Cricket Video Analysis & How To Play Cricket Batting Shots & Improve Your Batting Techniques

Hi guys jemile of the cricket school here
in this video what we are going to do is a batting analysis of a batsman batting in the nets, this will be good for you if your a batsman or a bowler
or a coach looking to take your coaching onto the next level
if your a bowler you can flip this round to gain insight on how to possible get this kind of batsman out
if your a batsman you can use to identify maybe faults in your own game
Ok so in this first still what we see is that the batsman has moved into a position where he’s moved across his stumps
and actually his left foot and the top of his pads before a little pre movement are in line with off stump
ok guys now what we see here is that small movement thats just come after that pre movement and now can actuall see leg stumps
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  1. Love your channel and tips. Your a legend. I'm struggling with particular length bowel that swings in and straightness up. My problem is I'm just trying flick on middle stump ball so any videos on flick shot please? How to move front foot for bowler who does this? Thanks in Advance.

  2. Sir, your videos are really fantastic… can u tell some tricks on reading the line and length of the ball…

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