Could Impeachment Turn The GOP-Controlled Senate Against Trump? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Those that don't support impeachment and removal don't care about being scammed and lied to by Trump, they just love the boldness of his racism and hatred for people of color. Every last one of his supporters could lose their jobs and become homeless and they'll still stand by him.

  2. the impeachment has already been a huge failure for democrats and now it's looking like they're backing out. this will turn out to be one of the biggest political blunders in history.

  3. What ever – your fake democracy, which is actually a plutocracy or cleptocracy is anyway doomed to crash! How ever the othet extreme, the Chinese Slavesystem has no future as well. We need a new unserstanding of balancing desires, greed, respect and humanity! Capitalism, socialism, communism, Islam or any other faith can never be the answer.

  4. I've noticed that a few publications and reporters are changing the narrative on the polls and how people feel about impeachment and removal. At one point the numbers were 71 or 73% for impeachment with over 53% impeach and remove. How can the numbers go down? People saw what they saw, that trump did what he did and there hasn't and won't be anything that will undo it. So people, just on a whim, are forgiving him? Or is this more of trying to sway us or at least make it seem like we have been swayed, as the powers that be fudge the numbers?Because the bottom line is they want trump to stay until they have all the money and strip America of all the plumbing, hardwood and faucets.

  5. Some RepubliCONS have already dug in too deep…. soul already sold… and what makes anyone believe they'd ever do the right thing

  6. Nothing scares the GOP. unemployment is nothing to them. They just love Trump and the heart wants what the heart wants, even if they lose everything.

  7. The GOP keep covering for that criminal, they might end up losing the Senate. This thing has people involved that we don't even know yet.

  8. I don't understand how this is even a matter of "if" Trump gets impeached at this point. How far can he push the envelope before he faces some consequences? How much more evidence do they need???

  9. Actually, that will not occur because the "impeachment in search of a crime" has failed and Trump's poll numbers have gone up. Additionally, the American people are nowing this charade for what it is.

  10. Hello.

    What use is D. Drumpf to moscow mconnel now? He had the courts rigged. Now Drumpf is a liability non stopp all day every day in fact.

    Good luck.

  11. A long and boring repeat of this drivel, the presentation of presumptions of guilt that defy the Constitutional Right of a Presumption of Innocence, will turn the voters aways from the Democrats. Democrats have 29 percent of the voters, Republicans have 27 percent, but the INDEPENDENTS have grown from 39 to 43 percent these days. They are tired of partisan warfare abusing the Constitution.

  12. Am not American. Am an African ex-patriot living in the UK. But it's often said that people get the leaders they deserve. If after all we now know about what Trump and his lap dogs did, and 70% of the population agree he did something wrong, but Americans are still split on whether he should be removed, then you all deserve Trump. The Senate won't impeach him. Which will embolden him. By hook and by crook he win re-election. Then you Yanks really will be Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Echo Tangoed!!!

  13. Impossible, they'll never turn against him. Trump's corporacy is a mirror of Putin's oligarchy. They're all bought out or compromised with dirt. Putin does the same in Russia to stay in "absolute power and control". America is now an open corporate mafia state under Trump, just like Putin's mafia oligarchy which all swear allegiance to him.

  14. You really have to want to believe this to believe it. All the evidence is to the contrary. The Democrats are dreaming.

  15. OMG. THIS IS NOT ABOUT CONSTITUENTS!!! This is about what is the RIGHT decision for each and every Senator's conscience. Senators have power delegated to them by their constituents. They are NOT (!!!) there to poll important decisions to a statistical average from their constituents. A robot could do that!!!!!!!!!

  16. If so, it certainly wouldn’t be because of the substance of the case, but rather components we will never know. Behind door deals; negative and positive incentives. These people are stone crooks.

  17. Nope, Don't you guys remember all the senate republicans that didn't run for re-election? Never happened before. They were told to leave. They had no choice. They took money from the Iran deal. It was leave or go to jail.

  18. The only way some of the GOP members will impeach is if it’s beneficial to them, will they lose their nomination and/or their popular vote? If they lose out by impeaching they won’t, if they gain by impeaching they will. The rights and wrongs really are only a fringe issue for the likes of Nunes and Jordan and the like.

  19. Really. Presidents should be retired even our founders would say the same. Groups were needed in the revolution but, Minority nor majority represents America's inequality.

  20. Just like trump, the GOP is the ally and friend of Russia and not of the American people. The GOP will vote in favour of their personal interests, like trump does all the time, and not for the American people, American Democracy and American Justice. The Russian champagne (which is pink by the way) will be flowing when the republican (small 'r') Senate vote not to impeach. The Russians will be tickled pink! Who needs enemies when you have a Russiaphile republican Senate of amoral cowards!

  21. 1 if people get out and vote
    2 the persons who lose the nomination don't trow a hissy fit like sanders did and run anyway.

  22. No. It won't. As long as Moscow Mitch is Senate leader, there will be no impeachment and removal of Trump, from office. it's all about staying in power, and all the trappings that come with it, for the Republicans.

  23. President Trump won the presidency with 8%black voter support. He now enjoys 36% black voter support. 150,000 requests for tickets to his rallys. The walkaway movement. Done deal, Trump landslide 2020. Tell me how im wrong. Enjoy

  24. Do a Report on the "Silent Republican Voters' Who won't say publically, but believe the President Donald J Trump did something Wrong and will Vote Against Him and their Republican Leaders!!!

  25. It unlikely he get impeached. Republican top members no longer about Country but Party. They knew the risks have them represent them but took him only cause winning more important then moral right. The day the senate actually impeach is the day I go back be one party then a moderate. And so far it there those in republicans rather blind loyalty then even look thru the facts…. Not be surprised cause they done the same thing Trump done just not caught yet. :/

  26. everything what msnbc said this is news. that's was lies!
    you now trump with the impeachment! ehy you don't said the people this??

  27. I doubt that any of them will turn on him, but if they do it will be be YUUUUGE. Like the majority of them all at once. Let's hope it's when the Senate is voting on removing him from office.

  28. The MOCKINGBIRD media and Democrats COULDN'T even get Republicans and some Democrats in the house on board….🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  29. The Electoral College was supposed to prevent an unqualified, inept or morally deficient candidate from taking office. Impeachment is the mechanism to remedy that mistake had an improper choice been made.

  30. Not a chance. The republicans have created THOUSANDS of orphan children by taking NEWBORNS and INFANT children from their parents and families. WHY? Because trump didn't keep any records, wasn't important enough. They're only immigrant infants & babies, not REAL children. There is NOTHING they won't do to hold onto power. They made a deal with the devil and now it's destroyed the republican party.

  31. ?… isn’t Burisma
    just a shell company for:
    1MDB aka “URANIUM 1”…. ??
    O’🐒… administration ?…

  32. I hope the senate completely blow s it and don’t remove trump . It will WOKE Up the left and the GOP will be done in 2020

  33. My fellow Americans this is no longer about politics,,,this is about our American patriotism,,,, we have a secret Russian agent cheated into the White House with the aid of the Russians who only cares about his own personal agenda and the Russians(The Kremlins)personal agenda,,,, breaking every rule every norm tearing down American institutions,,,, with a goal of dismantling and destroying our free republic and to make matters even worse the Republican Party is aiding and abetting and enabling him in every way protecting him helping him destroy our free republic and serve the best interest of the Kremlin,,,my question is what are we gonna do about it???? Is America really poised to let this continue??? he must be impeached at once or voted out right along with the entire Republican Party,,, from here on out folks we must do the right thing every time there’s an election,,,,do not vote Republican,,, if we vote trump and the Republicans out then we make the Russians powerless over us in our country and it will give us a chance to rebound and rebuild both domestically and abroad with other countries trump has screwed with in the past and presently continues to do so as well,,,, as of right now the military and the Pentagon are deeply concerned with trump and his actions since he’s worked his bologna on them recently as well,,,trump is not above the law and he should be impeached and then after his impeachment he should be prosecuted

  34. Everyone, including, of course, a President of the USA, has a duty to take the appropriate steps to combat corruption. If, however, an advantage should result from this in view of forthcoming elections, then this advantage, although perhaps sought and sought, is very desirable and helpful to the voter and certainly not punishable by law. However, it is a failure to uncover corruption and thus to hinder the necessary fight. This is or would even be a punishable omission and breach of duty. It is imperative to observe the public interest and that corruption can always and in any case be punished, regardless of any advantages or disadvantages associated with it. It is also punishable to try to thwart this by any manoeuvres. But this is exactly what Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, the Bidens, etc., accompanied by CNN and MSNBC, are constantly demonstrating to us. They are obstructing the treatise, they are organising a riot and they are helping to cover up crimes with a transparent riot against Trump. Simply conduct serious investigations into FISA, Durham, Epstein, Burisma at the Bidens and about this Obama Biden Clinton administration. Afterwards the world suddenly looks completely different and nobody thinks of an Impeachment any more.

  35. GOP… Will not stand up to president Pinocchio because they would rather lose their country than lose their election or spot on capital Hill and they are all in favor of lining their pockets b4 they are out of office

  36. In the end, their own political survival will compel them to do the right thing, not because it's right, but they will live to fight another day if they give up "da boss", who has no loyalty toward any of his allies, though he demands it of them. They have taken a huge hit in credibility for the brass ring but it is expiring now.

  37. Lol no ahahahahaha pendejos. Impeachment is all about Democrats they have tried to get trump since 2016 and failed again lol

  38. One thought to remember is that the current electoral college voting system in the U.S.
    can override the vote of the actual number of citizens that take the time to make their vote heard… Do some research and fix the real crack in the wall!!!

  39. That's the problem with these GOP jokers; they're never serious about the seriously illicit businesses in which they're complicit and implicit.
    One silver lining:  Republican efforts aiding and abetting Russia's attacks against the U.S. demonstrate clearly to the American people just how vile, pernicious, and seditious the GOP has become.  Will we take that lesson?

  40. Hello mira El problema esque la organization del regimen judicial international systema de officials hinjust gotchas ellos quieren matar Al Pueblo de USA christianos por detallitos de religion y mantener alas personas Asus tadas para ellos selebrar todos los holidays y disfrutar de plaseres y que no los pongan abriertos Desi ponibles poresa rason Las religiones deven de ordenar que les partan lamadre los putos cabrones desgrasidos

  41. Uhm, it does already. The more people get sued and loose money, power and go to prison, the sooner they will kick out Trump.

  42. Vladimir Putin and his Russian Bratva had their Deutsche Bank rescue Donald Trump from public humiliation when the U.S. financial institutions refused to give the Don any more loans. With their financial rescue, Putin and his Russian Bratva gained the undying loyalty of The Trumps forever more, which in turn set the stage for Vladimir Putin's historical coup d'etat against the USA in 2016. Putin's Machiavellian plot benefited from the democracy fatigue of the poor and middle classes and the insatiable thirst for power of the decadent and morally corrupt "Southern Strategy" adopted by the GOP since the 50s and 60s that has rallied the support of 63-million U.S. eligible voters for a Putin-style oligarchy. The prognosis in grim. 63-million U.S. voters are willing to surrender our Constitutional freedoms to the former head of the KGB thinking life under a controlled-russian-mafia regime would offer them and theirs a better option. There's nothing anyone can say that would persuade them. The only politician who fully understands the dynamics propelling the sellout of U.S. to the Russians is Elizabeth Warren. She knows the power currently held by the 1% must be redistributed and redirected to the middle class if we want to keep the American dream alive. Sadly, Warren does not have the support of the DNC patriarchy. It is up to us, The People, to decide where do we want our nation to go next. Regrettably, our fate is not in the hands of those who care one way or another. But rather it's in the hands of the indifferent voters. Godspeed!


  44. When you look back at the Republican rhetoric during the Obama era the RNC were the ones who held this country hostage with government shutdowns. These shutdowns still continue today. All you can say is get rid of the hypocrites in the RNC…..

  45. This dream of impeachment is going absolutely nowhere.
    MSNBC knows it, but since their entire network depends on Trump stories to keep them afloat, they'll keep up these ridiculous lies.

  46. The GOP was dead the minute they realized their entire party couldn't come up with a challenger to the crooked bankrupt democrat who took over and ran their party into the ground.

  47. He's got major dirt on all his puppets that's what he is really good at finding and making dirt. grams about had it I want to Kno what Trump knows about that man my bet he's got a tape of him stuffin someone to young possibly the same gender

  48. Trump's corruption is not the problem, all politicians are corrupt. Everyone please keep in mind; over 40% of the country supports Trump, thinks he is doing a good job and will vote for Trump again. They are the real problem.

  49. I seriously doubt it. The GOP doesn't care about Trump crimes, but they still have more than a year of executive control and they want to milk it to the best of their ability. Trump is a criminal and fro the GOP he is a "useful" criminal. My guess is that they will not proceed with removal in the senate, and then push as many judges and tax cuts as they can, making sure their donors are fat and happy and the religious right is full with the "spirit".

  50. Maybe if they realize (through their KKKoolAid-inspired idiocy) that they may be voted out of office and forgotten forever…

  51. WASHINGTON — Long before a telephone call with Ukraine’s president that prompted an impeachment inquiry, President Trump was exchanging political favors with a different Ukrainian leader, who desperately sought American help for his country’s struggle against Russian aggression.

    Petro O. Poroshenko, Ukraine’s president until May, waged an elaborate campaign to win over Mr. Trump at a time when advisers had convinced Mr. Trump that Ukraine was a nest of Hillary Clinton supporters.

    Mr. Poroshenko’s campaign included trade deals that were politically expedient for Mr. Trump, meetings with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the freezing of potentially damaging criminal cases and attempts to use the former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as a back channel.

    From the start, Mr. Poroshenko’s aides also scrambled to find ways to flatter the new American president — advising their boss to gush during his first telephone call with Mr. Trump about Tom Brady, the star New England Patriots quarterback whom Mr. Trump has long admired.

    An examination of the first year of Mr. Trump’s dealings with Ukraine shows how the White House also saw the relationship as a transactional one that could help Mr. Trump politically.

    Mr. Poroshenko, so eager to gain favor as Russian-backed separatists were escalating a fight against the Ukrainian military, did his part to encourage this belief. He helped plant the seeds for Mr. Trump’s July quid pro quo request to his successor, Volodymyr Zelensky — a request that prompted the impeachment inquiry into whether he manipulated American policy toward Ukraine for personal gain.

    Mr. Poroshenko’s strategy yielded results. The Trump administration reversed an Obama-era moratorium on sales of lethal weapons that Ukraine sought for its fight against the separatists in the country’s east.

    Near the end of 2017, just as the government in Kiev was trying to get final approval from the Trump administration on the sale of the Javelin anti-tank weapons, Mr. Poroshenko’s prosecutor general, Yuriy Lutsenko, had begun freezing cases in Ukraine relevant to the Mueller investigation, including an inquiry tracing millions of dollars that Ukrainian political figures paid to Mr. Manafort.

    Now, impeachment investigators are examining the two years of interactions between Mr. Trump and Mr. Poroshenko, according to a congressional Democrat. And Mr. Zelensky’s team is researching back-channel communications between Ukrainian officials and Americans from both political parties going back to 2017, according to a Ukrainian with knowledge of the effort. No evidence has surfaced of an earlier quid pro quo of making the Javelin missile sale contingent on the halting of investigations relevant to the Mueller inquiry.

    But congressional investigators want to know what political factors, if any, influenced Mr. Trump’s actions.

  52. Trump's only in office anymore so that he can finally give the GOPers on the hill the grand prize and in the meantime he plays the clown who keeps everyone busy and distracts them from the real goal. The prize is total control over the SCOTUS. The days of RBG are numbered and that's all McConnell and his friends in DC are focused on. Meanwhile, Trump appoints one federal judge after another. The day Trump leaves office is the day the GOP have the entire justice system in their pockets and whoever controls the SCOTUS controls the country.

  53. 2020 IS GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!

  54. Republicans need to stand up for our country.. Spineless parasites our solders have died for our freedoms and this man is spitting or our dead hero's by giving free rain to Russia and other dictators.. God help our America

  55. "Americans remain split on this." Really? How hard is it to check if your moral compass is working? Too hard for some obviously!

  56. Looks to me like the entire GOP are corrupt, treasonous, cowards serving Putin and self-dealing. Not a single, courageous, patriot among them. Party before law and country.

  57. We need to get rid of Orange Head and the Stinking Republican Congress to get the country back to some kind of Normal .

  58. The American Bund Party (formerly the Republican Party) is going to close ranks around their orange Fuhrer. However, the damage will be done; independents will reconsider their 'protest' vote. Next November, everyone who sat out the last election is going to be at the polling booths early.

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