Coraline Walkthrough Part 1 (PS2) ~ Movie Game * HD *

Coraline’s adventure began when the
Jones family moved into the Pink Palace which wasn’t that much of a palace at
all mr. bubinski lived on the top floor he
was the Russian ringmaster of a secret Mouse circus everyone knew about miss
Spink and miss forcible lived in the basement flat allegedly they were famous
actresses in their day the Jones family were from Pontiac Michigan Charlie and
Mail wrote gardening catalogues for a living they didn’t have much time for
Coraline hey mom
carline I am really really busy right now I need to finish this catalog ASAP
but you’re always busy yes Coraline I am and right now I wish
you were busy as well have you finished unpacking you can also
help by getting some of these boxes out of the way I almost tripped over one
this morning okay Coraline when you approach a box
you can interact with a button prompt will appear on the top left corner of
the screen and pressing the triangle button will allow you to grab the box at
this point you can use the left analog stick to move the box to let go of the
box press the triangle button again why don’t you try to move that box over
there good now you can also climb on top of the box by pressing the X button or
why don’t you give it a try now moving boxes is boring can I go outside
now no it’s raining outside rain creates mud and mud means cleaning
I don’t have time for either if you’re not going to finish unpacking then why
do you go and explore the house or go see your father but please stop
bothering me right now he dad what you doing
Coraline I’m kind of busy right now busy with what
talk to me dad I’m so bored alright if you’re that bored Coraline
why don’t you go and explore our new home here take this pen and paper and
try to find seven blue objects in the house hmm all right here’s one flew here’s why you oh there’s one here’s one Coraline I’m really really busy I don’t
have time for you right now oh there’s one I should put these in alphabetical order hey dad I found seven blue objects list
is done geesh you’re already done Coraline
maybe you should finish your unpacking nap but I am tired of unpacked and I’m
still bored if you aren’t going to unpack then why don’t you help me out by
stacking those two piles of newspapers for me pick up the pile of newspapers by
pressing the triangle button use the left analog stick to move them over to
the boxes there and press the triangle button again to stack the pile on top of
the boxes well done can I go outside now did you
ask your mother if you could go outside mm-hmm and what did she say don’t even
think about going outside Coraline Jones well there’s your answer Coraline tell
you what I haven’t had time to look for the water heater in the house why don’t
you search the house for the hot water tank and see if it’s on come back here
after you’ve checked the hot water tank fine you my work my work I can’t believe all my
work is gone Oh rain stopped can I go out now I’d like to meet our new
neighbors fine fine fine you can go see our blue neighbor in the Attic I heard
he’s a very interesting man but before you go out what are the plants in the
hallway okay Coraline make sure you water the plants
first I will dad doesn’t anyone clean around here hmm the watering can is empty I better
fill it up hmm the watering can is empty I better
fill it up Wow
I should water the plant regularly finally I can get out of this boring
house maybe I’ll go upstairs to meet our


  1. I used to watch Coraline on TV, yet I'm glad to see you do the game again, will you be doing this as a 100% this time or plan on doing it for next time?

  2. Yay! A video about the Coraline game in 2016! By the way if you go to the other worlds flat while finding the ghost eyes you can interact with the mirror! It's pretty cool.👍

  3. You bought this game or downloaded it? … I want to download it but I can not find it anywhere … BLADE needs your help 🙁

  4. Coraline’s mom say she’s busy and doesn’t have time but apparently she has time to talk about the tutorials, same with her dad

  5. Could you call Child Protective Services if your parents were so damn busy that they keep telling you to stop bothering them?

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