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Somebody commands you to shoot an apple with a crossbow from the head of your son
because you were disobeyed against a oppressor
the being of your son lies in your hands
a miss and his he´s dead
you hold your breath while your fucking own sweats and blood
stares at you fearfully with way to young eyes
you press on and a genius shot goes well
your son lives
but by your success you gain displeasure and get thrown in the dungeon
at the way to the dungeon your escape succeed
you rush back and set of a trap
and you shoot and kill the fucking tyrant with your motherfucking crossbow
what do we learn from this
He who follows in the footsteps of others, never leaves a footprint of his own.
welcome to the Wilhelm Tell OP GUIDE
the certification mark for alternative play
he got a crossbow
he got a crossbow
he got a crossbow
do you kno9w the swiss legend of Willhelm Tell
Willhem Tell is since the 19th century a national hero of Switzerland
you may know the tale with the aple shoot
when the guy shoot the crap fruit from the head of his own son
I want to honour with help of a movie
the legend of Willhelm … Mr. Tell
ohhh there´ll be trouble

Willhelm this one belongs only to you

I see someone
show me your head
what´s he doing
lol you coward
what are you serious. I´m here with a crossbow
he fled´s
I aimed for a clean headshot
hoped he stands still as he sees me and aims
and as he stands I could do a clean headshot
but he didn´t stand still
there are way to less attachments for crossbows
let´s be honest
but need
but our person don´t need things like that
attachments for crossbows
we are in sporty manner
so the being would be pointless
but! one of the benefits, as a crossbow player

even if the spot is looted the thing you need are there
oh wait once
so what “times 8” “silencer”… junk
reload… nice and slow the tensioning the yearning
wait once
I´ll camp in the bushes
wait till somebody loot´s this
and kill him… just like Willhelm Tell would do it… right
let´s wait for the enemy
exactly the same way Tell did in the middle ages
wait for the drop
with a nice armor in it
he´s behind… fuck me
he has no idea where this came from
hate my live
in the moment he looted I should pushed him sideways
he was so focused on the sick loot
does he shoots out of his cottage
what a shit rag this is
ohh somebody arriving
take the drop
crazy… now are two people in the house
boys…we are the nature
I´m in the zone
this one sicks in him… did he know´s where this came from

the dumpass don´t see me
please please pease

oh he got a KAR
KAR vs Crossbow
what do you think wins

call me Willhelm
Potschinki… sounds well
how many we got here

hope we find some bolts
first we have to came along with these high tech guns

the search for the crossbow
let it begin

for Honour
all the kills don´t belong to me
I need a crossbow

I´m so sorry
i dont want this
I just want a crossbow, realy
anyway just loot this place
because crossbow left over, of course
the people dont know what is the best WEAPON INGAME

now it begins
oh somebody
I´m gonna shoot him
for honour
oh hey
right in the eye
just this way Tell used to do
at the mountain top… the car
this enemy I´m gonna shot
the moment he get´s in the car
that´s when I pull the trigger… now he must ran out
for honour
shot… hit
you know, we crossboy players we take the life how it comes
that´s the trick… silent… ambushed
and then instantly
the blt comes
you just hear
for honour
the next one
he needs to sit
a glorious 3rd palce
for fame and honour

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