Chicken Expert 🐓 PUBG MOBILE

i wanted to do some achievement
“Chicken Expert” see how i do it 🙂 assault rifle – kill #1 smg – kill #2 sniper rifle – kill #3 shoutgun – kill the most difficult moment and the longest moment in the video #4 light machine gun – kill #5 half way passed 🙂 pistol – kill #6 crossbow – kill #7 melee weapon – kill #8 throwable – kill stunned him with a grenade so he did not hear that i jumped #9 vehicles – kill #10!!!! finally done my lovely thank you all for watching! from you likes


  1. Which song is this that play's in background??? Btw loved this video.. sooo cool.. satisfying 😍😍😍

  2. All kill I understand what last enime with melee weapone bhut jada difficult hai normally player's ke like

  3. Почему ты стрелял из дробовиков на дальнюю дистанцию. Они так не работают

  4. Hard to play now days. I've got so bad at the game. I haven't played PUBGM since season 5 I think. Now I am trying to get to platinum like a noob…

  5. i made a video on learn gyroscope in one day with handcam but didn't get support 😔 bdw love your videos bro.. can i get a pin?

  6. I completed 9 way, but using Melee* is harder then i though. i got #2 almost 20+ times ;(
    plz. bro give me any tips..

  7. I Have Just Now Uploaded A Video On How To Get CHICKEN MASTER title easily in pubg Checkout & Support Small Creators Like Me 🙏🏻🚩

  8. 3:37 i did that kill with DP-28…! I am also achieved this title..! I understand your Hard work..! Nice video..!👌

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