1. Ich freue mich wirklich sehr auf das Remake. Endlich FF8 in schöner Grafik auf der PS4 spielen.
    Ich bin ein großer Fan seit dem das Spiel vor vielen Jahren für die PS1 auf den Markt kam.
    Doch etwas stört mich wahrhaftig besonders und es irritiert mich, dass ich nirgendwo sonst davon lese.
    Bin ich der einzige dem auffällt und absolut nicht gefällt, dass Squall eine falsche Kette trägt (diese Dissidia Version)? Es ist ja ganz schön wenn sie Squall in anderen Spielen wie Dissidia einen leicht anderen Look geben, nur zu, aber im Original Spiel FF8 soll und muss er für mich einfach wieder seine klassische Kette tragen! Ergibt ja auch null Sinn, wenn er Inplay die Dissidia Kette trägt, dann kommt eine gerenderte Cutscene und dort trägt er wieder die alte Originalkette…. ? Ich hoffe wirklich das wird noch angepasst.

    Gleiches gilt für Rinoas Ingamegrafik. Hier trägt sie von Anfang an 2 Ringe an der Kette. Diesen Zustand hat sie aber erst später im Spiel…

  2. If they could rework it entirely with similar gameplay to FFX, I'd be very interested. Doubt that's plausible though.

  3. FF15 2016-2018
    FF12 2006- 2018
    FF7 – 2020
    FF Crystal Chronicles
    how many more are coming love it at it's best.

  4. more detailed character faces, but tbh cerberus looks like trash… scared about this one, more scared about the ff7 remake…

  5. So we are getting 7 remake and 8 Remastered that's what I'm talking about. 8 is my fav btw 7 right behind it.

  6. a remake with multi player would be lovely if u ask me , wher your freinds could each be a character . the ff8 world is the best of all for me for this undoubtly

  7. This is the result of that Ballroom Dance Meme wherein Rinoa compliments Squall being the best pixelatedly looking guy.

  8. I dont really care about this . why should i buy a PS1 game again for 30 to 40 bucks ? I rather play the steam version with mods.

  9. What? No Widescreen? What is this? Just take the original samples of the resolution, hit compile.. profit 🙁

  10. What a lazy remastered im ever see. They don't even bother to upgrade the graphics of background, map, and cutscene but just some mods that the fans can even create the texture of the main characters. This is completely waste of time and money to spend on this game, what's a disappointment.

  11. I came back to move my like to dislike because of censorship cause they're ruining the originality art of the game.
    I won't be buying this sorry I'll stick with my ps1 ff8

  12. Final Fantasy 8 is my favourite part of series, although I will have to pass on this release. They seem to have put absolutely minimal effort into it, and trying to sell it for price of a standard game. Disgusting cashgrab – shame on you SE!

  13. Been trying to play this game for ages but the friggin summon boost button is slow as heck on steam in the current version which makes it near unplayable for me. Hopefully with this released, they actually fix it and I can finally enjoy the game's full experience again.

  14. I wish we could see some background outside of the battle scenes. If you played the Remako mod for FFVII PC recently that was made using machine learning tech (along with HD character mods) you do know how much of a difference it makes. I hope Square did use this machine learning technique to revamp the backgrounds artwork. The character models are revamp for sure but if the textures on the ground at 0:09 are of any indication this game will need to get modded properly to look like a true remaster.

  15. Hello, I was so happy for playing FF8 finally on my ps4 , unfortunately, I realized that there is an existing bug that is not allowing me to continue playing this magnificent game, after a long battle (any battle around 40min to 1hr) the game freezes (you only can see a black screen but you can still hear the background audio), to be more specific, this bug shows up after trying to check the status panel or simply after ending the battle, where can I report this bug? Thanks for the help in advance.

  16. Just saw the Digital Foundry analysis and I can't believe that the performance of the game is worse than the original during battles.

  17. Seguite il Walkthrough di questo capolavoro rimasterizzato insieme a noi… IN ITALIANO….
    Vi aspettiamo…….

  18. this is FF VIII Remastered for PC version, and isn't for PS4 or other next-gen console.. because this game is very low graphic for PS4

  19. Forget remasters remake all the classic Final Fantasies starting from no. 1 the way you did Final Fantasy 7 Remake!!!!

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