All right, I’m gonna start this video by saying both of these games are very good in their own way. Okay. All right
So now I if I see any comments saying “Circle hates huh Fortnite”
or “Circle hate PUB GUUH
I’m going to come down there. I’m gonna hit you with a spatula. Okay, can we get into the video now?
Okay, there once was a game called PUBG or as I like to call it
it was a battle royale game
Where a hundred people jumped from a plane got some loot and battled it out until there’s only one
Person left and it barely fucking worked
But we were happy honestly despite how poorly it ran when this game was getting popular everybody. I knew was playing it
We were hungry for that chicken dinner. And when you finally tasted victory it was so sweet
No other game has really had that feeling of like,
oh my god. Fuck. Yeah
Yeah, remember watching a hundred people jump from a plane
They are all gone because of me
Or maybe I just hidden the bush and then shot the last guy (camper)
But that doesn’t matter. I am chowing down on some chicken dinner, and I know we want it
I know you lying this up. I know you looking at it, but it’s all mine baby. Mmm
this wow (regret) This chicken is fucking cold,
but little did PUBG know, there was a force growing. (It’s Hunger Games!)
Fortnite another battle royale game. Well, actually this game didn’t start as a battle royale
It started as like a build a base tower defense zombie thing, but no one cared about that
So they just kind of went,
Epic Employee,” UHH, Let’s just add Battle Royale”
and oh my god, everyone started playing it
I know I don’t need to tell you how popular Fortnite is
I mean V bucks is basically the new Bitcoin (Ali A must be richer than Bill Gates)
but I got opinions on both of these games
So I’m gonna talk about them and you already read the title of the video. So this is no surprise
I’ve had my chicken dinners, and I’ve had my victory Royale
So whatever I’m gonna say
I feel like I’m saying it from a very fair point of view and I’d just like to start by saying. Oh, holy shit
Why does PUBG still barely work
Back when it was early access, this was kind of understandable
but we are way past early access now
I’m just trying to drive my fucking car man
thrives on it’s like semi realistic style gameplay
You know what ruined that the fucking most glitching into a fucking barrel (the struggle is real)
I’m not even gonna touch on the subject of how this game ran on consoles. I
What what the fuck am I looking at
and now at this point I was kind of fed up
with PUBG (what happened to PUB BUH GUH?)
So I figured you know what? I’m just gonna try Fortnite and UHH
Keep in mind I started playing this game way before it was kind of like a fad
And I enjoyed every single
Second of it it
It wasn’t that I was playing it and having fun because it was popular
I was playing it because it was really fucking fun.
I could feel myself getting better at the game with every loss (yeah right)
I learned how to use weapons effectively. I learned how to build faster
I mean
It just got better at the game by playing
PUBG does not have that same feeling at least when I lose in Fortnite
I’m like, okay it was because he built a castle above me and then shot me in the head with a shotgun
But when I die in PUBG, I feel like it’s just cuz I trespassed in the fields of
Mr. HidesInGrass Mcshoots my ankle. *cough cough Circletoons
The amount of fun I have in pub G is so outweighed by the feeling of
OH come on.
That I kind of just stopped playing it entirely.
A lot of people pin Fortnite’s success on the fact that it’s free to play but
I think that’s really unfair if we’re saying a game can succeed only because it’s free-to-play and not from its quality then
Paladins right now should be
Destroying Overwatch
and that game has BoMb KiNG
At the time of recording this PUBG has lost over
Half of its player base on PC and that’s entirely because of Fortnite
AND I think PUBG is handling this like a big baby
Not only did they sue a company for putting a fucking frying pan in their game.
Oh, yeah, great job guys
You are definitely the first def-
Definitely the first ones to do that huh,
but they’re now also suing Epic Games because Fortnite is similar
Even though both these games are in the same genre. I think we can all agree that they are very different
I mean one of them actually works
But Fortnite ain’t no perfect game either. Alright. Gun RNG is fucking dumb
hitboxes are questionable at best.
and THENUS punched me
SO which game is better Fortnite or?
(le burp)
Play them both and find that out for yourself. Ok. I mean you can like whichever one you want
just my recommendation is to play them both and if you don’t like one be prepared to be assaulted on the internet because a
Oh jeez what?
opinions in my household!
personally I prefer fortnite because I feel
it rewards skilled players more than PUBG
But comment down below your favorite and why?
It’s your favorite maybe a fun moment
You had while playing it PUBG will always have a special place in my heart
But I think we can agree a bad thing that came out of both of these games
Every fucking game needs a battle royale mode now.
Not even Battlerite was safe that game was sacred
Honestly I’m surprised Angry Birds hasn’t jumped on this
Outro Music

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