Debris – Narrative Trailer | PS4

Hello? Hey, Chris. I can hear you. I can’t believe I’m talking to myself. I’m not hearing anything. All I want to know is who’s the bigger threat. Ryan, we should keep going. Sonia, hold up. Damnnit. Not fun to be taken
for a ride in your own suit. Ryan, watch out. Do you realize what’s going on here If Chris is right,
what’s gonna happen at the surface? What’s going to happen if we stay down here? Let’s go No, please, no. Ryan! He’s going down.
They’re burying him. Sonya, I’m next. If they can get to him,
they’ll get to me soon. We’re almost there. Stop!


  1. I just read the description of the game on PlayStation Blog and it made the game sound so much better than the trailer does. The trailer kind of gives off the impression that you might be fighting creatures or it's Subnautica spoof, but that's not the case at all.

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