Energy drink healing logic in PUBG

Okay Okay okay okay Okay we’ve got 20 seconds till the circle moves Shit where’s Adam? Adam! Oh Oh! Adam are you alright mate?! Yuck! Med packs med packs! What do you need? What do you need? Do you need anything? What do you need? What do you need? I’m good I’m good Ahh Ahhh Ahhh Mmm Ah You alright? Yip Yeah I’m good Adam you were shot like 20 times… Yeah I’m good Mmm Ahh Speed boost


    uuuh…. who upload your video in youtube with korean subtitles which are same with your youtube subtitles.
    I think you should see it

  2. PLEASE report this video. This guy literally posted your video with Korean subtitles that is already on your video

  3. PUBG இல் ஒருநாள் | PUBG In Real Life | Tamil Version | Saga Next :

  4. Se dieron cuenta qye rowan estaba dañado y arriba a la isquierda disen los nombres de jugadores y aparecia que balearon a adam ose WTF

  5. Indians loves should consider refer India’s name in your next video title. I promise you will see jumps in your subscription rate

  6. I really like the dedication of that actor guys. I knew actors are willing to do disgusting things for the perfect take, but him sacrificing himself by drinking red bull, wow… Next level dedication right there.

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  8. imagine being so wounded, the red bull just starts pouring out of your bullet wounds as you slowly heal and just keep saying "I'm a growing boy"

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