So, what did you want to talk about? When spring comes I’m leaving town. I’m going to Midgar. I’m gonna be a soldier. The best of the best like Sephiroth. Tell me…is it really you? Are we on schedule? Please, Mr. President.
I am asking you to reconsider. No…begging. Director. The stench of the
director’s cowardice fills the room yet again. Supersaturation confirmed. Engaging material cooling to reduce temperature. Director, you have a meeting shortly. Stop. Your timing is impeccably atrocious. Oh dear. Oh dear. A man of my refined tastes running out of butter? Welcome to the Honeybee Inn, Cloud. True beauty is an expression of the heart, a thing without shame to
which notions of gender don’t apply. Perfection. Not a word. Not even one? No! But you’re so pretty. Today’s bride to be is — Today’s? Pathetic. Which one of you said that? You got a mouth on you? Well, aren’t we having
a wonderful time kicking the hornet’s nest? You know what I want,
a second dance, just the two of us. So what the hell is it? A fascinating question. Did it just talk? I am that which you see before you… nothing more. A touching reunion. Very, very good. And thus is the hypothesis proven correct. I can only hope you will continue not to disappoint. [LAUGHTER] I was getting tired of playing tag anyway. Come on. We’re here to rescue Aerith, remember? We don’t need more attention
than what we’re gonna get. Yeah, I hear ya. I know these people,
and I know they’re never gonna let earth go. She’s the last living Ancient on the planet. Think about what that means to Shinra scientists. This is… The source of everything. Jenova. Suck on this! Cloud! The Shinra Electric Power Company isn’t the real enemy. I promise you. There’s a much bigger threat. I just want to do everything in my
power to help all of you and the planet.

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