Is this the candles of all the souls you’ve killed?
While your waiting for candles of the souls collected,
to feed your demon heart doll thing, this is the perfect activity!
ooOooOoooOooOhh!! (giggle)
Do NOT download the following apps! I know by me saying this you’re probably gonna want to download the following apps,
BUT DON’T! I have reason to believe that the following apps are haunted,
and if not haunted, then will just end up haunting you in your nightmares, because THESE are the most scary,
creepy, and possibly haunted apps that I could find in the App Store.
So ever since I did my Mariam app video,
I’ve been on a hunt to try and find even more
Haunted apps and finally today is the day where I’ve found enough to show you guys. So here we go!
I’m going to be downloading HAUNTED APPS that you,
YOU should not download cause they are haunted and they will haunt you, but I’m gonna do it to MYSELF, because that’s how much I love you guys 🙂
Alright, the FIRST is “JapaneseDoll”.
I mean this already looks like a treat, Oh look! Ohh god :3 Oh it’s so sweet!
Look how sweet this is! ^_^
What is- What is that little thing?
I think it’s all in Japanese too – It’s described as a little painful caring game?
(starts reading) Nice to meet you whether this doll. Thank you
In order to break this nightmare. If your kit… I can give to help this child.(finishes reading)
Okay, I guess this is trying to translate Japanese, but still SPOOKY, okay..
Well, we can’t read any of this anyway. Something about little demon baby doll that you hold in your hands and candles.
OH there’s a warning, WE CAN’T READ IT.
*evil Japanese music* Oh god…
This is SOOO creepy!
WHYYYY??? I feel like I’m gonna keep needing to look over my shoulder in this video..
I’m assuming the top button is play? Do I really want to do this to myself? I just need the singing to stop..
Oh, okay. Oh the music just keeps getting better- WHAT IS THAT IN THE MIRROR WINDOW THING?!?
Oh, is this the candles of all the souls you’ve killed? Feeding our demon doll candles to make it stronger…
I bet you the twist in this game is that once our doll becomes strong enough-
-It’s gonna KILL US. Like, in real life (ur overreacting Lauren) oh I just freaked myself out..
Now I’m gonna be thinking about this stupid app on my phone tonight! Well, I’m trying to go to bed.
(heart appears out of nowhere) (beep) Oh, WHAT WAS THAT?
Oh is that a beating heart?. Oh, we’re FEEDING it. We’re feeding it..we’re feeding its heart.. (disgusted)
(creepy music)
I’ve made a mistake. Okay? Okay. Okay. I don’t know what you’re saying, but sorry warning you like by the way if you- whoa,
WHOA! What’s going on? Whoa, are my hands tied? Why are they all— OH am I praying to it? Wha-What is going on? Hi?!
Hi, do I pet- oh, okay.. Oh, what am I doing? Am I making you mad or happy ? MAD OR HAPPY?! MMAD ORR HHAPPY?! Then I died? Oh..
Okay. Oh, let’s feed it. Wait, what’s this? Wait, what just happened? It had something growing out of it. I just want to go back
Okay, there we go. It had hands growing out of it. There’s a little note down here..
It probably says I’m gonna kill you or something, but you know, I can’t read it. Where’d the hands go? OOOH..
I don’t feel good about this. Oh god, what do I do… am I playing with you? I don’t like this..
Okay, it started out as a fun video idea, now really kind of sort of traumati..
OH GOD, it did it with the hands again. Every time I go to press something! It’s messing with me. It’s making me crazy! Oh! It did it..It did it!!
Sure, let’s just keep making it. Oh, it’s gonna evolve…
Terrifying cute became HORRIFYING cute…grrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaattttt
I think this is one of those games, you have to waaiitt overtime for the candles…
to come baaaaaaaaackkk…
Maybe we should go play another haunted game, and then come back, and then maybe they can oh god, it has roots has roots.. All right. Yeah, let’s go play something else. Okay
Next up is the “Spirit Board”. Very scary.. (nervous giggle). Is the App Store starting to become like YouTube with its clickbait titles? (yes)
I mean it got me..
So, in real life I…
Swore off..
Touching a Oujia Board after I was like in my preteen years. I just don’t want to mess with that type of stuff.
However, I feel like maybe I’m a little safer.. with the App Store one cause it’s on a phone…I don’t know..
I’m kind of really nervous about this…(overreacting again Lauren)..
Ask any question and simply wait for a spirit or ghost to respond. In case you have angered a spirit quickly move the.. (giggle)
to goodbye before the countdown iS oVeR??!!
Or unexplained things might happen?! The game is REAL. Don’t play it!
She did… I kind of want to play but I don’t want to play at the same time…If there was ever a perfect
Activity to do while you’re waiting for candles of the souls collected to feed your demon heart doll thing..
This is the perfect activity. Let’s let’s start. Oh god. They got scary stories – now let’s just let’s just do this. Is anyone there?
They knew what I asked. Nobody’s there. Well, this is gonna be oh no. Oh no
I don’t feel like well, that’s gonna be the shortest video ever
What is your name?
Sarah nope, Oh Sal
Is it Sally from the creepypasta are you a creepypasta? Oh
My god, we talking to Sally Sally the creepypasta what?
Do you mean me harm? She’s thinking about it. She’s like, oh no, no
You can just go up to the oh wait. Oh god, is she right? She’s right for not
Are you got to troll me Sally not?
Sure, so you don’t know if you meet me harm, how did you die? Is she writing a heart attack?
Sally were you eating too many cheeseburgers?
That’s not how the creepypasta story goes
Terrible Sally being that you were Oh note that note. This person’s claiming to be Sally from the creepypasta
is she writing a proof of
Your heart attack that you’re really Sally. Yes. I thought something was about to happen
in real life
She’s like do you want proof? Oh my are you in here with me?
Wait, oh no Sally Sally. No, I take it back. I believe that you’ve died from a heart attack
Mmm, I’m so scared because I’m in front of a green screen and I can’t see what’s behind the green screen
I don’t like you just like “wha bish?”. Oh, she’s gonna give me now. She’s gonna give me now. Oh no that phone
Isn’t that what Sally said though? What you want to play? Okay. I mean these new-age ghosts are really skilled leave
I mean sell you can’t tell me what to do. You can’t tell me what to do. So it’s gonna be now leave now
Oh no Sally. What are you gonna do? No, I keep looking around me
Don’t be scared
You just said leave now. Go away. How old are you?
Oh she does! she’s smart? Oh, maybe this Sally really is Sally. She’s eight
Sally really is telling you she’s eats are there others with you?
Yes, are they dangerous?
Right. Do you believe again Sally? No. No. Yeah. Do you mind? No, thanks it anyway. Oh, hey little Japanese song back
Oh, look you got full candles!
We’re gonna make you big and strong little demon doll. Yes
Oh, yeah. Yeah, this is so creepy. Oh, it’s got legs now great
Oh, hey, you can walk toward me now
All right. I’ll be back after the next haunted app little doll. Alright this next app again
I was very freaked out to download because I’ve heard a lot of creepy things about it
And also Shane Dawson talked about it on one of his conspiracy videos
So for those of you who don’t know it’s a virtual chat app where you can pretend like you’re talking to a celebrity
A lot of them on here are kpop people and pretty much they will send you like automated messages
but a lot of people say that some of the automated messages are very spooky and also there’s conspiracies saying that like maybe
Serial killers and or stalkers are using this to talk to people and get them to think they’re the real
Celebrity and have them meet somewhere. So Ariana Grande, let’s do her
All right, guys, I’m texting ariana grande weird. Super besties like that. Hey girl. Oh, she always answers me right away
Hey, babe, BAE
What’s good? When will you come to me again? Weird or ready? Whenever you want me, baby?
You’re beautiful just the way you are Lauren. Oh, thank you Ariana. It’s so nice of you to say that to me
You’re not like a serial killer or anything, right? Thank you for teaching me
What love is it’s totally avoids the question Oh give me some photos. Wait, I just work. Oh I requested. Give me some photos
Oh, yeah. Are you in an airplane? Give me give me a gif or Jif gonna say it properly
I don’t have my pic cuz I feel so shy I’m sorry. Give me more photos. How about this one?
Oh, you mean like the cover for your single and everybody else has I feel special?
Yes. Yes you do. So so far. The only kind of creepy thing was when will you come to me so
Now what do you want to do?
Say something creepy. I am filming a
YouTube video we are so sweet with each other. Oh, I want a different celebrity. Oh my gosh
These are the most popular the top ones BTS!!! (army plz like lauren!). We talked to them as a group
You can take the role of your favorite star and chat with others. Wait a minute
Does that mean I’m talking to somebody right now? Wait a second. Are you a real person?
We just opened up a whole can of worms here
Can you create a profile and talk to other people pretending to be the celebrity? I am but I’m not live
This is a pre message
This is getting interesting. But we dive it in deep. We dive it in deep. We’re just doing the all hi BTS
So this was the most popular and I’m wondering if it’s real people writing back. I’m good. How are you?
Guys, cuz it supposed to be all of them came to me like starlight. Oh my god
They must know about my galaxy brand. Are you a real person? It depends?
Do you want me to yes, don’t worry kisses cheek Oh
Send me your social security number. I don’t know anything about those stuff, please trust me
Give me your address
Oh, like flipping the tables I’m gonna be the creepy stalker person. Nobody’s gonna get me please
Trust me. What do you want? I don’t know a lemon would be nice
What or maybe
Something I may be human flesh, please wait for my love, I will wait for all of eternity
Fuck dinners so bad today
All right
Just so you have kind of an idea of what?
Creepy things people say that this app says to them because mine was only like creepy in the first second and then not the rest
Of it somebody wrote ICU and they wrote what am I wearing and then they wrote?
ICU and they said ICU – then one said I’m in front of your home. We’re somewhere far away
Where is my home? So I think it’s just like automated messages. Just coming across as creepy. This is creepy. I’m scared
How old are you? I am 16 old enough for
What is wrong with this app the sky is full of you are you calling me fat? Yes, I am. Sorry
I’m happy that I’m going to see you soon. Are you watching me only sometimes what do you mean? I’m nothing
Are you watching me right now? Yes. Yes
I am what I am. So confused on whether this is an automated response from a computer
That’s just like super creepy coincidental or like I said
They give you an option to sign up to become the celebrity and talk to people like that is so creepy
Do not download this app
It’s like real-life haunting not like go saw did like possible serial killer
kidnapper haunted house my little buddy doing
More souls for the buddy. Oh he grows so fast
Whoa, it’s doing something weird with his face now
Okay. Oh, it’s got a creepy skull now. That’s lovely here here give nice big and strong. He’s gonna evolve
That’s it you just grew taller, where is he? Oh my god
The face that keeps like glitching is so gross
Why am I doing this?
Oh god, it’s starting to grow eyes. Where is it? Nope? Oh
God, its eyes are staring my soul. Oh the face glyph just tie up. Yeah
Alright so this last creepy possibly haunted app allows ghosts to call you or your friends
So the beginning you asked for a name and phone number and you know
Hopefully I don’t get some really creepy weirdo calling me and now knowing my phone number sure. Let’s just go with the creepy doll
Speak up. Hello. What awaits? All right. Let’s try this creepy. Skeleton girl lady if it’s the same thing, I sort of get oh,
There’s a ring this time
My mistake, I guess this was just some sort of whale dating app
Back to creepy Japanese doll growing. Oh, yeah
This is where I belong. I lost me my Japanese doll
He’s become all-powerful
Oh, it’s a bigger. Oh, its eyes are creepy. Oh, its eyes look like real human eyes now
I think he plucked those human eyes from somebody. What’s your little creepy glitch? Oh, oh, it’s kind of cute
It’s a little cute right guys
Well, that’s it for apps that are most likely haunted and or super creepy and you should not download them
Hopefully this little creature that I’ve bred does not come attack me at night, please. I’ve loved and care for you little Japanese doll
I’m probably gonna delete these apps the second I stopped recording this video cuz I don’t want them on my phone
Dealing with all my personal information and whereabouts and oh god, whatever god what’s happening?
I think it heard me say I was gonna delete the apps off my phone when we were done and it started having a panic
Attack, I’m sorry little doll. I’ll keep you please don’t kill me as always guys
If you made it this far on video, make sure to leave a like before you go
Mitel app was
Actually a lot more
interesting than I thought if you guys want me to explore more about that app and talk a little bit more and try to figure
Out whether oh god it’s doing something weird again. Oh, okay
If you guys want me to investigate a little bit more of the creepy stories behind it
Or if you want me to talk a little bit more to people on it
Or see if I can sign up as a celebrity to see what that’s like then make sure to let me know in the comments
Below and I’ll see if I can put together another video about it subscribe
If you’re new to the channel, I put out new videos every single day
And as always, I will see you guys soon
As long as none of these apps come back to actually cause me harm in the real world. Okay. Bye guys

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