Fight with my girlfriend.softly and romantic game❤‖PUBG mobile‖AGBaozi

u get down

he dead

do u see where am i?
i didn’t move at all
i watched it happen in front of me

watch it happen
u know that?
teammate: bad guy
u should say little rascal
teammate: many people were surfing there, shot them

teammate: why got someone shot on me?

he is down, how?
teammate: this people is familiar
he dead, don’t worry

he disturb our romantic travelling

kill him
dislike guy

give me some 7.62 ammo. i don’t have

so little?
this boat is really poor
teammate: there is still someone was surfing there, shot him
teammate: he is swimming over there

teammate: still got someone down there



teammate: how to get up?

from here
what are u doing? s over here

jump into the beach
let’s go to surf

go to yellow point
ps: ( he is singing )

no one
seemed like no one here, but feel like someone here
so strange

i saw a pig is flying
have been searched
come, follow me
take out your fist, follow me
teammate: i use medicine first
quickly get out, there is a grenade

drink it

can u follow me
movement.. drive the car
u get down, i wanna act like a robot

over the garage
he is over 150 directions, he saw us
quickly come over here
get up
do u still have 7.62 ammo? give me some
teammate: yes, i have
give me some
he almost die

bro, DP-28

kill him first
strange, why this grenade become like this?


no more people, come to pick the box

8 scope, got sniper?
the speed that u pick the box
u are experienced

look at me
look at me
i saw her like a robot, i wanna to laugh
like this

she run straightly
she walked like this after she reached here
teammate: shut up
amazing movement
left right then reached
teammate: shut up
she dare to get inside
teammate: are u sick?
teammate: something wrong with this people
celebrate it
quickly go
let me drive the car
quickly let me drive the car

anything wrong?
whose cell phone? who put the music?

don’t worry, they used to
teammate: there is a robot
let u kill him
teammate: u said let me kill him
but the actual is u knocked him down
teammate: there is a car stop over here, must be someone here

teammate: 2 person, stop here
go to third floor, okay
teammate: okay

teammate: how if he throw the grenade?

he can’t kill me, only u will be kill
remember don’t jump down
teammate: is he throwing the grenade?

burn him

don’t worry. he don’t have grenade anymore
don’t worry

teammate: still got 2 person behind the wall
he knocked u down?
teammate: still got one more over there

quickly praise me, look at my pineapple head

teammate: too handsome
give u, protect your head

call me dad, the i give u
teammate: i don’t want
u don’t wanna to kill the robot?
u have change

rare for what?

finally u said the true
come, give u this

teammate: this must be a 3 level vest
why u want..

teammate: i don’t wanna waste the ammo
he is shooting on me just now. is the ammo important than me?
quickly come here, i got a flower for u
over there


teammate: there is a robot
this is more powerful
far away. 30 directions
teammate: he will come here soon
teammate: this people is too over, grab my robot kill
teammate: kill him. he is coming

go to kill him
teammate: too over
go to kill him

teammate: he got teammate right?
kill his teammate

come, bring u to kill his teammate
sneak to kill the robot?

how? brother in the live broadcast?
solve the single problem

sexy pineapple head
the little grass
look on the ground, then u will see it
there is little grass on the car roof
sexy pineapple head
wanna to pick the airdrop?
teammate: yes
okay, then i get to u

no, we go to grab it.
just simply pick it
airdrop is mine
there is my name on the airdrop
get down

i shot it to the sky
teammate: u are so powerful
teammate: there is a red jewelry on the ground

teammate: u shot the gun beside the airdrop
i shot it to the sky
something wrong, i don’t know what happen?

this airdrop is wasted
u lay down over here
lay beside the tree there
don’t worry
i didn’t kill much people in this match

don’t worry

u drink my water?
teammate: u go out and take it

u are dog, drink my water
teammate: thank you
teammate: can u close the door?
sell wife online

let’s go
only left 10 person

work overnight at night

teammate: go to the school
someone here?
what tare u saying about?
teammate: go to the school
open your mic
teammate: i have opened it
oh, can u say again?
teammate: i said go to the school
no more oil

teammate: something wrong with u
teammate: u stop the car inside since the car has no more oil

come here

how u know someone here?
dear, where is the people?

later we play.. in the final stage
no one here
the number of people has dropped so fast
pick it

oh my god
oh my god! do u want extended?

teammate: quickly
a moment please
u get down
don’t move
what are u doing?
what are u doing?
teammate: i stuck over here


teammate: are u sick?
i snipe on him
he is weak
can u let me use the medicine?
2 people
3 people
don’t worry, do u have grenade?
teammate: yes
u almost die, come here
not die yet?

teammate: i have threw the grenade on the ground
something wrong with u
this people

he killed u
something wrong

sneak into the enemies strategy
what? they go to third floor
baby, u will die if u not run

i will die with them

very close to death still wanna to save your teammate?


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