Daniel is a huge fan of online games? [Happy Together/2018.11.29]

I heard
Jaehwan always teases his fans.
– Really? / – He’s really playful.
You don’t look the type. Do you really tease the fans?
We had a fan meeting.
When one of the fans
came to me, she said,
“You look like my ex-boyfriend.”
– Did she say that to you? / – Yes.
Normally, you’d get flustered
– and say, “Do I?” / – “Is that right?”
Normally, yes. But not me.
I asked her if it’s uncomfortable seeing me.
“Isn’t it difficult to look at me?”
You look like her ex-boyfriend after all.
When I went home,
– I searched about it. / – About the fan meeting.
The fan wrote about it as if I was
– She wrote about it. / – a lead character
– in a novel. / – Like drama lines.
Like the lines in dramas.
It made me cringe a little.
– What did it say? / – What did it say?
– Tell us about it. / – Tell us.
“I met Jaehwan at the fan meeting today.”
“When I told him that he resembles my ex,”
“he asked if it’s not tough seeing him.”
That’s what you said.
Yes. She said that’s what I said.
If you were in his situation,
what would you have said?
What would you have said, Minhyun?
– “You resemble my ex.” / – “You resemble my ex.”
“I guess your ex-boyfriend was handsome.”
(Her heart melts.)
Sungwoon. Sungwoon.
This is for guessing the answer.
– It’s for the answer. / – Sungwoon.
He ranks first so far.
Give it a go, Sungwoon.
“Sungwoon, you resemble my ex-boyfriend.”
– Well… / – Too late.
– This is… / – He failed.
You have to be quick.
Why don’t you give it a try, Woojin?
“You resemble my ex-boyfriend a lot.”
“Your ex-boyfriend must have uneven teeth.”
– Uneven teeth. / – That’s good.
– That’s charming. / – It’s a charm.
It is.
How about Jinyoung? He’s down-to-earth.
“You resemble my ex-boyfriend.”
“I see.”
“I see.”
(Take my autograph.)
(He’s as sharp as a knife.)
– He’s sharp. / – He’s so cool.
Jinyoung is amazing.
He doesn’t disappoint us.
I think Daniel is preparing something.
– Daniel. / – No. No.
– He’s been thinking. / – I feel pressured.
I’ll ask him the question.
“You resemble my ex-husband.”
My goodness.
Jaehwan asked, “Is she really divorced?”
(He’s very innocent.)
He asked if she really has an ex-husband.
Jihoon, what about you? How would you react?
– Me? / – Yes.
“Jihoon, you resemble my ex-boyfriend.”
“I will be your boyfriend, then.”
(He’s such a sweet and charismatic baby.)
– Goodness. / – You can’t lie.
– I love this. / – Cute.
– You can’t lie. / – I love it.
He’s good.
Kuanlin, can you do it too?
I can.
Give it a go.
He will be so funny.
“You look much like my ex-boyfriend.”
“Forget him.”
(He sounds like a cool manly man.)
– My gosh. / – He’s a manly man.
– “Forget him.” / – You are all good.
– She would forget. / – Seongwu, you try it.
– He’s thinking. / – Right. He’s thinking.
– Come on. / – It’s already fun.
– Come on. / – Don’t do that.
“You resemble my ex-boyfriend so much.”
“I’m not your ex. I am your boyfriend.”
(It’s a lucky day for Eunjung.)
– My goodness. / – It melts women’s hearts.
“I am not your ex. I am your boyfriend.”
– Saeho. / – Yes?
“You resemble my ex-boyfriend a lot.”
“I do?” Is it my turn?
– Should I give it a try? / – Yes.
(He’s excited.)
“Saeho, you look like my ex-boyfriend.”
(Deep loving gaze)
– That’s disgusting. / – What?
– Did you hear that? / – Disgusting?
(She declares that she can’t carry on.)
It’s just that…
You’re a piece of work!
(He pulls out the manual save mode.)
A piece of work?
– How could you? / – Really?
Don’t be mean to Saeho.
– How could you? / – Did you hear Daehwi?
Even though you didn’t say much,
Daehwi said that you’re disgusting.
The character I was thinking of was
an ex-boyfriend who debuted as a K-pop idol.
– “Honey…” / – What do you mean that
Saeho terrorized his vocal cords?
It’s not like Saeho did anything.
– Cornea terrorist. / – Yes, exactly.
Why have him here if this is how you’ll treat him?
Take that!
What on earth is that?
I should stop doing this. I can barely see now.
He can’t see.
You might get conjunctivitis.
– My eye hurts. / – Of course it does.
I hear Daniel had
a mortifying experience at a restaurant.
What happened?
– Seriously? / – I was
craving to eat samgyeopsal,
so I went out with a staff member at the agency
and looked for a restaurant.
It was around Gangnam,
and the streets are filled with commercials
– that I did for numerous companies. / – That’s right.
I feel proud whenever I see all of them.
I spotted my life-sized cut-out at a restaurant.
You were calling yourself in.
So I decided to eat there.
(It’s like Jihye’s at a fan gathering.)
So I entered.
Once inside, I took my seat.
I could see a poster of myself from my seat.
The one where I’m drinking the beer.
I’ve seen that.
It felt so good to see that.
You were telling you to drink.
So I took off my mask and waited in my seat.
You took it off on purpose.
I secretly wanted people to recognize me.
The lady came by to take my order
and seemed to recognize me.
So I nodded gently in return.
I felt so good that I greeted her first.
Anyway, when it was time to pay,
I thought I should give an autograph.
– Of course. / – If she asks, I mean.
I was ready to give my autograph.
I even thought of what to say.
He even thought of what to say.
– You must. / – As I was paying,
the lady told me that she saw me from somewhere.
“You’re him, aren’t you?”
I was about to say yes when
she asked if I was Daniel Henney.
– Daniel Henney! / – His name is Daniel too.
She only remembered the first name.
She’s half right.
It turns out that he was the brand’s former model.
– That’s it. / – Yes, that’s it.
– You’re right. / – Anyway,
– I said I was Kang Daniel. / – You corrected her.
It made me realize I needed to work harder.
– That mishap is… / – Of course.
The mix-up is understandable.
Does that brand only hire Daniels?
– Choi Daniel must be next. / – My gosh.
– What? / – I could be right!
He’s a Daniel too.
Jihoon, last time on our show,
you said you were a fan of V of BTS.
(V of BTS)
(He proved it by doing an impression of him.)
I hear you even play games with him now.
Yes, we’ve enjoyed a few games together.
Were you on the same team?
Yes, that’s right.
I’ve also grown closer to Jin recently.
– Jin? / – Yes.
We played games together as well.
– A few times recently too. / – Daniel,
I hear you like online games as well.
Yes, I love to play.
– He loves it. / – I remember that.
Actually, I like all sorts of games.
I have a few friends whom I enjoy gaming with.
We don’t stick to a specific genre, though.
We like playing all kinds of games.
It led to an interest in programming.
– Programming? / – Storytelling,
engineering, texture and so on.
I’ve started to study games.
I evaluate how intriguing they are
or how believable the story is.
One time, a certain game was updating its server,
but I didn’t know and tried to log on in vain.
I got so angry that I e-mailed the company.
– One that was abroad. / – What did you write?
I received an e-mail in return that said,
“I’m sorry. We’re dealing with a DDoS attack.”
Reading that made me realize
that I was deeply interested in games.
Ever since then, my friends and I
have been talking about investing in game companies.
(He wants to invest?)
That’s what I’ve been thinking about.
– I see. / – He went from a gamer
to an investor.
It has changed for Daniel.
He said he manages his own money before,
and now he’s starting his own business.
– Did I get that right? / – That sounds about right.
– Really? / – My goodness.
What about a game where Wanna One are warriors?
– That’d be a good one. / – It’ll be a hit.
I heard that you recently bought your mom a house.
– Goodness. / – Actually…
I was so excited that I said I bought her a house,
I actually only paid for the security deposit.
– That’s amazing too. / – Yes, of course.
– It’s the best. / – The house before
was a bit small. Now my mom lives in a spacious house.
That was nice of you.
– Your mom must love it. / – She’s ecstatic.
My goal for next year is to
buy her an even bigger house.
Rather than working in the business,
if your investment is a success,
you’ll have more than enough.
– Don’t you agree? / – You’ll get many calls.
If your investment is a success
and the game is a big hit…
– He can buy a house. / – Yes, just like that.
You already mentioned this earlier,
but your mom is very proud of you.
I hear the atmosphere has changed around the house.
My mom rarely expresses her feelings.
There’s a moment when I realized it.
– When was it? / – I was so busy that
I couldn’t help her with the move.
I went to visit her after she had settled in.
The entire house was covered with my pictures.
– At home? / – I was everywhere.
I was even holding up the kitchen utensils.
I figured
that must be how my fans decorate their rooms.
It was covered with your goods.
Your mom must be proud of you.
She is in possession of everything related to you.
She even had limited editions items
that are hard to buy. Also,
my mom likes to drink beer with me
whenever I come by the house.
A limited edition beer glass was released
by the brand I modeled for.
It’s very hard to come by.
– And? / – It’s in gold color,
but she has eight of them at the house.
My gosh!
Even I wasn’t able to get one.
Is it hard to come by?
Yes, it’s hard even if you buy crates of beer.
– It’s that hard. / – Where did she get them?
How did she obtain them?
She searched everywhere to collect them.
She could’ve asked you to get her the glasses.
She never asks me for anything.
She thinks it will burden him.
She never asks me.
(She never asks him for favors.)


  1. I’m glad that Jihoon and Taehyung are close now ? I’m so happy as a huge fan of these two (they’re my biases from their group) ??? plus he’s even friends with Jin ? I hope they all get to hangout together on their free time ???

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  5. I click this video to watch because I saw the title and I think it supposed to be about him and not other people. Why people are complaining here??

  6. It really seems like Daniel being the centre is really taken to the extreme even a year after pd101…
    I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it he has such star quality but i notice on a lot of shows the hosts love asking about Daniel and referring to him for his stories. It's kinda awkward

  7. It 's a Kang Daniel CUT people dont go around searching for your oppas. It's on the title!! If you dont wanna watch him then go watch a video where your bias is!!

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