Fast & Furious Crossroads – Announcement Trailer | PS4

I’m going to split. It’s the only way to
keep you both safe. I think I know someone who can help. You ready to rock? You want revenge. We want justice. We’re gonna jump onto a moving train? I got you. Jump! Oh, you gotta be kidding me. When in doubt… …do what I do. I’ve seen what you do. That’s why I’m kind of terrified. Do you want to stay on the truth… …or take this to the next level?


  1. This ain’t fast and furious real fans would know street races would be a real f&f game in miami or LA in the early 2000s with classic cars

  2. ese trailer me trae nostálgia ya que veo que MidNightClub llevaba mas el nombre de FastandFurios

    like si quieres que Rockstar saque un nuevo MidNightClub

  3. Se hubieran basado en Fast And Furious Reto Tokyo PS2 o en las películas 1,2,3 y 4 en vez de las actuales pero que más da lo voy a probar

  4. Miren gráficamente no resalta espero que tenga bueno historia o jugabilidad o un doblaje a español latino es lo mínimo que se es para para un título con el nombre fast and furios es importante perdón que esto está en español

  5. Should've made it for the XboneX and PC. At least then graphics would've been better. The Riddick games must be looking down in disappointment.

  6. We all have to admit that the graphics need to be improved I mean we’re in freakin 2020 video games should look more like movies and not games but I’m definitely exited for the game and the new movie

  7. Sad to see how f&f is getting downhill.
    No effort st all.
    Not in this game, nor in the movies.
    F9 is the best example.

  8. The graphics look cool i like this game and look they might not have the supra in need for speed but they might have it in this game

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