Como baixar Jogos DEMO PS4 – (Gratuita), DOWNLOAD gratuito, Instalar no Play Station 4

Hey guys, my name is Ricardo
Pepper welcome to our channel here guys today I learn something super
simple but maybe found some difficulty never tried is very cool
this method that we play we gave until even before we buy one
certain game we don’t spend a money everybody likes is good to
we enjoy demo I made one of very cool and who has a game and below
if you want to look at resident evil 2 remake fantastic game folks who play
half an hour I liked the demo happily creates more is already given for us to have fun
little bit then you down her and several others, I’m downloading
tomb raider having there money downloading resident played
now they will download another one for you learn cement from super simple folks first play store arrived only wait very simple even playstation
4 then you got here you will go down to
games and arrived games click games you go there in demonstrations that
demos arrived and demos are already here guys just you click and download only
that an example some game I’ll look for
some free ones have these here process possibly are free
even now here check out everything can manually search see there guys
we have here look here on day 3 looks like this may be downloading and there are other
that you are looking for here will also find another cool method too free price we have here free did not show up
then you will search until you find an example here will download here a demo
in Batman I click on the demo awaited Enemy batman inside we will click
here in the download clicked down the guard a bit
was already downloading look just wait here let’s also assume you want to download another
an example lowers the feet 2019 if we were to download it, I won’t
download, not possible try this fifa over the internet
free demo was down guys only clicking on this free demo will download
automatically the game that’s fine folks clicking on free demo awaits a
little bit she downloading downloading demo only wait you will be able to play have to
see the demo criteria is personal to suddenly have a time limit or
match it depends on the game good game resident evil 2
it was half an hour he was online so it was pretty fast so it could be k of
task force from the game you can play several times can’t be for a while
can be broken don’t know I didn’t test each has a criterion but is
very simple folks you go there and let’s go back early again play store
the guard goes on it in demos games demos maybe you’re out of personal money download them and go play let your Like subscribe to the channel that gameplay
very nice people resident evil, cool spiderman and
folks see you next time !!!


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