Footballer 1 – RACE 7! (Tottenham vs Man City 2-0, Koscielny handball and more)

It’s Footballer 1 race 7 … Jesus Allen is doing well here… But here comes the Fiat Panda Hererra! And there’s huge contact with Allen’s bodywork … …but just like the crucifixion, it’s not enough to finish him off. Man City are ahead……but Aguero is in Alderweireld’s back pocket … …and Pep crashes for the first time this season! Milner is middle of the road but proving he’s a great little runner. Guidolin has been blown out of the picture! And it’s the Swansea owners! Not the first time some Americans have been responsible for friendly fire. The knives are out at the Olampeic Stadium…quite literally for one or two Hammers. Ayazzzz!!! Ah … the West Ham way, 2016, strikes again. And it’s neck and neck here too…Wilshere goes for the win! But he’s hit the post and won’t go the distance, yet again! It’s looking liking a draw here with seconds remaining… But what’s this? A last minute handball does the trick! It’s all square in the battle of the Belgians… Phelan is still waiting for the phone to ring with a job offer. Oh, but it looks like he was using a Samsung… Pulis is picking up some momentum with his new rocket – NASA Chadli. But he’s been slowed by Patrick van Arsehole! And it’s Pep who still takes the cheq flag despite his crash! Subtitles by the community


  1. Doesn't this seem a little bit weird? Dean uploaded the first F1 when Man United lost to City. And then the watford video. When Man United won against Leicester he didnt upload. And now that Man United drew with stoke he uploads.

  2. To all swan fans out there Bob Bradley will do wonders for your club trust me, I have seen first hand what he is capable of.

  3. There were no reported incidents of knives at the London Stadium, Dean, so the moment with the knife couldn't have happened. Good reference, though!

  4. Can you make Road to Russia 2018 matches again ? Because you will have more fans in Europe , also can you make all the flags in all teams shirts because I like to see it ?

  5. Great content week in week out….Hope you hit 1 million soon as I subscribed before 500k.Also I voted for you and hope you win the award as well,

  6. I have an idea for a new idea. To represent the apprentice starting you should do an apprentice series where the prize is you get to be England manager. Like this so he can see it

  7. london stadium is like the gaza strip

    there will be deaths when chelsea bring 8k plus fans in the efl cup

    concerned for both our fans and chelsea fans

  8. Voted you, voted Free2freestylers, voted Jamie Caragher.Rest I didn't as I am "Undigenous" of land and citizenship and residence.

  9. Dean, you start off this F1 video with United fumbling up the Stoke game. Before that, you'd done that "Ha Ha Mourinho" (stuck in my head for a while,that) for the Watford 3-1. Somehow there was absolutely no mention, on any video at all of the Leicester game, though.
    I'd quite looked forward to seeing your spin on that first half of that game.
    Some partiality perhaps?

  10. I'm MAN UTD fans,,,and this race7 make me so unhappy,only 1-1 draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dear Mr.442oons can you make a video of the football world reacting to Argentina and Peru drawing 2-2 during the international break

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