1. samsung galaxy s: the best phone I've ever seen, more possibility than iphone!!
    futhermore apple and samsung work together for the componensts of their machine lol
    sorry for my english I'm french

  2. Samsung Press conference: Today, we are proud to announce the iClone. A ridicoulous attempt from us to try clone the iPhone. Oh and you can use it for multiple purposes: u could kick it, scrub ur back with it, use it as a grenade or put it in the microwave. *Calling feature not included.

  3. @misticity24
    I have an iPhone.
    And, what else do you expect them to do? Aside from the touch screen and a few buttons there isn't really anywhere else to go…
    and no it doesn't look like the iPhone. Not even close.

  4. @misticity24 looks like iphone but it has more then 2x better graphics and the screen response time is 0.01ms while iphone 4 is something like 4ms.
    like comparing a plasma with a ps3 to a tft with a wii, graphic wise. ofcourse those games are yet to be made.

  5. @misticity24 maybe so but this is a nice phone. Android is the best OS for mobile right now. And before you start with you fan boy talk. I own A ipad and ipod touch 4 with face time.

  6. Wow, apple is so much better than samsung! Did you know that the iphone4 screen has a higher resolution than the galaxy? It's waaayy better! Dream on Samsung!

  7. Im not a android hater, or an apple fanboy, but this is stupid. All android phones boast good gaming with Asphalt 5, and nothing else. Literally every android commercial I see that shows a game being played shows Asphault 5. Its really not that impressive for a phone to be able to do that anymore.

  8. @MrOsamaful im not a fanboy but the iphone's screen is certainly better. It has 960*640 with 3.5'' and the galaxy s has 480*800 with 4''. Now think again

    In the end it comes down to personal preference (especially the OS) and how much you like to spend on a phone

  9. @PhoenixBird1983 dude it's all about price and notoriety, really man, I got a 22' monitor from a no name company for barelly 100 $ while an LG or Philips monitor 20" costs over 100$, and then again this monitor still works and has and had not problems, so apple it's justa brand not much of a qualitty, not that the qualitty is bad, but not quite for the money

  10. I just got an iPhone 4 not too long ago. Really? Is this what you idiots brag about?

    My old Droid (terribly outdated phone) could do more, even if this thing was jailbroken. Can't download files from the browser, can't add themes without jailbreaking and voiding my warranty (which I need because this thing is PURELY MADE OUT OF GLASS), and you can only do whatever Apple says is okay to do.

    iPhones should be a lot cheaper for what they can't do.
    Apple products are overrated. Don't fall victim.

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