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the info we recently had on the Cyberpunk
Red Jumpstart Kit that was released last August 1
This video is especially thought for
people who have no information about the universe
of the game or that want to know how all the
pieces of history in the Cyberpunk universe
match together with the gameplay to enjoy
it even more, and everything I explain here
is expanded in detail in the Complete Lore
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The video game Cyberpunk 2077 is based on, and follows the timeline of,
the pen and paper
game Cyberpunk by Mike Pondsmith, who is also
the co-creator of the video game, this pen
and paper game was first published in 1988
The complete universe of the game is distributed
along more than 80 sourcebooks and the canon
timeline of the video-game is delivered in
3 different editions: Cyberpunk 2013, Cyberpunk
2020, and Cyberpunk Red, so this universe
explains the world-building and the story
that leads to the events portrayed in the
video game Cyberpunk 2077, as well as the
iconic characters that appear in the video
game, because unlike other video games based
on existing works, the Polish studio CD Projekt
RED is faithfully following this timeline,
and to do so they’re working closely with
the creator of the original game, Mike Pondsmith
The Cyberpunk world is a technological world,
where people need technology to perform the
most basic activities of their lives, being
the most basic surviving, and the second most
basic fighting megacorporations with what
you have, which is not much, most people are
cybernetically enhanced, they have cyber limbs,
cyber eyes,
augmented brains, or you can even be a full cyborg
But although cybernetic
implants are a tool needed for survival, the
excessive addition of plastic and metal to
people’s body made way to the most
feared mental illness of the 21st Century:
the Cyber Psychosis
In this universe drugs,
although illegal for the most part, are also
a common thing, and they can be used as both
recreational or to enhance certain abilities,
it is also common carrying an insane amount
of weapons openly, so if you want to survive
in Cyberpunk just make sure yours is bigger,
because size matters
This is a dangerous
and violent world, filled with people who
would love to rip your arm off and eat it
This is not a game about saving the world,
but about saving yourself, trust no one and
do what you have to do to survive, and if
you can do some good along the way, good,
but don’t count on it
The action of the video game takes place in
Night City, a dangerous metropolis where the
air is polluted, acid rain a constant, drug-pushing
gangs, and slingers of illicit braindance
run the streets and a messy death waits for
you at every corner
At the top of the city skyline, megacorporations rule all aspects of life
while they laugh at the decadence,
violent crime and extreme poverty that cripples
the street level
Cyberpunk is a world of
extremes, a world where you have everything
or nothing at all
Welcome to the Dark Future
Where “hope” is a word that only exists
in the bland and adultered products the Mediacorps
put in your television
But people dream the American Dream
So unattainable but so luring
that the mass of the poor is addicted to living
this dream through Braindance, a neural hookup
that allows you to experience a pre-generated
virtual reality where you experience everything
that the main protagonist is feeling
That’s one addictive video game
The universe of Cyberpunk is a universe built
on speculative fiction branching from our
universe, what means is this is a parallel
universe from ours,
that started to divert in the late 80s
The story starts with the construction of Night City
This city is located on the west coast of the United States,
in central California, as when the construction
of the city began, California wasn’t independent
of the States yet
Originally called Coronado City,
this model city came to life thanks
to the vision of the architect Richard Night
and the money of the megacorporations Arasaka,
EBM and Petrochem
But the construction of Coronado City suffered a major drawback when
the political climate on the United States
was on fire: an amalgamation of the 4 biggest
agencies of the country, the CIA, the FBI,
the NSA and the DEA, known as the Gang of
4, tried to create a secret government behind
the president’s back, and their disastrous
methods especially when it came to economic
measures, including hacking the stock exchange
to give the unrealistic impression of American’s
wealth, along with a series of environmental
disasters that changed the global climate,
caused the world stock exchange to collapse,
in an event that was called the Crash of the
94, and the consequent economic collapse of
the United States in 1996
Due to this collapse,
millions of Americans saw their savings, pensions,
and funds vanish, and they started to revolt
Coronado City wasn’t exempt from paying
the consequences of the collapse
Not only a good part of the corporate funds destined
to the construction of the city also vanished,
but revolts reached Coronado City
and Richard Night didn’t know how to keep his workers on check
Along with many other bad decisions
that made the mob pretty mad, he appeared
dead in his newly built penthouse on September
20th, 1998
The killer was never found
Not that anybody looked for them with a lot of
In his memory, Coronado City was renamed Night City
Even though the death of Richard
Night happened in the middle of the Martial
Law established by the government of the United
States as a response to the upheavals, it
didn’t stop the mob from trying to seize
control of the city, during the Mob rule,
gangs, mafias, and corporations battled in
the underground for the control of Night City,
and by 2009, as megacorporations already established
their political influence it was pretty clear
who was going to win the battle, so corporations
eradicated the mob rule in Night City and
the undesirables where cornered in a sector
of the city that rapidly degraded
This sector is known as the Combat Zone
At the end of
the Mob War, the corporations placed a puppet
mayor in power and started to clean Night
But how did megacorporations achieve
the political position to be able to do that?
The Crash of the 94 and the collapse of the
United States in 1996 also affected corporations
Some disappeared, some expanded feeding on
the wrecks of the fallen and some new corporations
were created
As at that time investment money
was scarce, investors decided they were going
to put their money in industries that would
keep their capital safe in the long run, so
most of those investments ended up in technology,
especially cybertechnology, and biochemistry,
boosting an insane advancement in these applied
sciences that were originally thought for
military use, but soon were commercialized
and became a commodity for regular citizens
and, and in a post-crash world where people
fought for survival, these commodities turned
into first necessity goods to give you an
edge in this fight for survival
When the
United States returned to civilian government
in 2004 after the bloody years of martial
law, the economic situation of the country
was disastrous, to say the least, and the
States was a third world country
In an attempt to raise the economy again,
the States adopted
the Euromarket currency: the Eurodollars,
called Eddies in the street’s slang, it
did some good but not enough
By then, taking advantage of the disorder in the embattled capital,
California succeeded from the United
States and created the Free States of California
When returning to civilian government the
United States maintained the set of laws that
worked so well during the Martial Law, called
the Uniform Civilian Justice code, that applies
unified penalties for crimes, this code endorses
self-defense, meaning if you kill someone
who is threatening you is not considered murder
but suicide on the other part
This set of laws mixed with the Federal Weapons
Statue, that allows people to carry an insane
amount of weapons openly for protection of
self and property, gives you an idea of how
careful you should be in Night City when trying
to mess with someone
This economical influx in technology when
the investment money switched hands also affected
the construction of the Net, the telecommunications
service that, in the beginning, was very similar
to the internet we have nowadays
Although its development was slowed by the Crash of
the 94,
thanks to these new investments in
2005 the Net gave a quantum jump
by mixing the communications technology with the cybertechnology,
creating the first cybermodem, a way to connect
to the Net plugging your brain directly to
it, which more or less means something like
connecting to the internet using virtual reality,
but like it was the matrix, plugging yourself
into it, your brain had the notion that it
entered a physical space but, as it’s virtual,
is not ruled by the same laws of physics as the real world
This cyberspace would become
a world by itself: inside the net, you could
find virtual cities with virtual citizens,
and megacorporations had a strong presence
there, with their DataFortresses inside the
cyberspace full of juicy info for any netrunner
that had the balls to face their countermeasure
systems or their corpo netrnunner security,
called System Operators or SysOps
Like in the internet, everybody can enter the net,
but you have to be a hacker of the future,
a netrunner, to be able to do interesting
and generally not very legal things in it
At the age of the fist cybermodem every tech
company had their own interface, so what visitors
saw when they entered the Net was very different,
different visuals for different visitors,
so in 2014 a unified version of the Net was
implemented, this unified interface was called
the Ihara-Grubb protocol
The only person known to be present inside the Net during the implementations
of the Ihara-Grubb protocols
is the master of netrunners Rache Bartmoss,
who planted a little surprise inside the code
of this new interface
A surprise that, later,
would change the virtual world
As in the 90s the world was crumbling the
most powerful nations started to put an eye
in expanding mankind beyond the stars, and
shortly after the World Stock Market Crash
of the 94, the United States, the European
Community, and the Neo-Soviets started a new
space race to colonize the Moon, Mars and
the Belt, and establish colonies in orbit,
because rats are quick to abandon a sinking
The European Space Agency was at the
head of this race establishing the first colony
on the Moon in 1997, the city of Tycho, a
well-established position used to boost lunar
rocks and other building materials to create
the main space colony in orbit and the glittering
crown of the EuroSpace Agency’s achievements:
the orbital colony Crystal Palace
But sending
construction materials to Crystal Palace wasn’t
the only use for the Tycho Mass Drivers, as
they settled the Orbit Wars of 2008, between
the Euros and the Americans dropping a two-ton
rock over Colorado Springs
This would make the governments of the world to not underestimate
the people living and working in Space, known as the Highriders
To the moon base of Tycho
followed the moon base of Copernicus, the
hall Station on Phobos, the Kirkwood Station
on Ceres, and the orbital colonies O’Neil,
that followed Crystal Palace
Europeans and
Americans also tried to settle bases on Mars,
but the venture wasn’t successful
Back to Earth, once the States returned to
civilian government in 2004, this now third
world country known as the United States had
to rebuild itself after the crash, the collapse,
the upheavals, and the martial law, and it
desperately needed some money but as the government
in the shadows of the Gang of 4 isolated the
country from external alliances, they had
no one to borrow money from
They had no other choice but to turn their heads to megacorporations,
who gladly accepted the task of rebuilding
in exchange for political favors and influence
The Japanese security megacorporation Arasaka
was la crème de la crème at performing this
task as the third branch of the company, the
Arasaka Bank, is specialized in blackmail,
so soon this Japanese conglomerate secured
its power in the States, thing that didn’t
sit very well in the American Company specialized
in similar services, the military contractor
At Arasaka we value
the safety of your home
Your new Arasaka
Personal Home Scanner
is next generation threat
detection equipment
that responds to potential
threats in milliseconds
to keep you and your
family safe
Feel Protected
Soon megacorporations became the
power structures in the Cyberpunk universe,
only accountable to each other
But their battle for supremacy wasn’t only economical
and soon these battles took the shape of actual
conflicts, in what is known as the Corporate
The First Corporate War took place between
August 2004 and February 2006
It started when the corporation Transworld Airlines collapsed
and the megacorps EBM and Orbital Air battled
for the remains of Transworld
This war was,
in a good part, fought in low Earth Orbit,
In the end, EBM withdrew
The Second Corporate War was the most environmentally
destructive of them all, it took place between
April 2008 and August 2010 and was fought
between two energy giants: the American Petrochem
and the Soviet SovOil, who won the battle
The 3rd Corporate War, that started on February
2016 and ended November the same year, was
almost entirely fought in the net between
some rogue elements of the investments firm
Merrill, Asukaga & Finch and the clients they
intended to backstab, and it was the first
large scale virtual conflict
The 4th Corporate War was the biggest of them
all, and it changed both the real world and
the virtual world of the Net, the Cyberspace
It started on November 20th, 2021,
when the German shipping and nautitech giant, Internationale Handels-Marine
declared bankruptcy
Soon the vultures at
the American oceanic company OTEC and its
French rival the multinational CINO started
to fight for the remaining chunks of the nautitech
giant, and as their in-house forces weren’t
enough for the battle, they both decided to
hire the biggest military and mercenary contractors
in the business,
what a surprise, so the American
company OTEC hired Militech and the French
CINO hired the eternal rival of Militech,
the Japanese megacorporation Arasaka
As they
already held some grudges against each other,
Militech and Arasaka took the opportunity
to not only serve the interests of their clients
but also to try to destroy each other
And at first, it sounded like a great plan, because
there is no better way to promote your services
and your weaponry that having them broadcasted
in television used against your enemies, too
bad wars also cost money
These two megacorporations, Arasaka and Militech,
attracted allies involving in this war
almost all of the major corporations of the world
By early 2022 the shadow war
continued, and both corporations hired edgerunners
around the world for covert black operations,
including the Central American Conflict veteran
and Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand, the Netrunners
Rache Bartmoss, Spider Murphy and Alt Cunningham,
and the Solos Morgan Blackhand, Rogue and
These edgerunners sided with Militech
because, spoiler, everybody hates Arasaka
Specially Silverhand
At that time, Arasaka finished the newest and more deadly version
of the virus SoulKiller, a program developed
by the netrunner Alt Cunningham at the end
of the barrel of Arasaka guns, who used their
first copy of the SoulKiller in its creator,
turning Alt Cunningham into the first human
artificial intelligence of the Net
So, no
body, body killed, and mind turned into an
artificial intelligence that lives inside
a virtual space
During the 4th, Militech put at the head of OTEC security
the Solo
Morgan Blackhand, who had as extraofficial
deputy, although not officially on his team,
because… black operations, the most deadly
of Militech agents, the solo Anastasia Luccessi,
granddaughter of Militech’s cofounder Antonio Lucessi
During the decade after the 4th it
was thought Morgan Blackhand was a “double
agent” who also informed directly about what
was going on to the President of the United
States Elisabeth Kress, but this is just a
rumor and you’ll have to ask him if is true
Knowing the tactical advantage that the SoulKiller
virus gave to Arasaka, Militech hired the
master of netrunners Rache Bartmoss to locate
the SoulKiller master program
And he found it
He did it with the help of the virtual
soul of the netrunner Alt Cunningham, whose
engram was extracted by the very SoulKiller
she built for the Japanese corporation while
her physical body was killed by Arasaka eight
years ago in front of Alt’s boyfriend, the
Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand
But Arasaka’s
SysOps were good and they traced Rache Bartmoss
down, so he didn’t live much longer
And they trapped Alt Cunningham
The death of the physical body of the master of Netrunners
Rache Bartmoss triggered a deadman switch,
this little surprise that this netrunner hid
inside the code of the Ihara-Grubb protocols
when the interfaces of the Net were unified,
unleashing the RABBIDS virus, little avatars
of Rache Bartmoss that ate the entrails of
the Net from the inside, provoking the DataKrash,
the event that practically destroyed the Net
And left lots of combat Netrunners unemployed!
Aware of the potential of the DataKrash, the
Arasaka Family set out to create a secure
offline database inside the new Arasaka Towers
in the Corporate Center of Night City, a city
that, in all effects, was not considered to
be part of the United States but independent
and was controlled by the Japanese conglomerate
But the worldwide war known as the 4th Corporate
War not only reached every corner of Earth
but it also reached space, and fed up with
the fight, the Highriders of the orbital colony
property of the EuroSpace Agency O’Neill
2 declared independence and made their statements
very clear using mass drivers to drop dozens
of lunar rocks at key sites all over the planet,
causing widespread death and destruction
So the US and Japanese governments thought
that recognizing the new Highrider government
would be a great way to stop a rain of multi-ton
rocks on Earth
Although the 4th Corporate War officially
ended in October 2022 by Governmental intervention,
a few believed that it was over
Yes, it ended officially twice
The war settled with the conglomerate Arasaka nationalized by the government of Japan,
the founder of the Japanese corporation
Saburo Arasaka on whereabouts unknown leaving
his son, Kei Arasaka at the head of that Corporation,
Militech was practically absorbed by the government
of the United States
And the greatest Netrunner of all times, Rache Bartmoss, was dead
By late 2022, Arasaka established Night City
as its stronghold, and its power over the
city was so notable Night City was referred
to as Arasakaville
Kei Arasaka, son of the
founder Saburo Arasaka and President of the
Arasaka Conglomerate, retreated from the attacks
of Militech to his high tower in the corporate
center of Night City and demanded protection
from Militech
to the governor of NorCalifornia Denise de la Vega
Now in control of Alt Cunningham,
Arasaka forced the netrunner to build the
final version of the SoulKiller virus
This version of the SoulKiller was the most fearsome
yet, and it’s nearly an Artificial Intelligence
of its own, with cunning and intellect that
can rival a good netrunner
Its disguise ability
allows it to take almost any form it wishes,
making it impossible to detect by countermeasure
programs and very difficult to detect for
highly skilled netrunners
This virus could
trace several objectives at once, extract
the souls of their victims and put these virtual
souls or engrams in a virtual cage, killing
their physical bodies in the process
Its ability to multitask, mobility and power made
it the most feared program in the world of
Word on the streets was Arasaka
planned to release the SoulKiller virus on
the population shall his demands not be met,
and this was the last straw that flooded governor
De La Vega’s patience, and she authorized
the president of the United States Elisabeth
Kress to deploy the US army around the city,
including Militech operatives, who had their
own agenda
In a last attempt to sink Arasaka forever,
Militech gathered two strike teams to attack
the Arasaka Towers in the Corporate Center
of Night city, these teams included the Rockerboy
Johnny Silverhand, the Netrunner Spider Murphy
and the solos Morgan Blackhand, Rogue and Shaitan.
To make sure Arasaka would be completely
wiped out, Militech team was armed with a
mini-nuke to destroy the command complex of
Arasaka Towers and the SoulKiller labs
This final assault of the Arasaka Towers would
shape the destiny of Night City and change
its landscape forever
In this dangerou
where competence strives
to destroy
what you treasure the most
There’s an ally
you can rely on
the number one agency
with the highest class operatives
and the largest and more
reliable catalogue
of arms and equipment
First line of defensesinse
Since that date, August
20th, 2023 was known as the Night City Holocaust
During this attack to the Arasaka Towers,
the netrunner Alt Cunningham was freed from
Arasaka’s mainframe to the Net, now infested
with Rache Bartmoss’ virus, Johnny Silverhand
was killed, Kei Arasaka was trapped in a SoulKiller
cage, and the engram of his rogue brother,
Yorinobu Arasaka was freed
Militech detonated
a mini-nuke in the SoulKiler labs of Arasaka
Towers, and it is not known if they managed
to make copies of the SoulKiller virus beyond
the one that the netrunner Spider Murphy used
to kill Kei Arasaka
The consequences of the 4th Corporate War
resonated in the Cyberpunk universe for decades
After this worldwide conflict, the world was
destroyed, America was destroyed, And Night
City wasn’t doing pretty well
The nuke
detonated by Militech at the SoulKiller labs
of the Arasaka Towers destroyed much of Night
City central, over a half million people were
killed and another quarter million died in
the resulting aftermath, although most people
weren’t affected by the later radiation
as a result of being massively cybered up
The detonation caused a minor earthquake that
flooded the inner city
Roughly two million people were left homeless,
and the city needed to be rebuilt
Not that Night City was inhabitable, but it wasn’t pleasant
Atmospheric particles
from the nuclear blast in Night City, as well
as debris from orbital rock strikes, tinted
the sky of a pale red all over the world,
that’s why the next decades were known as
the Time of the Reds
The president of the United States, Elisabeth
Kress, who was re-elected for more terms that
law should allow during the times of the Reds,
didn’t have much interest in rebuilding
Night City, and by 2026 the States became
a functional dictatorship under her state
of emergency, although it sounds like it was
quite softer
than the Martial law after the Crash of the 94
She blamed Arasaka for the
attack of Night City, of course, using all
her propaganda power painted a picture of
Arasaka as an evil foreign Megacorporation
run by a madman, who blew up a densely populated
city in the pursuit of personal power, and
everybody bought that
Maybe because, in the exception of the last part, is not that it wasn’t true
But while her propaganda showed
much concern for Night City, truth is the
States didn’t have enough resources and
she wanted North California to be part of
the States again, so she didn’t have much
interest in helping rebuild the city
It was the union between Washington, Oregon, Idaho,
Northern California, and British Columbia,
called the Pacifica Confederation, and I’m
totally convinced Mike Pondsmith had a cat
called “Pacifica”, she passed away, and he
misses her so much because this is the third
thing of certain relevance in the lore that
is called Pacifica, along with the Night City
district and the region of the Net,
and it makes it difficult to explain things and avoid confusions
The Pacifica Confederation allowed
Night City to keep its independence as some
sort of “city-state”, and as such, it
was dangerous, nearly lawless, and a great
place to make the Big Score
To more or less
contain the raging crime in Night City, vigilante
boostergangs were more active than ever
As also were the psychosquads, the best-armed
part of the Police who is in charge of taking
care of cyberpsychos, remember? The most feared
mental illness of the 21st Century, now directed
by the former Sargent for the Night City Police
Department Max Hammerman, who took the protection
of innocents in Night City like a personal crusade
In 2030 the reconstruction of Night
City begins, and reconstruction teams start
moving land from one place to another to get
rid of the radioactive ruins of the central
city, so the shape of the Night City coastline
begins to change, including the previously
buried Morro Rock, that in 2077 would become
property of Orbital Air
The Recovery of the city was led by the Nomads of the Aldecano clan,
the oldest of Nomad clans, whose leader
Santiago Aldecano participated in the Araska
Riot in 2013 to help the rockerboy Johnny
Silverhand rescue his girlfriend Alt Cunningham
from Arasaka
This reconstruction of Night
City also entailed an expansion, now that
the obliterated city center was inhabitable,
more for the lack of power and basic services
than for the radiation, towns adjacent to
the city that were abandoned in the 2020s
were rebuilt and occupied by the displaced,
new mega-buildings were created to host the
growing population, similar to the Mallplex
arcologies of the 2020s, these evolved to
be the main habitable space in depressed areas
as Watson and Heywood
Actually, this is quite troll, because Mallplexes where known for their tight secutiry and
if now they made some sort of Mallplex that is not a Mallplex
this megabuilding is not exactly a Mallplex
What happens with the good security?
Should we need to worry?
With this reconstruction and expansion, Night City slowly became Night City Megacity
But not all the parts of the city received the same attention:
the district of Pacifica, a very posh district
which expansion to turn into the most modern
recreational district of Night City was stopped
and abandoned during the 4th Corporate War
Megacorporations withdrew all the funds for
this construction, so workers who traveled
to the city to work in the new Pacifica were
also abandoned there, and they started to
live in the half-done buildings, the raging
poverty of this district that the abandonment
of corporations provoked turned Pacifica into
the new Combat Zone
The total breakdown of international trade
after the 4th disrupted shipping and traveling,
now Nomads became the essentials when it came
to transporting cargo and passengers from
one point to the other by land or sea, and
they created their own routes, while Highriders,
now in control of the EuroSpace Agency assets
in space, shared this transportation responsibility
with nomads when in space
Nomads established trade routes but, still,
as supply chains were disrupted during the war, the commodities
that people were used to were scarce, and
as manufacturing was also stopped,
technology didn’t evolve much
But the real world is not the only part of
this universe that is paying the consequences
of the war: the virtual world of the net also
had a hard time
With the DataKrash provoked
by Rache Bartmoss, the net was almost destroyed
The megacorporation in charge of taking care
of the Net, Netwatch, tried to fight Rache
Bartmoss’ virus, but soon gave up and shot
key nodes of the net down to avoid the virus
from spreading, although netrunners still
visit it looking for loot, which is not quite
a good idea, I’m not sure what netrunner is
crazy enough to think they can rival anything
created by Rache Bartmoss
A new Net was built
in its place, a small and more condensed grid,
the CityNets, that were some sort of intranets
that were not connected to each other
The DataKrash made megacorporations reluctant
to connect their DataFortresses to a global
net, forcing hackers to be physically in their
locations to be able to plug into the mainframes
that weren’t accessible using a cybermodem,
as these nets were separated from each other
With this evolution of the Net came the establishment
of the first Data Pools in the 40s, servers
of information and exchange, that are for
You can access the Data Pools from your
Agent, which is some sort of mobile phone,
and the DataTerm™ machines that are still
functioning in the streets of Night City
Data Terms™ are information terminals built
into a heavily armored concrete post, that
you can find in the streets of Night City
and after the war, they were rewired to be
used as phone booths, message boards, newsreaders
and PopMedia access points
They also make
a great cover, in case you’re wondering
The RABBIDS virus spread by Rache Bartmoss
made it also hard to survive for the artificial
intelligences that lived in the net
Alt Cunningham,
most probably feeling responsible that a good
portion of these artificial intelligences
were once humans whose souls were extracted
by the program she invented, the SoulKiller,
she created a safe haven for these artificial
intelligences called the Ghost World, in the
western part of the Pacifica region of the
Net, again, Pacifica, not the Night City district
Pacifica, the Net Pacifica
The trick about setting a safe haven there is that
this part of Pacifica equates to Hong Kong in the real
world and it was destroyed by a bio-plague,
so no netrunners would connect to the Net
from Hong Kong and no netrunners would be
stupid enough to cross the whole net full
of RABBIDS to find them
Well, maybe we shouldn’t
underestimate people’s stupidity
The 4th was a great blow for megacorporations
as well, like it happened with the Crash of
the 94 just worse, as this war ended the age
of Corporate domination, during the Time of
the Reds they weren’t that mega anymore,
but that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous,
quite the opposite, as they became more rapacious
and power-hungry
Militech is nationalized
and Arasaka is reduced to a Japan-only corporation
which divided into 3 factions: the Bakafu
faction, headed by Hanako Arasaka, sister
of Kei Arasaka, the Princess faction, headed
by Michiko Arasaka, Kei’s youngest daughter,
who allies with the US government as she’s
a citizen of the states, and the Rebel faction,
headed by Kei Arasaka’s brother and leader
of the Steel Dragons, Yorinobu Arasaka, who,
let’s remember, doesn’t have a physical
body, he’s a human artificial intelligence,
like a good part of the iconic characters
in this universe, he’s immortal like Alt
Cunningham, Yorinobu’s physical body was
also killed by the SoulKiller virus and his
brother Kei kept him in a SoulKiller cage
until the people of Militech that assaulted
Arasaka Towers in Night City freed him, so
we can speculate about alliances here…
also the internal fights for power inside Arasaka
shall be a nice thing to see
But Arasaka
was planning a comeback, and by the late 40s
they already, and covertly, had a hand in
the city council of Night City
Corporations that didn’t fall during the
war did their best to survive and, in the
2040s, New Corps started to rise from the
wreckage of the 4th Corporate War
Behold to the power of the New Corporations


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  2. I really like your lore videos. Why? Well I like watching a vidoe series like Expanse, having read the books, to give it extra depth. I feel the your lore videos are going to make the game more fun to play, having knowledge of the Cyberpunk universe, making it more immersive. I have been reading the old game rule books, but your presentation is more entertaining. Cheers Hugh.

  3. BTW while this is unlisted it still shows up on your channel page as the recommended video. I know because I got here and I'm not on the Pateron.

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  7. CDPR are going with Google Stadia, which is strange as Google is a Megacorp and CDPR should be opposing them! They serve their customers very differently!

  8. I wouldn't call enhancements a NEED, per se. It's more like enhancements are highly prevalent (Mostly because , it's seen as "Cool" or "Hip").  And yes, tech CAN make you better, stronger, faster…you get the idea. But to call it a NECESSITY? Not so much. Why do you think they had Kendachi  Battlegloves/ battle goggles? It was designed for folks who want the advantages of the tech, but didn't want to pay the price in humanity.

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