Elune Gameplay New Summoners War Collab so much FREE STUFF!

fort what’s up my loons welcome back to
another video here on for Missouri gaming and it is super high if you guys
can see the right side of the screen of all those different panels we got going
on we have tons of stuff to go over the summoners war event so a lot of stuff
that they did not tell us about of things that they dropped on us you guys
comes here this is the summoners war Lobby if you guys did pre-register you
guys will get that in your inbox along with a lot of other things so for
instance this is actually stuff I just got from the reload event which we’ll
get into but we do want to go over because I do want to show there we go so
there’s the 5 star a legendary summon ticket that you guys should have all
gone as long as you guys sign up for the pre-registration would leave you also
got the lobby and the camera the other reward was already claimed it so but
that’s what we got going on which I’m going to open that in today streams so
today will be a sponsored stream later tonight guys at 6:30 p.m. est and I’ll
go over more details at the end of the video but that’s for the first
pre-registration so we’re gonna go over all the different things in the event so
as far as an actual event we don’t actually have an actual event we have
lots of rewards for doing things that you’re gonna do in the game anyway so
let’s go ahead and go into that first let’s go to the 7 day login obviously
it’s pretty easy you guys just do your logins and you guys are going to get
started rewards now these I believe are the gear pieces that only I think I
would assume only art smell in Lucca if I’m pronouncing her name right can use
so looks like you have an ATP spoon and a tea shield and a tea homeland and a
tea ring and 18 necklace and a tea sword now this may only be for our demo
because the you guys can see those are hers you get 32 shards on the fourth day
login and then maybe the next week we’ll get the following one but it doesn’t
look like it because it actually looks like this logging period goes for a long
time till December 10th so maybe we are not gonna get a little cuz our ruins you
know when I when I do pull them I’ll be able to tell you guys for sure or if
anyone has gotten them already because I’m not doing
coastal tonight which is almost about 24 hours from when the event dropped but if
you guys can figure out if you guys can use regular gear on them let me know in
the comment section down below but that’s pretty cool that’s all 80 things
but like I said I would assume these are only for the summoner’s war heroes so it
doesn’t really tell me here if it’s unique to them but we’ll see you know
we’ll get those eventually but that’s pretty awesome that’s pretty dope so
that’s the seven-day login now this I actually didn’t even notice this until
like a second ago but an account level of support system this is pretty insane
actually so what you guys see here is basically if you guys are account level
40 which if you guys have been playing for at least a month you probably are
there all this free stuff it’s insane so we’re gonna gonna claim these as we talk
about them so 50 Aeons 100 thousand gold when i believe it is that exp it doesn’t
tell me um but I assume that’s like a seven-day exp thing it looks like I’m in
a t way way soul stones complete why can’t I claim use account exp a Heuer auras waiting after you after
you level up can I level up to 75 no okay hold up
why can’t I claim I’m past account 40 okay let’s read this you can claim
rewards only 100k you can only claim rewards once a day if you created your
account before 1120 you must tap clan to receive your rewards after you level up
level up reward can only be claimed once per account rewards left unclaimed your
inbox load okay so now I got it all right so you basically have to wait all
these days to get all this stuff so like today I was able to claim the first one
which is a level 5 so you guys have actually a long time to reach the old 40
because you’re gonna like what 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so it’s gonna take eight days for
you guys to get all those rewards but let’s go over them anyway so tomorrow
I’ll be able to get 50 more Aeons a premium tenfold summoned voucher a and
then a another 100 weh-weh stones and then the next day your to get a hundred
ions to epic skill books and epic 5-star select a 100 weh-weh stones and then the
4th day you’re gonna get 100 ions 5 support seeds and 200 of the waylay
stones and then the next day you are gonna get which actually this looks like
the best day it’s the level 25 is your gonna get 100 a on 5 bps seeds to legend
Bluffs in a four star legendary 4 star summon legendary then the next day
you’re gonna get up 5 debuff receives 100 answer to kick Gold level 35 which
will be the seventh day you guys are gonna get a hundred Aeons five of the
healers healer class seeds another of the premium tenfold voucher and then the
final day turn 150 Aeons 5 tank seeds and fire cake gold that’s actually funny
that like day six it looks like is our day 5 has the best rewards by far like
easily what they forced our legendary ones
klas seeds and then to legend books that’s pretty funny kind of weird that
the middle of the pack has the best rewards overall but it is what it is
this was not something I was expecting now that I’ve reread it I understand
what the people in discord were saying so there you go
so next we’re going to go into the cross over roulette event we’ve had these
before but this time it’s actually pretty nice so first of all if you guys
get at least 6,400 rubies you guarantee can get all three of these rewards so
you’re going to get to legend books and then attend support seeds if you pull if
you if you acquire an art smell if you acquire Anna Luca you’re gonna get ten
healer seeds and then two legends books and then if you get both by default
you’re gonna get an additional four star Elune legendary now I assume all these
legendary tickets were getting you cannot get the crossover heroes
unfortunately they are not in the premium banners I did check before today
so you cannot I would assume you can only get the older heroes from the
regular Elune heroes you cannot get the crossover hero so keep that in mind but
still a free four star legend is a free four star legend and what I mean by this
is when you guys go into the banners every time you complete all ten steps
which cost 2800 rubies you guys are gonna be able to get to pick an arsenal
or in a local whichever one you want now I recommend giving one copy of each
simply for this and on top of that you never know when that unit might make be
useful and from what I understand they’re gonna be giving us doop stones
eventually that you can act as dupes because we need a lot of those dupes
further eventually for their slate system so I’m not sure if those have
been released yet or if they’re coming later in the event but we’ll see so
there you go there’s that part next we have the roulette you can get 10 spins a
day which is insane so you are gonna have to use 300 ions every thirty Aeons
you’re gonna get one ticket so times that by 10 you’re gonna have to spend
300 and a day which should be very easily 2
every day and then you guys are gonna be able to get 10 spins and a lot more
value in the spins here so on an angel on is an exp booster that you feed into
your loons obviously no approving some tickets we know the class seeds are so
you have a one shot at three shot for class C’s 50 ions and then the soul
stones for a Luka or for arcs and also I believe we have two spins left so it’s
gonna do two spins let’s see what we get on camera for you guys I believe I did
get some Arsenal soul stones did we get the three oh no just the one but still
one class seat is very very good so and then I think three no one okay so – so
another two classes there and then once you once you do certain mouse spins so
you gave you 150 spins total you’re gonna get an exclusive at epics a
legendary gear for 150 100 you’re gonna get ten lights your keys so keep in mind
that’s basically ten class seats of your choice as long as you guys have
completed all the way through the the adverse I believe it’s is it adverse or
whatever the highest difficulty for the for the light your temple is seventy
times are gonna get another ten fold voucher fifty times you’re gonna get a
legend book and then thirty times you’re gonna get a epic book so on day three
basically look at is day three you’re in an epic book day five you’re gonna get a
legendary day seven you’re gonna get a premium
something ticket the tenth day you’re gonna get the light your keys and then
day fifteen you’re gonna get the exclusive gear so pretty cool definitely
one of the better roulette events we still have the rebate
event so if you guys are playing to spend money that is still active up
until the 30th so I would recommend if you guys are gonna buy any packs do that
before the 30th that way you guys can get these rewards so like for me I may
end up spending at least enough to get ten points which I think I gotta do like
ten more dollars just to get that that four star legendary so you know quite a
lot if you want all these rewards you got to spend like five hundred dollars I
think which I’m totally not so especially because the oh these are
okay are these all legendary okay so you got to go all the way to $300 to
guarantee get a legendary but you do get a five-star Elune there you get the the
1,500 rubies that’s a 6 star legendary 2500 rupees two of the legend gears so
you know 40 bucks to get additional to in rubies and a four star legend isn’t
bad so you know I think Italy it’s worth 40 bucks I think that’s a good deal so
that’s what we have for the rebate so let’s go into Oh Loki why don’t we go
ahead and do my my free someone while we’re talking so oh I was hoping for
that on camera lock but no no no dice there and then we’ll do our pay one time
all right so we almost a four star four star so by the way keep in mind I
recommend any six stars and you guys get from rares like just through fusion sell
them don’t refuse them now because you’re gonna get increased
amount of Elune lights and seeds and we know how much we need those for the
slate system this is the two cents so finally we have the cheer event so I’m
not sure exactly how this is gonna work but apparently you guys to see their
first place here and you get three times rewards number two times rewards so I
don’t know if you’ve put at least something into let’s say as of right now
it looks like a Lucca is gonna lose she’s down by five million points so if
art Amell wins as long as I don’t know if like as long as you put like
something into a Lucca if you’re still gonna get the double rewards or if it’s
only gonna be you can only claim the rewards from the whatever person you’ve
invested in the most so that’s the case at this point I would just say everyone
going to our Tamela even though I don’t want him to win because Lucas actually
gonna give you boots of level 80 liters which I don’t know why everyone went
into arts and all just because maybe they because he’s the better hero they
didn’t really look at the rewards but he’ll know at this point I made this
hold onto my cheers and wait but we’ll see cuz I think you could just hoard
your cheers until the events because it ends in five days so you
shouldn’t have an issue with that to my knowledge and then you have your
rank rewards once again I don’t advise you to grind your life off because there
are so many people probably Mack rolling or doing whatever they’re gonna make
sure they get the top rewards you got to get in the top really 200 to get
anything really relevant which you’re gonna get a five-star legendary and then
you’re gonna get an exclusive gear piece and epic or legendary so you know
guarantee I think you guarantee get the get the premium ticket so and then you
have a total reward cheer race rewards so I would assume this is if you cheer
request words or based on number of completed quests so however many quests
you completed you’re gonna get these so if you’ve completed 42 cheers you’re
gonna get all the rewards which here is a DPS crafting material you’re gonna get
the the red gems you’re gonna get is this an epic epic two legendary
exclusive a tenfold voucher 100 gems three class seeds one of the ruins so
maybe this is how you get her ruins maybe I don’t know we’ll see you need a
legend book some malloon lights some souls for a Lucca and our demel a
hundred of the L stones and then once someone and their regular something
ticket as well so that should be pretty easy to get overall for that so that is
the rank reward so let’s go into the quest so this is every day you guys are
gonna be able to accomplish this looks like there is six per day you can do so
what happens is you’re basically gonna do and then that’s total completion so I
would assume once you’ve been here total of 42 completions and you can just claim
that so I’m probably just gonna wait on that and wait until I do that unless I
miss the 42 by some reason but hopefully I didn’t miss it but you guys just do
kind of your regular stuff every day and you’re gonna get these points to cheer
so clear lighter temple clear adventure ten times scrap dere five times cell
five skill gems which we probably don’t do that on a regular basis but just do
that five times a day still five skill gems a day scrap five balloons a day and
send your friend points you’re going to get all these rewards so that is going
to be total 180 cheers and then you just go
ahead and send those and they me have your exchange where so like for instance
I’m gonna go unclaimed and it shows your consumption and what you can get so you
get more cheer points for it doing your exchange so I would assume that you just
can keep doing this over and over and over again getting those different
materials whether you’re getting class seeds gold ions friend points rubies
valor points things like that and then you’re going to get more cheer points so
now I have 161 cheer points so I’m gonna go in here no I’m gonna go into arts and
on now just because and I’m just gonna use like a hundred cuz all right we’ll
do 130 and so and I would have said I would assume that you know the legend
book the DPS seeds and that are okay so I guess that’s what you get so I guess
maybe people want the legend books and the DPS seeds but when we looked on lot
on the patch notes it was like if you look through all the different things
you are getting it showed that she was giving you boots now maybe that was
misinformation I’m not sure guys love to see how that all pans out with the whole
cheer thing but that’s what a cheer whole thing is about I would say
honestly if we don’t see a drastic increase in a look I’d just probably
going to arts model to get the maximum rewards that way you guys can that way
that way you guys are can do that but it is saying new cheer races are held
weekly so that I would assume that means every week we have a chance to do these
now I don’t know if that means we are also gonna be able to get like the HD
and the quest for the total completions under you know the total roared I don’t
that’s pretty nuts if we’re able to do that every week but if it is that’s
awesome so a lot to see on that but the chair thing is definitely probably one
of the best things and that’s pretty much most of it we still do have our
special event here for the Aslan and the Stella thing so if you guys have not
completed it make sure you guys do that you guys are gonna be able to get
getting more of these things here where you get a loons regular loons seeds a
loon why yawns and some rubies so not great
rewards for this unfortunately like the class seeds weren’t in here this time
but still you know maybe you’re lucky enough to get some rubies that’ll help
you guys out for your summons for sure so but that is gonna be the video guys
so let me know what you guys think of this whole thing with the whole collab
that we have so far we’ll have to see what new things we get or other things
we get for the summoner’s or collab and the weeks to come the fact that that
that the chair does say weekly I have means I would assume possibly Brett’s
gonna reset every week until December 10th cuz that’s what it looked like of
how long the total login bonus was going for so maybe that’s the case we’ll have
to see how that goes and when I get more information on new things with this in
the game I’ll definitely bring that to you guys I will be doing a pack review
of the paid packs for the summer’s work lab to see what I feel is worth your
money what is not worth your money so stay tuned for that as well guys but
definitely definitely definitely come out tonight for the stream at 6:30 est
we’ll be streaming I have at least one viewer that has submitted me their
account information that will be somebody for him at Luke he’s around
11,500 rubies on top of my 13,000 rubies that you guys see there almost I got and
I should be able to top that up to 13,000 on for today’s summoning video
plus all the premium gotcha tickets as well and will it be having coupon codes
so make sure you guys definitely check us out tonight on twitch in youtube so
definitely let me know guys if you guys are gonna make it let me know the
comment section down below if you guys are new see me for the first time make
sure you hit that subscribe button so you guys don’t miss our stream coupon
codes all that kind of cool stuff that we give out here for a loon and make
sure you guys like the video if you guys can like today’s content and ring that
bell so you guys don’t miss any notifications from us and I’ll see you
guys in the next alone video peace out guys


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